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What’s New in the Drag & Drop Builder? 5 Super Helpful New Features You Can Use Right Away

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jul 15, 2016  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
July Product Update V1 1

Have you built a landing page lately? If it’s been a few weeks since you logged into Leadpages (or if you haven’t used Leadpages yet at all), you might not know about all the new things we added in July. These aren’t just nice little extras. Most of the new additions to Leadpages are features you’ve been asking for directly. Others are things that we developed to let you work faster and have more control over every page you publish in the drag-and-drop builder. [cta-box] You can see most of them in action in the video above. But let’s take a closer look at our biggest new features one by one.

The most successful businesses tend to be the ones that launch the most landing pages. As a side effect, this means that as you expand your online marketing, it becomes harder to remember exactly what you’ve built and where to find it. Our new search bar helps. You can use it to search for both pages you’ve created and templates in the template library. Just type and go.

search bar

It's a bit of a no-brainer, true—but we hope it makes your page-building experience just that much smoother.

2. Layout Tab

This one’s a little bigger. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you’ll probably want to do that to get a full sense of the possibilities. But in a nutshell: the layout tab is your landing page blueprint, where you can plan, structure, and style your page exactly how you want. Here’s where it appears:

layout tab

With the new layout tab, you can:

  • Drag to change the order of your sections, your rows, or your columns
  • Drag rows and columns into different sections
  • Name your sections, rows, and columns (especially useful for longer pages and minisites, or when multiple team members are collaborating on a page)
  • More easily add (and remove) new sections, columns, and rows
  • Change padding and margins for your columns and sections
  • Control formatting at the section level
  • See exactly what you’re about to delete—clicking the trashcan in the layout tab overlays what you’re about to trash with red stripes so you can be sure you’re removing the right thing. (And yes, comprehensive revert and undo functions are still in the works.)

We expect this will bring a major dose of clarity and efficiency to your page-building experience.

3. Rounded Buttons and Images

Sometimes you need to design outside the box. That’s why you’re now able to make round or pill-shaped call-to-action buttons …

button style

… and give any image you upload a rounded or circular frame.

image edges

Fun, right?

4. Section and Element Duplication

Say you have a beautifully designed subsection for one of your products. It’s got a nice image, perfectly styled subhead and text, and a cool call-to-action button. Now you just need to do that 5 more times to finish your product page. Ugh. But wait! With our new duplicate feature, that’s no problem—just click the “copy” icon on the page or in the layout tab to duplicate individual page elements or entire columns, rows, and sections.


5. Icon Widget

Icons are a simple way to add extra visual interest to your page. They give the eye something to latch onto even if your page content doesn’t necessarily have a ton of visual potential. So we’ve given you an easy way to add icons to your Leadpages—without having to pay a designer or scroll through free stock sites until your eyes blur and Clipart briefcases begin to haunt your dreams.


Now you have access to a searchable gallery of 634 icons right within the drag-and-drop page builder. (Just drag an icon widget onto your page to start exploring.) And, of course, you can change the size and color to match the rest of your page. [cta-box]

What Can the Drag-and-Drop Builder Do for You Next?

These are only the biggest, most recent changes that are live in Leadpages right now. We’ve got many more improvements and new features currently in the works—so keep your eyes peeled for updates. And if you’re not yet a Leadpages user, there’s never been a better time to dive in and start building powerful (and incredibly flexible) landing pages. [cta-box] Any suggestions for page builder features you’d like to see? Leave them in the comments, or make it official and submit a request to our Ideas Portal.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
July Product Update V1 1
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