Everything You Need to Know About Product Landing Pages (With 10 Examples)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Mar 03, 2022  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 examples of product landing pages.

Collecting leads is all well and good. But in order to grow your business, you’re eventually going to have to sell them something. And for that, you’ll need a good product landing page.

This is the page you’ll use to promote your products (either physical or digital) and convert your leads into customers. But how do you create a product landing page that fits your brand and drives sales?

We’ve been building high-converting pages for many years now (and seen over a million more created by our customers), so we’ve picked up a few tricks. We’ll share our best product landing page tips with you, as well as 10 templates for you to consider.

Let’s get started!

Is a product landing page the same as a product page?

Not exactly. While both pages are used to promote a product there are a few key differences.

A product landing page is, as its name implies, a landing page. This means that there are no menus, links to other pages, or content that’s not related to the product you’re trying to sell. The sole purpose of this page is to get the reader to take action and try or buy your product.

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On the other hand, product pages are regular web pages. They have menus linking to other pages on the site and there might be additional content that’s not directly related to the product you’re promoting. The purpose of these pages is to educate visitors on the product while also giving them access to other information that will help them learn more about your brand.

When should you use a product landing page?

Landing pages are great for campaigns that are targeted at a specific product. For example, if you’re running ads to promote your new eBook you’re better off directing people to a dedicated landing page than a product page.

10 examples of product landing pages.

While a product page will have information about the book, it has a lot of distractions that might result in your visitors clicking away from the page. Since a product landing page is purely focused on selling your product your conversion rates will generally be higher. This is even more important if you’re paying for ads since you’ll need to make your money back.

Effective product landing pages are also an important part of your sales funnel. Once a lead makes their way to the lower portion of your funnel they probably know enough about your brand and products to make a purchase decision. This is when you can send them to a product landing page to secure the sale.

What should be included in a product landing page?

Unlike a squeeze page that’s only trying to collect an email address, a product landing page needs to provide a lot more information. People aren’t going to hand over their payment details easily, so you’re going to have to show them all the ways your product provides value.

Each page will be a little different, but the best product landing pages usually include the following sections:

  • Hero section: This includes your headline, a short description of your product, and an eye-catching image to capture people’s attention.
  • Features and benefits: Summarize the features of your product and explain how they benefit the user.
  • About you: Include a little information about you and your company to help your audience get to know you.
  • Testimonials: Share some reviews of your brand and product to build trust.
  • Offer: State the price and any bonus items you're including to provide extra value.
  • Guarantee: Detail your return policy or money-back guarantee (if you have one) to remove any risk.
  • Call to action: Finish with a strong call to action. Summarize the benefits of your product and ask for the sale.

How long should a product landing page be?

The simple answer is as long as it needs to be. Start by writing out all the information you feel people need to know in order to buy the product, then review your copy and see if there’s anything that can be trimmed.

Generally, the more expensive the product, the more copy you’ll need to explain the value. So don’t be afraid to write a little more if you’re selling something in a higher price tier.

You can also use A/B testing to try different versions of your landing page. Try testing a shorter version against a longer version to see which one converts best and provides the best user experience.

Product Landing Page Tips

Crafting the perfect landing page takes a fair bit of research and practice. To save you some time, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you create a stellar landing page right out of the gate.

Use the right images

10 examples of product landing pages.
Purchase high-quality Shutterstock images from your Leadpages account.

Purchase high-quality Shutterstock images from your Leadpages account.

Quality images are key to selling online. This goes for both physical and digital products.

For physical products, make sure to photograph them close up and from a lot of different angles. Remember, shoppers can’t pick your product up and look at it in person, so they’re depending on your images to show them what to expect. You should also include photos of people using your product. This makes it easier for shoppers to imagine themselves using it.

For digital products, use images to help show the benefits of your product. Do you sell a course on how to start an online business? Then include some photos of someone successfully running a business. You can also create a virtual cover for your product to make it seem a little more tangible to prospective buyers.

Use simple language

Complicated words, long sentences, and technical jargon make reading hard. So, eliminate as much of this as possible to make your copy easy for everyone to understand.

Typically, the best approach is to use more casual language. Write the way you’d speak to someone in person. Treat it more like a conversation rather than an essay.

That being said, make sure to consider your audience. For example, if you’re targeting businesses and professionals you might want to be a little more formal (while still keeping things relatively easy to read).

Use your best judgment and utilize language that speaks to your ideal audience.

Add a sense of urgency

Giving your offer a time limit is a great way to increase conversions. If readers know they only have a limited amount of time to act then they’re more likely to purchase the items now. This prevents people from leaving your page to think about it, only to forget about your product.

Just remember, if you’re going to add a sense of urgency make sure to stick to it. Don’t tell people your offer is only available today and then offer it again tomorrow. If people notice you doing this you’ll lose their trust and no one will take your limited time offers seriously.

10 examples of product landing pages.

Countdown timers are a simple way to let people know how much time they have to act and do a great job of adding urgency to your offer. Once the timer hits 0:00:00, redirect to a different page, or reveal a new offer on the same page. Leadpages countdown timers make this a breeze.

Make it easy for people to buy

You might convince people to buy your product, but if the checkout process is too complicated they’ll likely leave before they complete their purchase. So, try to make it as easy as possible for people to buy.

To start, use multiple CTA buttons throughout the page. That way, when someone decides they’re ready to purchase your product they don’t have to look far to start entering their credit card info.

If possible, try to keep them on the same website, rather than directing them somewhere else to make their payment. For example, Leadpages Checkouts allow you to take payments right on your landing page, which reduces friction and increases conversions.

Product landing page template examples

Okay, so now you have a good idea of what makes an effective landing page. But how do you actually build one?

Luckily, landing page builders like Leadpages make the process easy, even if you have no coding or web design experience.

Your first step is to choose a template that suits your brand and product. We’ve included ten product landing page templates below to help get you started. While most of these were designed for specific industries all of them are completely customizable and can be adapted to different business types if you wish. You can also change colors and fonts, add and remove sections, implement online payments, and more.

Smart Product Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

This versatile landing page template works with a wide range of products. It includes a features section, space for testimonials, and an about section. If you like this layout and are selling a course you might want to check out the Smart Course Sales Page template.

Online Course Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

This template is perfect for anyone selling an online course. Follow this outline to summarize what your course has to offer, feature reviews from past students, and share some information about yourself and what inspired you to launch your course.

Book Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

Ebooks are one of the most popular online products to sell, and this template is designed specifically for authors. Feature your book cover in your hero section, summarize everything readers will learn, and show off all your positive reviews. This template can also be used to sell physical books directly or via online bookstores like Amazon. Narrators also use this template to promote audiobooks.

Fitness Membership Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

Creating a membership site? Then this template might be for you. It includes a section that allows you to summarize the features, benefits, and price of each of your recurring membership plans.

Creative Product Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

This template was designed with creatives in mind. Promote your creative products, tell people more about you and what inspires you, and feature positive reviews from past customers.

Fitness Program Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

The health and wellness industry is booming, so now’s the time to start a fitness program. Use this template to outline the various components of your program and how it works, then get people signed up so they can start reaping the benefits.

Yoga Class Signup Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

While this template is designed for Yoga Classes it can be easily adapted for any type of class you might be teaching. Do you teach multiple classes? This template has a section where you can describe each of your classes so readers can decide which one best suits their needs.

Online Course Certification Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

This is another great template for online courses and training. It includes sections to talk about your different courses, benefits, testimonials. It also has an FAQ section, making it perfect for higher-priced offerings that require more explanation.

Big Bold Photo Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

This template does a great job of making an impact right away. Choose an eye-catching photo to draw people in and get them reading about your product. The example product in the template is an app, but this layout is perfect for a wide range of offerings.

Video Sales Page Template

10 examples of product landing pages.

Sometimes words aren’t enough and you might decide a video is the best way to sell your product. If so, then this template is a great option. In addition to the video in the hero section, it also provides space to list features and benefits, as well as some information about yourself.

Ready to sell more with your own product landing pages?

Leadpages’ Drag & Drop Builder makes creating product landing pages easy, even you don’t have any experience with coding or web design. All you have to do is choose your template, add your text and images, and publish.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
10 examples of product landing pages.
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