Leadpages Pro Tip: Landing Page Headlines

We’ve all forgotten to add sugar to a pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade, call our moms when we got home safely, or zip up our pants before leaving the bathroom.

The point is, sometimes even basic steps in bigger processes slip our mind at times.

The same goes for your landing pages. Even if you’re working on your ten thousandth page, your expertise might have overshadowed some basic know-how somewhere along your digital marketing journey.

Just in case you’ve ever forgotten some Leadpages essentials that can make your landing page creation just a little bit easier, here is your pro tip of the week: landing page headlines.

Basic Headline Formatting

Inside of the drag-and-drop builder, you can tweak your headline to align with your brand by adjusting the font style and color. These are the tools you’re most likely familiar with and use most often—make it bigger, smaller, blue, green, whatever your headline heart desires.

You can also adjust headline type (subhead, small subhead, etc.), alignment, size, and spacing.

Additionally, you can drag and drop your headlines or subheadlines wherever you need to on your page simply by grabbing the entire section and moving it.

Headline Trick: Add a Line Break

There are times your headline might break at a weird place, causing one word to fall to the next line. In order to eliminate visually unbalanced headlines and dangling widows (which is what we call that one rogue word that drops to its own line), manually insert a line break.

Place your cursor where you want to add a break, and press SHIFT + ENTER.

This is a relatively new feature in your Leadpages toolbox, but it’s one that you’ll find yourself using often from now until the end of time.

Want to hone your landing page headline prowess? Head to our knowledge base and learn even more about headlines.

What pro tips would you like to learn more about? Just ask below!