[Instant Download] My Five Favorite Webinar Registration Page Templates

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Dec 20, 2012
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[cta-box] This is cool. This is just so freaking cool. Hello, everyone. My name is Clay Collins and in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to be giving you not one, not two, not three, not four, but five webinar registration page templates. These are some of the highest converting landing pages I know of. I’m also going to be showing you the coolest [Beeping Sound] ever. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show. So, as part of our promotion for LeadPages which is the landing page platform that gets released too early adopters tomorrow, as part of that promotion we’re giving away these five webinar registration page templates. The first one is this, there’s a number of great things about this. The first is that it features video, the second one is that there’s a two step opt-in box, right? So normally when someone goes to a page and they just see an opt-in box, it kind of arms them, right? As opposed to disarming them, but when you have clean nice spot now they can click on that and then ask them to opt-in and I’ve talked extensively about why this increases opt-in rate. The next thing is that there is an opportunity to opt-in above the fold and below the fold, so both of those opportunities are present and there’s a good opportunity to outline the four major things that people are going to get on the webinar. This webinar registration page template which is available to you right now is the basis of our LeadPlayer webinar and also it is the basis of our Marketing Show webinar which you can see right here and one of the great things about this is that it only requires your e-mail address to opt-in for the webinar. Most go to webinar registration page templates require a first name, a last name and an e-mail address, right three fields? But the more fields you ask for the less likely people are to register. In fact, conversation rates go up as the number of fields required goes down. Also, I’ve included this webinar registration page template and this is for a two-person webinar, so if you’re doing a webinar with a co-host or maybe with an affiliate. Let’s say you approach someone who has a rather large audience and you pitch them on doing a webinar with their list and you cut them in on 50% of all sales that come from that webinar. Well, this is a landing page template where you can have their face and your face. It has again, a two-step opt-in process above the fold and below the fold. The colors can be modified, these images can be swapped out, you’ve got Facebook sharing and Google Plus and Tweeting on the page and you’ve got Facebook comments at the bottom, so this is good for affiliate webinars. So anyway those are just two of the webinar registration page templates that I’m including in the download pack below that you can get right now. But before we go, I just want to show you the coolest [Beeping Sound] ever that we’re doing with LeadPages. So LeadPages is our landing page platform and with LeadPages we made it so that you can actually turn any -- any squeeze page or any landing page into a webinar registration page. Let me show how this works. So, I’m here at my.leadpages.net and I’m going to take this template. Now, there’s a version of this template that you can download below. So this is usually a landing page where people can opt-in to get a free report, but I’m going to show you how I can turn this into a webinar registration page. So I’m going to go and edit the headline here and I’m going to call it, “Webinar this Thursday at 8 PM EST: The Top 5 Landing Pages of 2013.” So that’s the headline and I’m going to click on this to modify it. The text here is going to be, “Enter your e-mail address to register for the webinar,” and then I’m going to make the button say, “Secure my spot.” I’m also going to click on the background to change the background image and I’m going to go with this finger pointing here. Now, here’s what super, super, super cool about this. I’m going to integrate this with AWeber, so I’m going to go select AWeber and I’m going to go to LeadPages EA and click on My Web Form. But I’m also going to do something else, I’m going to go to the bottom here and click on GoToWebinar and I’m going to associate it with this Test Webinar List. So what you’re seeing here is LeadPages ability to integrate simultaneously with any list and GoToWebinar. You simply select the e-mail list that you want to associate the form with and then you go to GoToWebinar and select the webinar you want to associate it with. And then I’m going to click on save and that means that whenever someone opts-in here, they’re going to be automatically registered for your e-mail list and GoToWebinar. [00:04:53] And here’s the big take away, what this means folks is that you can take any, any landing page template and associate that with any e-mail list and any GoToWebinar webinar that you’re doing. So any combination of landing page template, e-mail list whether that’s on InfusionSoft or GoToWebinar or MailChimp or whatever and you can select a webinar to associate it with any combination of those three is possible. And so I’m going to click on save to my pages and I’m going to call this, “GoToWebinar Demo” I’m going to click on save and of course, I can have this immediately hosted on LeadPages, so here’s the page that I created or I can use WordPress to publish this page. I can also download this page and upload it to any server that I want to upload it to, but this page is live immediately after I click publish. So just to reiterate what I find so cool about this, is that you can take any LeadPages template that we provide and you can integrate that with any e-mail marketing platform that we support and you can also integrate that template with any GoToWebinar webinar that you’ve set up. So for example, here’s a video squeeze page that’s available in LeadPages and originally this is just a squeeze page, but if I wanted to I could integrate this in a couple or clicks with GoToWebinar, so it’s not only signing people up for my e-mail list, but it’s also registering them for a specific webinar. Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. I hope you enjoy these five templates that we’ve made available for immediate download no opt-in required. And if you’re interested in snagging LeadPages before we go live tomorrow, there is a link below this video where you can pick that up before we go live again tomorrow. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching today’s episode and I’ll talk to you later. Take care. [00:06:54] End of audio