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[New Feature] Get Your Audience’s Attention with Leadpages’ New Alert Bars

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Feb 05, 2019  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
series of alert bars

Ready to raise the bar in your digital marketing? Easily publish alert bars on any Lead Page or webpage to make an announcement, highlight a promotion, or capture email opt-ins.

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy way to tell your visitors about a new product, announce a recently published blog article, celebrate free shipping, share a discount/ coupon, or grow your newsletter email list—alert bars are awesome add-ons to any web page you own.

These full-width site banners are one of the best ways to effectively reach your audience, without distracting them from the content they came looking for in the first place. You can deliver a message in a single line of text and your visitors can opt-in or click to make the bar disappear from view.

With the addition of alert bars, you get a more complete conversion toolkit, helping you turn more clicks into customers and make the most of every web visitor who comes across your content.

Building a business? Add alert bars to your conversion toolkit.

Sometimes known as sticky bars, announcement bars, hello bars, or floating bars—these slim banners bring lots of flexibility to your inbound marketing.

Here are a few of the most popular ways you can use alert bars in your digital marketing:

Alert bar: Save 50% on virtual summit tickets until Nov. 29! Get Tickets.
Alert bar: Now with FREE shipping on orders of $25 or more!
  • Promote a sale or limited time offer
    Running a special discount or promotion? Put it front & center on your site to capture people with high intent to buy.
Alert bar: FREE 30-min consultation and custom action plan. Yes, please!
  • Encourage sign-ups for free trial or consultation
    Offering a trial or free consultation to help capture new customers? Use an alert bar to invite your site visitors to take advantage of the opportunity.
Alert bar: 48 of my favorite productivity tips sent straight to your inbox! Get them now!
  • Create an opt-in opportunity
    Have a hot lead magnet? Highlight it in your bar! Include a simple opt-in form and CTA button to boost conversions and reduce bounce rates. You might decide to showcase a relevant lead magnet or content upgrade or invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
Alert bar: Are you signed up for the masterclass? It's not too late! Join us!
  • Capture attention & drive traffic to a landing page
    Whether you’re announcing a discount sale or sending traffic to a freshly published blog post, a banner will get the headlines across without hindering a user’s experience.
Alert bar: Now's the time to create your 2018 content calendar! Get your free template >
  • Convert blog readers into leads
    Let your blog article be the center of attention while also promoting your newsletter or blog feed subscription in a non-intrusive opt-in bar.
Alert bar: Join us for live-streamed workshops + A&A over at my Facebook page.
  • Promote social media followers
    Worried your audience is unaware of your phenomenal social media channels? Invite them to click, friend, and follow your preferred platforms.

Build & customize your bar in less than 2 minutes

As with everything else inside the Leadpages platform—we believe that the best tools should also be the easiest to use. Change the color of your bar, edit the text, include a hyperlink, opt-in form, and CTA button. Every element is fully customizable to help you stay on-brand and bring something unique to your audience.

That’s why you can literally build your bar in just a couple minutes:

Leadpages Example Bar Layout

  • Choose from 1 of 4 pre-built layouts
    Start with a pre-designed, mobile-responsive layout that will remain sticky to the top of your website (for desktop) and sticky to the bottom (for mobile users).
  • Customize your bar color
  • Edit and format your text
  • Set your button style & copy

Publish your bar on any web page or Lead Page

Wherever you’re driving web traffic is where you want your content to be conversion-optimized. Once you’ve customized your bar, publishing is easy: all it takes is two clicks to grab your cut & paste embed code.

  • Publish your alert bar on a Lead Page
    Add your embed code to the page tracking analytics section by pasting directly into the section labeled "Immediately before the closing <body> tag." Then, simply click Save and Update your page.
  • Publish your alert bar on an external website
    Whether you’re using WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or a custom-built website—you can bring your bar with you. Simply grab the same embed code and paste it before the closing </body> tag on your site or blog.

Send your leads to the tools you love

Connecting your email service provider is easy
Automatically route your new subscribers directly to your email list or segment within your preferred email app. Easily connect your apps and set up an integration by hovering over your opt-in form and clicking ‘Edit Integrations’ or by clicking the form field or call-to-action button.

Alert bar integrations

You can even choose where you'd like to send your visitors after they opt in to your bar as well as attach a lead magnet.

A quick note on functionality while alert bars are in beta testing:

  • Bars remain sticky as a visitor scrolls on your page and can be closed by clicking the X at the right of the bar.
  • Bars stick to the bottom of mobile browsers by default as the bottom of a mobile device's display is most easily accessible.
  • If dismissed, a bar will reappear upon page reload or any other page it is present.
Get started with your first alert bar:

Here’s the full how-to guide to get you going

Want to see how it works? Alert bars are included in all Leadpages plan levels. Start your free 14-day trial today!

Ready to raise the bar for your business?

From the very earliest days of Leadpages, we’ve let small businesses guide the creation of new tools and the evolution of our lead generation platform. We’re constantly changing—but that’s one thing that’s always going to remain: our commitment to equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow.

Ok—time to hand it over to you. The alert bar is yours!

What will you create?

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
series of alert bars
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