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Marketplace Roundup: Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (March 16-20)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Mar 18, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
540x304 Marketplace Roundup 1

The minisite revolution marches on. Minisite templates are quickly becoming THE premiere template for online marketers. That's because it’s far easier to create, promote and maintain one page than it is an entire website with dozens of pages. The templates in this Editor’s Choice roundup are some of the best, newest minisite templates we’ve seen enter the Marketplace. We even feature a template dedicated to weddings! As always, our editor has selected his new favorite templates so far based off design, features and a host of other criteria. Let this week’s roundup...commence!

1) “Ace” One Page Website/Homepage/Minisite - Markeazy by Travis Moore ($29)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Click here to view the entire template.[/caption] It’s early in the year, but this “Ace” One Page Website/Homepage/Minisite - Markeazy template is a strong favorite for “Template of the Year.” That’s a strong statement. But there are strong elements in this template that warrant such a proclamation. Looking at the first fold, you’re immediately engaged by the aesthetics. The font is thin, but you never have a problem reading it because it works well with the simplistic and muted blue background. Also, the social share buttons on the left side are designed to be as clean as the rest of the template. We really love the subtle placement of the three white icon circles barely peeking up above the first fold. That’s used a visual cue to the readers that more information is below, prompting them to scroll down after the first fold. However, it’s the content opportunities that make this template shine. This template contains:

  • An “About Us” section complete with social proof icons
  • A company video area
  • A “Services” section (supporting up to six services)
  • Quick company statistics
  • A portfolio overview
  • An “Our Team” area
  • Testimonials
  • Recent Company News
  • Map/Address

All of this comes in an intuitive design chock-full of little features that make the entire experience engaging for a visitor. Like we said, this is an early contender for “Template of the Year,” so you’ll want to start using this template ASAP. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

2) Build Your List Opt-In Page by Eric Lingbeek ($15)

Build%20your%20list%20opt In%20page

Images can make or break a landing page. Just look at Apple’s pages. They all have white backgrounds, and they rely on the product pictures to do the heavy lifting on the page. Good images are crucial, especially in a minisite template. If you’ve got stunning imagery, then Eric Lingbeek’s Build Your List Opt-In Page will showcase your product/service in a way no other template can. This template is all about the visuals, as evident by the video opportunity in the first fold. As you scroll through the template, you’ll see the balance between content sections and imagery become apparent. Each content section is preceded by a hero image that spans the width of the template. This technique breaks up the information digestion sequence, keeping the visitor engaged through the patterned alternating of image to text sections. You can say a lot about your product/service with this template. The images that are injected between content sections can lend serious visual credibility, building up explicit or implicit messaging as you scroll through the page. If you’ve got strong images, we suggest you use this template. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

3) Elegant Real Estate Optin Page by Michelle Low ($12)


We’ve seen an influx of real estate template in the Marketplace, and for good reason -- realtors are enjoying their newfound options when it comes to marketing their properties. The newest entry into this category is the Elegant Real Estate Opt-In Page by Michelle Low. Where Michelle’s page differs from other real estate pages is that this page is centered more on the realtor than the actual property. Many realtors have enjoyed the ability to creatively market their properties, but they’ve wanted to have a landing page that focuses on bringing clients to their business. This template will do that. What we really like is the balance between property imagery and business description in this template. The entire first fold is dedicated to giving a summary of the realtor, but there’s still an opportunity to feature your best property image as the background in this section. The following sections go more in-depth into what the realtor can offer to potential home buyers, as well as an area used to add credibility for the realtor (with an image of the realtor and an “About Me” section). Yet, even in these realtor-focused sections, there’s still a fair emphasis on property images. These images act as proof of what the realtor can bring to the table, so they’re just as much a part of the persuasive sales messaging as the realtor themself. The coolest part of this template comes at the very end, where a rotating carousel of properties appears. This template is the bridge between bringing in clients and closing the sale for realtors. Try it out and see! VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

4) Step-By-Step System & Course (Long Form Sales Page) by Irving Rivera ($9)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Click here to view the entire template.[/caption] It’s official: this is the longest template we have in the Marketplace. That’s not to say you need to use ALL of it (that wasn’t even the intent of the author). No, the Step-By-Step System & Course (Long Form Sales Page) by Irving Rivera is the longest template in the Marketplace because he wanted to give you tremendous flexibility as to what your finished template would look like. With this sales template, you can go a lot of different directions with your messaging depending on what your goal is. Let’s break down all the sections in this massive template:

  • First Fold Navigation/Video: The first fold is used to navigate through the template via anchor links in the menu bar. Additionally, there’s a countdown timer for an urgency appeal and a video to introduce your product.
  • Personal Letter/Situational Setup: The next few sections include a personal letter from the product creator, and it sets the stage for why the product is so great.
  • Addressing Barriers: This section diffuses (up to) seven reasons why a visitor might not want to purchase your product.
  • Success Proof: In these areas, you can show how your system/product has specifically succeeded in the market.
  • Course Modules: If you have a course, you can outline (up to) 12 lessons in the course.
  • Bonuses: Offer up a few bonuses to sweeten the deal.
  • Testimonials and Buy Area: Gain more credibility with social proof via testimonials, followed by an immediate call-to-action to buy the product.

The flexibility this template offers is unparalleled, and it’s sure to fulfil any possible sales pitch need you’ve got. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

5) “The Wedding” Minisite - Markeazy by Travis Moore ($16)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Click here to view the entire template.[/caption] Engaged couples, rejoice! Now you can use the power of LeadPages to easily create a wedding page so beautiful you may lead to other couples proposing JUST to use this template. “The Wedding” Minisite - Markeazy by Travis Moore is quite possibly the most perfect wedding template we’ve ever seen. Normally, you have to sign up for a wedding-specific site in order to create page after page of wedding information. NOW, everything is conveniently on one beautiful page. The first fold is the perfect chance to display your most gorgeous photo from your engagement photos, and there’s a countdown timer underneath this photo to let everyone know when the big day is. The really cool part about this template is how it tells a story before it goes into the details of the wedding. There’s a section where the bride and groom-to-be can talk about themselves and the proposal, an area for photos of the proposal and a spot to show who is in the wedding party and how they’re related to the bride and groom. After that, there are sections for showing the stores you registered at, a spot for recent news (with beautiful photo inclusions) and, finally, a call-to-action to RSVP to the wedding. This is by far the coolest wedding template we’ve ever seen, and you’ll be the envy of other engaged couples when you publish a page like this. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
540x304 Marketplace Roundup 1
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