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How Nancy Juetten Used Leadpages to Grow Her Business and Raise Nearly $4,000 for Charity

By Travis Fleming  |  Published Dec 15, 2023  |  Updated Dec 15, 2023
By Travis Fleming

Travis has written hundreds of high-performing pages and content pieces for companies around the world.

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Nancy Juetten helps experts, authors, course creators, and other entrepreneurs get booked on top podcasts, without having to hire an expensive booking agency. Her company has gone through a number of iterations since launching in 2001, and the biggest change in her outlook occurred last year, after a victorious battle with breast cancer.

Average conversion rates over 50% | On pace for $4,000 in charitable donations in one year

Since then, Nancy has adopted a cause-related marketing approach that has allowed her to generate revenue and raise money for a cause that is important to her.

Nancy’s story

Before starting her business, Nancy served as the marketing director for Jack in the Box and Taco Time restaurants. While with Taco Time, she developed the I Love TacoTime Coupon Book campaign which allowed customers to give $1 to charity to receive $5 in coupons for their favorite menu items. Since its inception in 1997, the campaign has gone on to raise over three million dollars for local charities in the Pacific Northwest.

But everything changed after Nancy had her first and only child. She didn’t like the idea of early morning wakeups to get her child ready for daycare, spending all day apart from her family, rushing home to spend a few hours with them, and then doing it all again the next day.

So, after taking a year away from work, she knew she wanted to go into business for herself. Nancy leveraged the skills she had honed over many years to launch her own PR firm and never looked back.

“This way I could create success on my own terms, make a big impact for the clients I’m lucky enough to work with, and feel great about my contribution without having to work for ‘the man.’”

Becoming a successful author

Nancy’s business enjoyed success early on, but like so many businesses that all changed when the great recession hit. Many of her clients simply didn’t have the budget to spend on PR, so she knew she’d have to develop a new business model that would be more resilient to economic changes.

One of her friends dared her to write a book, and since she still didn’t know what was next for her agency, she decided to take on the challenge. She went on to publish “Bye Bye Boring Bio”, which would mark a massive turning point for her business.

Nancy Juetten Bye Bye Boring Bio

Nancy would go on to become known as an expert in helping people create bios that would get them noticed in their industry.

The pandemic forces another shift in her business

As anyone who’s run their own business knows, you need to change with the times to stay relevant. Nancy was faced with this dilemma yet again in 2020 when the pandemic hit. How could she help her clients get exposure and spread their message at a time when people were forced to do everything online?

Nancy also had to figure out how she was going to promote her own business. As someone who relied on live events and networking functions, she had to change her marketing strategy. She started looking at podcast guesting as a way to connect, share value, and attract new customers and reached out to a number of high-profile shows.

After appearing on dozens of podcasts, Nancy realized she had a pretty effective system for getting booked without using an expensive booking agency, so she started promoting herself as a podcast guesting success expert. Her new service was a success and she’s since helped over 5,000 people promote their businesses through podcast guesting.

Nancy Juetten landing page example

A health scare changes her perspective

Worldwide events have consistently forced Nancy to take a different approach to her business, but it was a personal struggle that caused her to reevaluate things when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022.

If you’ve learned anything from Nancy’s story so far, it’s that she’s extremely resilient. So, it’s no surprise that she beat her cancer diagnosis — and the experience did greatly alter how she viewed both her life and her business.

Fundraising and giving back to charities has always been a big part of her life, and she decided to make it a major focus of her business moving forward.

Shifting to a cause-based marketing approach

Nancy wanted to give back in some way and decided to launch a fundraising campaign for the 4th Angel Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program at The Cleveland Clinic. This is the organization that had been so helpful for her during her fight with cancer. She set a fundraising goal to welcome $2,500 in donations and was delighted to see the total reach $3,100 on her birthday in 2022. Following this success, Nancy wondered if there was a way to include cause-based marketing into her business strategy every day and not just once a year on her birthday.

This past October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she offered her audience one of her most popular lead magnets in exchange for a $5 donation. The page converted at a 41% rate which she was very pleased with, but she knew she could do better.

She wondered if she offered something of greater value, and included her charitable ask in a follow-up email, rather than upfront, if she could improve her result. Nancy created a new lead magnet called 6 Vital Questions to Fuel Your Best Business & Life to test this theory.

Nancy Juetten cause based marketing

A day after someone downloads the lead magnet, they’re offered Bye Bye Boring Bio for a $27 donation (it regularly retails for $97). This lead magnet is converting at a 51% rate.

Now the annual donation total is nearing $4000.

“As a small business owner, I’m proud of the success I’ve achieved on my own terms. But having had my life path crossed by a black cat, you wake up from that and say ‘What will they say about me if I’m hit by a bus tomorrow?’ I want them to say I was generous and I gave to a cause that mattered to me and that makes such a profound and lasting impact on others.”


Nancy has a wealth of experience when it comes to marketing. She knows exactly how her landing pages should look to get results, but like many entrepreneurs, she doesn’t always have the technical skills to make it happen. So, in order to promote her products and services online she needed a no-code solution that would allow her to launch pages quickly and easily.

Of course, simply publishing pages wasn’t enough—Nancy also wanted a way to track her results. So, whatever solution she chose needed to have an analytics component as well.

Finally, she wanted to grow her online marketing skills. Nancy was looking for access to training and resources so she could effectively promote her business herself, without having to outsource the work to pricy contractors.

How Leadpages helped

Customizable landing page templates

Leadpages offers over 250 templates that are easy to customize using the Drag & Drop Builder. When Nancy needs a new landing page, she can simply choose a template, change the colors, add her branding, and edit the text and images—all with a few clicks of her mouse.

"I love that you can create a simple opt-in page in minutes without having to know code, and you can still look like a rockstar without having to work too hard at it."

Analytics dashboard

Every Leadpages account includes an analytics dashboard that tracks traffic, conversions, and leads. This allows Nancy to quickly see which landing pages and campaigns are working, and which ones need to be tweaked.

Coaching calls

Leadpages offers a variety of group and 1:1 coaching options. So, whenever Nancy has questions, or simply wants to learn more about online marketing, she can jump on a call with an expert and learn some new skills.


50%+ average conversion rate

Most of Nancy’s landing pages average over a 50% conversion rate. She achieves this by using Leadpages’ conversion-optimized landing page templates, utilizing the skills she’s learned during multiple Leadpages training sessions, and giving away high-value lead magnets that perfectly address her audience’s needs.

Nearly $4,000 in donations collected in 2023

Nancy’s cause-based marketing initiatives are on pace to surpass $4,000 is year. It all starts with the right landing page that targets an audience that’s aligned with Nancy’s values. By getting the right people into her marketing funnel she has a much better chance of securing a donation and getting to nurture new leads to one day become valued clients.

What’s next for Nancy?

Nancy's goals are to simply keep growing her business and continue helping entrepreneurs book themselves on leading podcasts — all while finding new ways to give back to a cause she cares about.

She also continues to lead the Love Your Business – Love Your Life Inner Circle. This is a curated intimate community of lifestyle entrepreneurs who serve her audience in complementary ways. Members support, champion, and advocate for each other as they pursue success on their own terms and in alignment with their most closely held values.

If you’d like access to Nancy’s latest free resource, 6 Vital Questions to Fuel Your Best Business & Life, click the link below. By downloading the report also have a chance to purchase Bye Bye Boring Bio for just $27 (regular $97) with 100% of the proceeds going toward the 4th Angel Peer to Peer Mentoring Program at The Cleveland Clinic.

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By Travis Fleming

A digital marketer with over ten years of experience, Travis has written copy and content for SaaS companies, startups, retailers, banks, and non-profits. With hundreds of high-performing content pieces published on the web, he has a unique understanding of how to use the written word to both grow audiences and convert visitors to leads and sales.

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