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Top 10 “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week: December 8-12

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Dec 12, 2014  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Marketplace Roundup Post 8 12

This is an exciting time at LeadPages™. Our Marketplace -- a place where landing page templates are created and sold -- has been up and running for a while now, and the response we’ve had from it has been overwhelmingly successful. Templates are being submitted round the clock, and they’re selling just as quickly. We’re moving at breakneck speed, but we wanted to slow down and show you some of the top templates we’ve had recently in the Marketplace. We’ll be doing this weekly as a way to give a bit more in-depth analysis on some of these templates. With that said, enjoy these 10 excellent templates from the LeadPages Marketplace!

1) Conference Event Meetup (All-in-One Page) by Irving Rivera

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] Holy features, Batman. This Conference Event Meetup (All-in-One Page) template is like the Swiss Army Knife of conference and event templates. Not only is it visually stunning and completely engaging, but the features it brings to the table are masterful. Look what this template includes:

  • A countdown timer with waiting list option (for exclusivity and urgency appeals)
  • An interactive “About” section
  • A “Speakers” section complete with video and social media capabilities
  • Day-by-day schedule with call-to-action-buttons for maps, apps, etc.
  • Ticket pricing options
  • Exhibitor, sponsor and media logo opportunities

If you’re serious about having a professional-looking events page, then you need to see this template. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

2) Exposure - Markeazy by Travis Moore


Beautiful. Simply stunning. That’s what we thought when we saw this template by Travis Moore. The first fold is so vital on a landing page, and Exposure - Markeazy crushes the heck out of its first fold. It feels warm and inviting, but you never feel overwhelmed. The design pulls your eye where it needs to go, and you never get lost in the background. That’s a tough balance to strike, and Travis nails it. The rest of the template lives up to the high standards established in that first fold. Interestingly enough, the template shifts from complex to simplistic (in terms of design). The video, overview, testimonial and preview sections all feature the one color/few elements approach, which really complements the multi-element first fold. Again, beautiful template. We can’t say it enough.

3) “Free Preview” eBook Conversion Page by Sean Bestor


Ever notice how Amazon lets you preview the contents of a book before you buy it? What if you could do that on a landing page? With the "Free Preview" eBook Conversion Page, now you can. On top of stunning design and the best conversion practices designed and coded into the page, this template gives visitors the chance to preview a bit of your eBook. The unique part of this template comes as the visitor pages through your free preview. After the fifth preview page, a screen pops up that prompts them to buy the whole eBook. It works on the principle of vested interest. If you start to engage by reading, you’re more likely to respond to a call-to-action. You won't find a feature like this anywhere else. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

4) Coaching Theme by Jen Gordon


Jen Gordon is a conversion pro. She has over 3,000 split tests under her belt, so the landing pages she creates -- like this Coaching Theme -- are built from the ground up to get conversions. Credibility is king on coaching/personal training pages. That's why this page allows you to feature a large picture of the coach or trainer, which research has shown helps increase credibility. Everything in the template reinforces the credibility appeal. The services and benefits areas demonstrate ample value, but what shines here is the testimonial section. Nothing builds more credibility than positive user testimonials, so Jen designed this area to emphasize the client images and endorsements. Use this template to boost your credibility and get more clients for your coaching or training business. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

5) Photo Background by TemplateLauncher.com

Photo Background

One photo. That’s all you need for this template. So simple, yet it looks beautiful. Your focus is drawn to the center of the page, where you’re greeted by a headline, some copy and a call-to-action button. Again, it’s simple. But the centered, white text with black border font and blurred background work well together to command total attention. (NOTE: For best results, follow in TemplateLauncher.com's footsteps and use a blurred 1920x1080 photo for your background to ensure your text stands out.) VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

6) Premium Lead Template by Ryan Loper


There are many mobile-responsive templates available in the Marketplace, but this is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen. Each section is designed to automatically adjust to any screen or window size, so the page will look great whether you’re viewing it on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Try it out in your browser. Click the link below to visit the template, and drag the corner of your browser window to adjust its size. The template will scale dynamically as you adjust. This will ensure that the pages you create with this template will display beautifully no matter where visitors view them. Responsiveness is a necessity when designing a successful template, as mobile traffic percentages continue to rise. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

7) Vibrant Sales Page by Jerad Maplethorpe


Everything is so concise on this Vibrant Sales Page. No space is wasted. Even the white space is strategic. The first fold is so flexible. It conveys so much of the product in the space, and the left side of the area supports images OR videos. And the switch from black text on a white background to white text on muted color backgrounds is gorgeous. The grey features section especially stands out. The white text on a steel grey background really pops, and the orange call-to-action button simply can’t be ignored. In fact, every call-to-action in this template is magnificently placed for conversions. This template can serve a wide variety of needs, so check it out to take advantage of its versatility. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

8) Webinar Registration With Evergreen Countdown by Scott Silvi

Webinar Registration W Evergreen Countdown

Sometimes, you’ll get a beautiful template with industry-standard features. Sometimes, you’ll get a decently designed template with a killer, never-before-seen feature. But sometimes, like with this template, you get a killer design AND that rare feature. With Scott Silvi’s new Webinar Registration With Evergreen Countdown template, the design brings the page to life with bright (yet muted) colors. A host of content sections work side-by-side with the design, but the most significant and exclusive one is the evergreen countdown feature. An evergreen countdown works like this. Say you publish this page and set the countdown timer to two hours. Most pages’ timers run from the start time to zero. With an evergreen countdown timer, the timer starts per each individual unique visit. When you see the page, the timer will start for only you. When I visit the page, the timer will start for only me. The timer is unique to the individual visitor, which gives each potential customer at the same time to make a decision. It’s a very distinct feature, and you should hurry to see it in action!

9) Unsubscribe Recapture Page by Sarah Chaussee

Unsubscribe Recapture Page

It's a fact — no matter how great your email list is, people will unsubscribe at some point. But what if you could automatically save a large number of those unsubscribes right when they happen? That's what the Unsubscribe Recapture Page allows you to do. This template by Sarah Chaussee gives the contact the chance to change their mind with a unique call-to-action. After the contact clicks “Unsubscribe,” they’re taken to this page as a final plea to stay. Instead of emailing the contact with your current frequency, this template gives the opportunity to move that contact to a segment of your list that receives emails less frequently (but still keeps them in your overall list). This way, you’re “re-capturing” them before they opt-out completely. This page should almost be standard practice in your email sequence, so take a look and think about how it could help you keep your contacts in the future.

10) Small Business Home Page/Minisite by Will Hoekenga


There is a growing need for one-page minisites. Small business owners don’t want to deal with multiple pages to upkeep. That takes time away from other things they could be doing with the business. There is a need for simplicity, where everything can be on one page. Thus, the minisite was born. And Will Hoekenga’s Small Business Home Page/Minisite fills that need in spades. He includes everything a small business needs to tell their story:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • What Your Clients Are Saying
  • Your Work
  • Your Team
  • 5-Tier Pricing Option

Add to the fact the crisp design tones and subtle hover-over status changes in the template, and you’re looking at a high-performing minisite for your business.

Check Out the Marketplace

Template Authors are submitting new landing page templates like these on the Marketplace every single day, so be sure to head over and check out what's new on a regular basis. But while you're here, tell us — which of the templates featured in this post do you like the most? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Marketplace Roundup Post 8 12
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