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National Women’s Small Business Month 2021 is Here! Learn How to Get Involved

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Sep 29, 2021  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially amongst women. More and more women are following their dreams, creating amazing new products and services for us all to enjoy. As a result, the number of female-owned businesses has increased by 114% over the last two decades, and there are currently 12.3 million women-led businesses in the US.

However, as impressive as these statistics are, there's still work to be done. While women make up nearly 51% of the population only 42% of US businesses are owned by them. The fact is, despite all the progress we’ve made, female entrepreneurs continue to face a number of hurdles that men don’t.

That’s why Leadpages is excited to celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month! This is the time of year to promote, support, and discover all the awesome women-led businesses around us.

Keep reading to learn more about National Women’s Small Business Month and how you can get involved. Plus, get all the details on our Virtual Pop-Up Shop where we’ll be showcasing some inspiring women-owned businesses that are absolutely killing it.

What is National Women’s Small Business Month?

National Women’s Small Business Month takes place every October. Promoted by the National Women’s Business Council, the annual event celebrates women-owned businesses and helps encourage more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

View the template here.

This month was chosen to commemorate the signing of the Women's Business Ownership Act, which occurred in October of 1988. Believe it or not, before this legislation women needed a male representative to co-sign their business loans.

Celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month with our virtual pop-up shop!

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, we’re hosting a virtual ‘pop-up’ shop showcasing a selection of women-owned businesses doing big things. Here you’ll find a collection of incredible female businesses that are offering amazing products and services.

Are you a business owner that identifies as female and uses Leadpages to run your business? Click here for a chance to be featured in our pop-up shop.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Showcase your brand alongside Leadpages’ best and brightest women-owned businesses.
  • Drive traffic to your site and reap the rewards.
  • And of course, grow your lists, get more leads, and make sales!

Are you someone looking for life-changing products and services?

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

Then our pop-up shop is for you too! Browse the wide selection of offerings and learn more about these incredible female-led businesses. We’ve also included links to each business’ products and services pages, making it easier than ever to support women-owned businesses.

Click here to shop now.

I’m a female business owner. How can I participate in National Women’s Small Business Month?

Our pop-up shop is just one way to get involved in the event. Here are a few more ways women-owned businesses can participate.

Network with other female business owners

This is the perfect time to connect with other women-owned businesses, whether that be in person or online. Attend local meetups or join one of the various groups set up for female entrepreneurs to network with your peers and share ideas.

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

The following organizations regularly put on events for female business owners:

Check out their calendars to see if there is anything scheduled in your area.

Become a mentor

As a female business owner, you know the struggles that come with building a successful start-up. Your experience and knowledge are invaluable to those who are just starting out, so consider becoming a mentor and sharing what you’ve learned.

There are a number of ways you can mentor aspiring female entrepreneurs:

  • Connect with other business owners through events and groups, and offer to help with their projects.
  • Speak at local or online events.
  • Create online courses specifically tailored to women who are building their own businesses.

Not sure what to share with other business owners? Sometimes just telling your story and how you got to where you are is enough to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Create promotions for National Women’s Small Business Month

With increased awareness around women-owned businesses, more consumers will be looking for ways to support female entrepreneurs. Make it easier for them by creating marketing campaigns and promotions for National Women’s Small Business Month.

Come up with an enticing offer and build a landing page for your promotion. You can also use conversion tools like pop-ups and alert bars to promote your offer on your site.

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

View the template here.

As part of your promotion, you could give a portion of your proceeds to organizations that help women-owned businesses. Not only does it make your shoppers feel better about their purchase, but it’s also a way for you to help other aspiring entrepreneurs.

These are just a few ideas for you. Start brainstorming and come up with the perfect promotion for your business.

I’m not a female business owner but I still want to get involved

That’s great! There’s still plenty you can do to support National Women’s Small Business Month. Here are a few ways to participate.

Shop at women-owned businesses

The easiest way for you to support female entrepreneurs is to buy their products and services. With so many women-owned businesses located across the country, there’s an endless number of incredible offerings to choose from.

If you want a quick and easy way to find some awesome women-owned businesses, make sure to check out our pop-up shop [insert link]. You can also search the Women-Owned Business Directory to find female-led businesses near you or online.

Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month

Promote female entrepreneurs on social media

Did you just buy a great new product from a woman-owned business? Do you know a female entrepreneur who’s leading the way for other business owners? Then show them some love on social media!

Even if you have a small following every bit of promotion helps. One of your friends could tell a friend, and they could tell a friend, and slowly but surely the word spreads. So don’t be shy about telling everyone you know about the incredible woman-owned business you’ve discovered.

There are many organizations that provide assistance and resources to female entrepreneurs, and they need your support as well.

Here are a few non-profits to consider donating to:

No donation is too small, so if you’d like to offer assistance to women-owned businesses this is a great time to do it.

Ready to celebrate Women’s Small Business Month?

Leadpages is here to help you get involved in this year’s National Women’s Small Business Month. Head over to our pop-up shop to apply to be featured, or browse the many offerings from some amazing women-owned businesses.
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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn more about National Women's Small Business Month
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