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How ManpowerGroup Has Used Leadpages to Generate Over 38,000 Leads

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Apr 20, 2023  |  Updated Apr 20, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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ManpowerGroup is the leading global workforce solutions company, helping organizations transform in the ever-changing world of work by sourcing, assessing, developing, and managing the talent that enables their clients to win.

As a leader in their industry, ManpowerGroup prides itself in optimizing and innovating talent attraction strategies and providing candidate lead generation services to clients. The company became a Leadpages user in 2017, and the platform is now an essential part of its recruitment marketing and employment branding product offerings.

Conversion rates as high as 93% | Averages over 500 leads per month

Dana Meyer, Director of Recruitment Marketing at ManpowerGroup, provided insight to share a history of their business and how they are using Leadpages to help their clients succeed.

About ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup (initially known as simply Manpower) was founded in 1948 by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld. The idea for the business was inspired by their need for temporary secretarial help for an urgent brief. They realized that other companies likely had temporary staffing needs, so they set out to create a service to fill this market gap.

The first offices opened in Milwaukee and Chicago, but the company quickly expanded—first through the US, then internationally. Today, ManpowerGroup operates over 2700 offices in 80 countries.

The company has also grown its services since its inception and is now made up of three brands: Manpower (contingent and permanent recruitment), Experis (IT professional resourcing and project-based solutions), and Talent Solutions (end-to-end talent lifecycle solutions).

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process

ManpowerGroup's Talent Solutions RPO brand takes on the responsibilities of an organization's internal recruitment team in a client engagement.

This service is known as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and allows Talent Solutions' clients to centralize their Talent Acquisition function and have the flexibility to scale the recruiting function quickly when demand increases and decrease their SG&A/fixed costs when demand decreases. The service also allows organizations to focus on their core business competencies while increasing their talent acquisition capabilities in tools, technology, marketing, structure, and process.

Dana oversees the recruitment marketing team within ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions RPO, which functions like an internal marketing agency and supports employment branding and job-level marketing for Talent Solutions' clients.

The recruitment marketing team applies consumer-based advertising practices to the recruitment industry (such as paid social, paid search, streaming radio, digital display adverts, video marketing, and over-the-top TV commercials), so instead of selling or promoting a product or service, ManpowerGroup Recruitment Marketing 'sells' their clients' jobs and promotes their employment brand to amplify candidate lead generation further.

Recruitment challenges

Previously, their clients had asked the team to send prospects directly from the ads to the client's job description in their applicant tracking system (ATS). Unfortunately, there were a few drawbacks to this strategy:

  • Job description pages don't always capture a company's brand.
  • People who clicked on these ads weren't always active job seekers, so it was a big leap to ask them to apply immediately.
  • It might take users up to 30 minutes to complete a full job application.
  • Many of the job description pages weren't optimized for mobile devices.
  • ManpowerGroup couldn't control the job description pages, so they couldn't change or adjust certain elements to improve their results.

The result was a high bounce rate and low conversions. Dana and her team needed to find a better way to capture leads, reinforce the client's employment brand, enable better website analytics, gather insight into candidate behavior, and guide candidates toward completing an application.

How Leadpages helped

How Leadpages Helped

The ManpowerGroup Recruitment Marketing team focused on finding a turn-key solution to eliminate the need to use a client's ATS as the landing page. They didn't need prospects to fill out the full application immediately. In fact, if they wanted to improve their conversion rate, it would probably be best if they didn't.

What they needed was a way to convey the company's employment brand, summarize the key points of the job, and collect visitors' contact information in as few steps as possible. A mobile-friendly format would also be important, since over 90% of their campaign traffic originated from a mobile device.

The information would then be forwarded in real-time to a recruiter who would quickly reach out to the lead and nurture the candidate in the same way a sales team would engage prospects. Candidates could fill out the full job application when they were ready and able.

After some careful market research, Dana's team chose Leadpages to help them develop this solution.

They used the Drag & Drop Builder to create branded landing pages for each job description. The pages included a brief summary of the company and the job, and then asked visitors to submit their name, phone number, and email address.

"When we started using Leadpages for our landing pages, we designed every splash page to be 100% customized for each client. Visitors (candidates) could finally understand more about the job and company to which they were applying: the brand and company culture, the role, and the employment value proposition. We could create something that's short and consumable, with a form that only takes a candidate ten seconds to fill out." - Dana Meyer

This greatly reduced the number of steps users had to take, which led to a much higher conversion rate.

There were also many other benefits that came from using Leadpages:

  • All Leadpages templates are mobile-friendly, so visitors had a great experience no matter what device they were using.
  • Dana's team had complete control over the pages, so if something wasn't working, they could make adjustments.
  • Their results were more predictable, as they knew the landing pages across all their campaigns were of similar quality and optimized for conversions.
  • Analytics within Leadpages allowed the ManpowerGroup Recruitment Marketing team to have better insight into who was engaging with the pages, who was bouncing from the pages, and where success was coming from.

The new strategy was a hit with both the recruitment marketing team and clients, and it's the strategy ManpowerGroup still uses today with great success.


Conversion rates as high as 93%

ManpowerGroup's landing pages consistently convert at higher rates than the industry average. This is due in large part to their strategy of prioritizing the candidate (consumer) experience and making it as easy as possible for prospects to submit their information, as well as Leadpages templates that are professionally designed with conversions in mind.

Averages 500 leads per month and 38,000 leads in total

The number of leads ManpowerGroup is able to generate is truly impressive. While this is partly due to their ability to drive large amounts of traffic to their pages, you don't reach these milestones due to traffic alone. Their commitment to effective lead generation strategies, and constantly refining their process, is what drives their success.

How ManpowerGroup Uses Leadpages

How They Use Leadpages

Landing pages

Landing pages are used for most of their RPO client's recruitment campaigns. Since Leadpages' templates are built using the latest best practices, the recruitment marketing team is set up for success right from the start.

The Drag & Drop Builder makes it easy to customize pages to suit their clients' brands, allowing the team to quickly launch new pages and make changes as needed. It’s also extremely easy to use and intuitive, requiring little-to-no programming or HTML knowledge.

Though the ManpowerGroup Recruitment Marketing team houses experts in copywriting and graphic design to design each landing page, Leadpages is used with ease by every member of the team.


For some campaigns, ManpowerGroup opts to direct prospects to a mini-site. This is perfect for when there is more than one type of job available, or if additional pages are needed to properly educate visitors on the company.

The Leadpages Website Builder uses the same drag-and-drop interface as the Landing Page Builder, meaning the team can launch a new site in a matter of days. Mini-sites also help reinforce the client's brand by creating a custom URL and Leadpages allows them to connect their website with a domain registrar in a matter of minutes.

"Leadpages creates a very easy way for our team to build a beautiful website that doesn't require any coding. Literally anyone on the team can go in there and learn the tool very quickly." - Dana Meyer

A/B testing

Never satisfied with the status quo, Dana and the rest of the recruitment marketing team consistently focus on maximizing their client's results. So it's no surprise that they're big fans of Leadpages' A/B testing tool, which allows them to test different copy, image variations, and page layouts to see what performs best. This way, they always know their pages are fully optimized for their audience.

What's next for ManpowerGroup?

Based on the success that Dana and her team have achieved in recent years, ManpowerGroup is focused on the continued growth and expansion of its RPO Recruitment Marketing services, ensuring that they have the right people, partners, tools, and technology to optimize the talent acquisition process, and serve their ultimate goal of connecting people with meaningful employment.

Looking for some assistance with your own staffing and recruiting? We encourage you to take advantage of ManpowerGroup’s decades of knowledge and experience.

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By The Leadpages Team
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