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[Marketplace Roundup] “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week: February 16-20

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Feb 18, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Different is different. The Alice in Wonderland-esque vague wording is intentional. Basically, the crux of being different is that, inherently, it’s unlike anything else. And that’s a good thing. Different stands out. That’s what you want when you’re marketing a product. Take the phrase “Think Different.” Sound familiar? That’s been Apple’s bread-and-butter approach to their branding, and it’s worked for years. These five templates our editor has picked follows the “different” mantra. They take traditional templates and add unique twists and features to make their creations different. From a re-imagined thank you page to a new way to present a property for sale, our editor believes these five pages will definitely help you stand out and be different.

1) "Luxury" Retreat / Hotel / Real Estate / Vacation Minisite LP by Travis Moore

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Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] If you’re a realtor, you know how hard it is to find a page template that truly displays your client’s property in a prominent light. The need for a great template is there, and Travis Moore has entered the fold with his "Luxury" Retreat / Hotel / Real Estate / Vacation Minisite LP template. First, let’s talk about the template in general. It’s very much a location-based template, wherein it shines when it’s promoting a place rather than a thing. The big first fold is perfect for including a sprawling picture of the property, and the headline/call-to-action combo drives home the overall message in the rest of the template. What’s different about this template is the way it calls out amenities. There are sections for additional pictures, testimonials and property specs, but an extra emphasis has been placed on a spot for amenities.


This is a completely new way to highlight property features that are unique to your listing. Instead of just talking about a kitchen or jacuzzi, you can use icons or actual pictures of the feature to break up the text/image ratio and help the visitor more clearly visualize the amenities. This template gives a ton of flexibility for how you want to present your property, which is why we highly recommend it for any agent or realtor looking to move a listing. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

2) Elegant Non-Profit by Kayla Sawtelle

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="676"]


Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] Speaking of new, cool ways to lay things out, Kayla Sawtelle’s Elegant Non-Profit template explores a new dynamic within the content/image relationship. This is a great page for fundraisers, non-profits or anyone trying to fill a singular, specific goal. This precise focus is due to a unique feature to only this template: a progress bar.


This progress bar dynamically increases after every opt-in/donation. All you have to do is set your goal number and how much money you’ve raised so far, and the progress bar will automatically calculate and display the percent progress. It’s a cool feature that hasn’t been done yet in the Marketplace. What makes this template even more different is the way images and text are laid out. Right away, you notice that the text is sharp and crisp in this muted color palette, making everything easy on the eyes for consumption. The really cool part comes in the image to text ratio. Images are just as big as the text content sections, which presents a very unifying element to the template. This is an ambitious template both from the design and features aspects, but it more than delivers on both. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

3) Thank You Page - Ground Game Strategies by Dan Tripp


At LeadPages, we’ve been the loudest advocates for thank you pages. And yet, even though time and time again they’ve been shown to dramatically increase opt-ins, they’re still considered “different” lagging marketers. So when we saw this Thank You Page - Ground Game Strategies template by Dan Tripp, we really loved it because it added another level to the usual thank you page structure. The video in the first fold is nice because you can immediately capture attention with an auto-pay embed. That feature will garner focus and keep the customer from closing out of the screen. Once they move down the page, the difference-maker in this template becomes apparent -- actionable steps. This template clearly and effectively walks you through exactly what you’re supposed to do. Step one: take action X. Step two: take action Y. Step three: take action Z. And the appealing part of this stems from an action being as simple as a click. You’ve already gained “yes compliance” if someone is seeing this thank you page, so it’s much easier to garner a couple more actionable clicks from a customer. Clear, actionable steps are hard to convey, but this thank you template absolutely nails it. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

4) Bootstrapped Lead Collector (Blog Homepage Alternative) by Luke Thomas


We’ve said it before -- simple templates aren’t so simple to pull off. At first glance, this Bootstrapped Lead Collector (Blog Homepage Alternative) template by Luke Thomas might look like just some text and an opt-in button. But in reality, as far as simple one-fold templates go, this is a beautiful page with a recipe for high conversions. Remember, one of our most simplistic templates in the Marketplace had a conversion rate higher than 50%! This template is straight to the point, and that’s why we like it. There’s a clear path for your eye to follow, from the headline to the body content and, finally, the opt-in box. The headline demands a lot of the initial focus, thus making it a valuable spot to communicate the core benefit of what you’re offering. But it’s the opt-in box that really stands out with bold typeface and the only bit of color on the entire page (in the opt-in button). It’s a simple template but boy...is it effective. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

5) "Contesty" Contest / Giveaway Promo LP by Travis Moore


This last template has shades of the third template on this list from Dan Tripp. But Travis Moore’s "Contesty" Contest / Giveaway Promo LP template is different for two reasons: it isn’t a thank you page, and it contains a huge urgency appeal. Just like the title indicates, this page is mostly used for contests and giveaways. It isn’t like a long-form contest page, and it doesn’t need to be. All the information for the contest is perfectly condensed into one fold, so no space is wasted with unnecessary fluff that might cut down on conversions. This template has clear, actionable steps, just like Dan Tripp’s template (three steps, even). However, one of the biggest features this template includes is the countdown timer. A countdown at the top of this template is phenomenal for creating a sense of urgency and the need to make a decision right now. If you need a simple template with tons of features for your next promotion, look no further than this template. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
540x304 Marketplace Roundup1
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