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Marketplace Roundup: Top “Editor’s Choice” Templates of the Week (January 5-9)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jan 07, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
01 06   Roundup Post

Alright. We’re calling it. This might be THE most diverse set of landing pages we’ve ever featured in this Editor’s Choice roundup. No kidding. We’ve got a one-page minisite with first-of-its-kind transitions, an event and conference page that includes a unique countdown timer, our highest-converting template in the Marketplace and a couple more templates we’ll let you discover for yourself. We’ve got over 100 templates in the LeadPages™ Marketplace, and these five rose to the top as our Editor’s Choice Templates of the Week. In the words of Michael Bolton, “Let’s get to it.”

1) Agency Template by Bloom Factor Inc.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]

Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] As we’ve said in recent posts, the need for one-page minisites is rapidly growing. The ability to concisely convey your message on one continuous page is a big advantage in the click vs. scroll landscape we live in today. This Agency Template by Bloom Factor Inc. not only affords you the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of your product on one page, but it features a new, dynamic way of content transition AND takes a page from our conversion playbook in their first fold. Let’s talk about that first fold for a second. In the history of LeadPages™, one of our highest-converting templates was this free report landing page, and it converted so well because it had impeccable “directional design.” This means the design had implicit cues to prompt a visitor's eyes to move to a specific section on a page. In this instance, it was a woman looking at the content box in the middle of the page. This Agency Template achieves the exact same effect. The woman is looking directly at the opt-in button, which helps control eye movement on the page. That’s a very strong visual cue -- one we’ve seen work time and time again. The other thing that really stood out with this template was the transition between certain content sections. Instead of the standard scroll from static section to equally static section, this template “slides” one section over the other in a pseudo-parallax fashion. It’s a new way to move on a template, and we found ourselves staying longer on the page from sheer amusement. Check out the template for yourself to see what all these sections look like in action! VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

2) "Event" - Conference / Summit Template - Markeazy by Travis Moore

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]

Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] One of the coolest parts about the Marketplace has been the sheer strength of event-based templates we’ve stockpiled. They’re some of the best templates out there, and we don’t think you’ll find a better solution for your conference or event than you will here on the Marketplace. This "Event" - Conference / Summit Template by Travis Moore is one of those shining examples. Travis is an unstoppable force, as he has a unique way of flawlessly blending beauty and user experience together in his templates. There’s a lot to like about the beginning of this template. A top navigation menu acts as a way for visitors to easily move to specific points on your template, no matter how long it is. He also includes a countdown timer to increase the urgency appeal, and he makes it easy to act on that urgency with a register button right underneath the timer. Speaking of, let’s not forget that this same registration button is included no less than every two folds in the template. Most designers only include that button at the beginning and end of a template, but the more you can make the button accessible -- like in this template -- the easier it is for a visitor to opt-in. Travis includes a lot of room to talk about the event with multiple text boxes and opportunities for overview images and video. The day-by-day schedule of events can support up to seven days, which is rare for an event template. Add to that the speakers, sponsors, tickets, testimonials, map and FAQ sections, and this is becoming the last event template you’ll ever need. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

3) Simple Email Capture by Jerad Maplethorpe

The last two templates have shown the power of minisite marketing. They’re long and they convey a lot of information. That’s what they’re meant to do, and they both do it well. This Simple Email Capture template by Jerad Maplethorpe isn’t one of those templates. It’s only one fold long, there’s a little over 100 words on it and it uses two images. But right now, it’s our highest-convertingtemplate in the Marketplace. This template has been viewed by 9,000+ customers, and it has a conversion rate of 51%. In case you wondering, that’s a big number. The genius of this template lies in the simplicity of it. By using one clear, minimal image in the background, your eyes are forced to gravitate to the two content boxes. A focused template like this one has a dramatic advantage over pages with too many elements that distract the user. What’s really cool is the ability to really make this page your own. You wouldn’t think there’s a lot to change with a page as simple as this one, but there’s a lot of room for variance. The background image, logo image, text, button color and even text color can all be changed to make this template unique to your business. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

4) Smart Passive Income Download by Pat Flynn

Following the theme of simple but effective templates, allow us to introduce you to the template that Pat Flynn used to drive downloads of his Smart Passive Income app. This Smart Passive Income Download template is perfect for any sort of app you want to market, and the best part is you know it’s proven to work because of its real-world success. This template is driven by the benefits your app offers. Of course, there’s a headline, opt-in buttons and an image of your app inside a mobile device, but the app’s features section makes up the bulk of the content. Each point stands out thanks to custom icons next to each piece of content, and the features are really front-and-center in regards to alignment on the page. If you’re looking for a simple landing page that isn’t multiple folds in length to market your app, then Pat Flynn’s effective template is the way to go. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

5) "Top Trainer" - Coaching / Personal Trainer Landing Page - Markeazy by Travis Moore

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="676"]

Click here to see the entire template.[/caption] Personal training is a tough industry. There are so many highly-qualified trainers out there, but customers rarely get to see these trainers in action before they make a decision. The first time they see a trainer is usually via the internet, which means the best template usually dictates how many sales a trainer will get. So, personal trainers...consider this your secret weapon. This is the kind of template that can make you not only stand out amongst your competition, but put you on a whole other level. The "Top Trainer" - Coaching / Personal Trainer Landing Page template by Travis Moore is phenomenal. As with all Travis Moore templates, his first fold contains a ton of value. One of the biggest things you need to prove as a personal trainer is that your clients get great results. In marketing, that’s called social proof. The more success you can demonstrate, the more prone a visitor is to believe your message. This first fold is full of potential social proof opportunity. Right away, you’ve got an intro video, a testimonial, and a “Featured In” section. These are three sure-fire ways to prove that you can provide the value you promise. This first fold is followed up with a “Before/After” content section, more testimonials and a place to describe your services. That’s an unordinary amount of social proof, which is why this template will help you stand out this year. VIEW TEMPLATE >>>

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Template Authors are submitting new landing page templates like these on the Marketplace every single day, so be sure to head over and check out what's new on a regular basis. But while you're here, tell us — which of the templates featured in this post do you like the most? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
01 06   Roundup Post
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