How Mattia Di Stasi Turned His Crowdfunding Experience into a Profitable Coaching Business

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jan 27, 2022  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Mattia Di Stasi knows firsthand how difficult it can be to raise money on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. When he co-founded his start-up Solenica he worked tirelessly for months to promote his Indiegogo campaign. His efforts eventually paid off and he and his team raised $675,000 in pre-sales.

Over 400 clients served | $20,000 in revenue from one sales page during one course launch

After his success raising money for his own company, Mattia decided he wanted to help other entrepreneurs get their businesses funded as well. Since launching his crowdfunding coaching business he’s helped his clients raise over $1.3 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Mattia’s story

Back in 2015, Mattia was just like the clients he works with today. Together with his partners, he co-founded a robotics start-up called Solenica. They had a great idea and the know-how to make it happen. All they needed was the funding.

After receiving an initial investment from Techstars they wanted to take their business to the next level. So, they launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise additional funds. It was during this time that Mattia learned what’s involved in a successful crowdfunding campaign. It took a few months, but Solenica was eventually able to achieve and even surpass their goal.

When their crowdfunding campaign ended in 2017, Mattia left the company to pursue other interests. After working with another start-up he realized his true passion was helping other entrepreneurs get the funding they needed.

He launched a crowdfunding consulting business on Fiverr, and after helping several clients achieve impressive results the positive reviews began to roll in. Before he knew it he was receiving regular requests for his services.

Mattia’s business took another step forward when he expanded his sales channels to include a website with landing pages, powered by Leadpages. Today he’s a top seller on Fiverr, he’s completed a total of 1,500 hours of mentoring, and the programs he promotes on his site generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.


In addition to his Fiverr profile, Mattia needed a website where he could attract new leads, educate clients, and promote his various programs.

His first website was built on WordPress using the Elementor plugin. While this worked well enough, the process was very time-consuming. It also meant he was constantly looking for plugins that gave his website the functionality he wanted.

“Elementor is straightforward, but it’s still WordPress. So you still need to think about the anti-virus, the backups, and all the plugins—which are very stressful.”

Mattia was spending too much time working on his website, which was preventing him from focusing on what really mattered: growing his business. He needed a solution that made building new pages easy and came pre-loaded with all the tools and features he wanted.

Finally, Mattia wanted to help his clients get their businesses online as well. Many of them weren’t experienced with coding or web design, so he was looking for a simple solution he could recommend to them.

How Leadpages helped

User-friendly website and landing page builder

Leadpages made building, managing, and editing Mattia’s website a lot easier. The drag and drop builder meant new pages could be created in less than a day, and updates and changes took just a few minutes.

All the right tools in one place

Leadpages came with everything Mattia needed to build his ideal website, including pop-ups, alert bars, CTA buttons, contact forms, and more. This saved him from having to spend countless hours looking for WordPress plugins to get the functionality he needed.

“Saving my time is the best gift I can get from a service like this.”

A focus on conversions

All the templates offered by Leadpages are designed with conversions in mind. Plus, the Leadmeter gave Mattia tips while he was building his pages to help him optimize his conversion rate. So, not only did his pages look professional, but they also consistently generated new leads and clients.

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The perfect solution for his clients

Leadpages has been the perfect website and landing page builder to recommend to his clients. The no-code drag and drop builder means that anyone can use it, even those who have never built a website before. Plus, everything they need for their website is included, so they do not have to manage multiple solutions.

As an added bonus, Mattia is able to create and share several free landing page templates for his clients, making it even easier for them to get started.

“I definitely recommend that my clients use Leadpages because it’s going to save them tons of time and headaches.”


Over 400 clients served

Since starting his crowdfunding coaching business, Mattia has worked with over 400 clients. His best-seller status on Fiverr, professional website, quality content, and high-converting landing pages mean he always has a steady stream of new leads entering his sales funnel.

Has helped raise over $1.3 million for his clients

Mattia has done a fantastic job of promoting his business, but he has the results to back it up. All told, he’s helped his clients raise a total of $1.3 million in crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

$20,000 in revenue from one campaign

His latest program, the Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Camp, generated a total of $20,000 of revenue during the initial launch. Mattia created the sales page with Leadpages to maximize conversions and make the sign-up process as easy as possible for his leads.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.

How Mattia Uses Leadpages


Mattia’s website was created using Leadpages. The site includes information about his programs, an about page, testimonials, success stories, free crowdfunding resources, and a list of tools he uses. The SEO-friendly website means Mattia receives a lot of organic traffic, which helps him generate even more leads.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.

Alert Bars

Alert bars are a great way to draw attention to special offers, lead magnets, and other offerings. Mattia has alert bars across his entire site to ensure he’s capturing as many leads as possible. At the time of this writing, he’s currently using his alert bars to promote his free ebook.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.


As soon as anyone tries to leave Mattia’s website an exit-intent pop-up appears offering a free resource. This ensures that no one leaves his website empty-handed and helps build his email list.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.

He also utilizes an exit intent pop-up on his sales page, asking visitors to check out some of his testimonials before they leave.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.

Landing Pages

Mattia uses Leadpages to build squeeze pages, sales pages, and any other landing pages he needs for his business. For example, he used a Leadpages template to create the squeeze page for his free ebook.

How Mattia Di Stasi grew his crowdfunding coaching business.

What’s next for Mattia?

After exploring a few different career paths, Mattia has found his true passion. Moving forward, his goal is to continue growing his business so he can help more entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life. He plans on using Leadpages to create a more automated sales funnel that will allow him to continue to generate leads with a less hands-on approach.

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