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Create a Quick and Easy Landing Page in Under 10 Minutes? Challenge Accepted.

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 03, 2016  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team

When you’re ready to market and grow your business online, you need a landing page builder that moves at the speed of your ideas. At Leadpages, we think creating a landing page should be as easy as possible, so you can spend your time focusing on everything else that makes your business great.How easy? Well, I decided to see just how it can be using our new drag-and-drop landing page builder (and my own skills), and challenging myself to build a fully functional, brand-consistent landing page in less than 10 minutes. [cta-box] I did prepare a couple of things before I began to build my page, but that’s always how I create landing pages. I like to have my building blocks on hand before I dive into creation mode.Before starting the clock, I collected:

  • My Landing Page Copy: I always prefer to know how my page is going to read before I build it.
  • An Image: The template I chose for my page actually starts with the Leadpages logo in it, so I didn’t need to add that, but I did grab a preexisting image from our design team before starting my page.
  • My Video Embed Code: We use Wistia to host our videos here at Leadpages, so embedding videos is a breeze. All I had to do was click on the embed options for a video and copy the code. Any video hosting platform you use (YouTube, etc.) will be just as easy.

I’ve included the transcript from the narration of my page creation process below. Feel free to follow along as I create it! What's the part of building landing pages that takes the most time for you? Tell us in the comments (and maybe we can think up a way to make it easier for you)!Hi I’m Ryan Kopperud, educational content creator here at Leadpages.If you’re looking to create a landing page, you want to drive more leads and subscriptions, collect email addresses, register people for webinars, showcase your videos, sell your products or services, and more.Our philosophy is that creating a beautiful, modern, and responsive landing page that accomplishes those goals, should be both quick and easy. You shouldn’t need design skills, you shouldn’t need to know how to code, and you shouldn’t even need a website.That’s why today, we’re going to show you how we build and deploy landing pages from start to finish, live online, in less than 10 minutes.Ten minutes? Whoa, are we crazy!? That’s not a lot of time… We should probably get started right?Wait, the timer’s going already!? Okay, here goes!The first thing we’ll do is log into Leadpages, and immediately we’re greeted with a whole catalog of high-converting landing page template options. Since I want to highlight one of the videos our awesome videography team has created, I’m going to select this video landing page template.We’re going to use the drag and drop builder here, and we’ll give our page a title before diving in—I’ll call this Quick and Easy Landing Page.Once my page builds, the first thing I see is the default template page, and all of the existing elements that start on it. To begin, I’m going to delete a few items that I’m not interested in having on my page, like some additional text boxes, the countdown calendar box, and some additional spacer widgets that I don’t need to use for my purposes on this page.Once those are gone, I’m going to simply drag from right to left to shrink the Leadpages logo in the top left a bit, and customize the button in my header to say Get Started, I’ll also tweak the size and coloring until I’m happy.Next, the social share links by my video widget on this page are their existing brand colors by default, but to match my page, I’ll quickly use our color selector to change them to the Leadpages primary blue.Moving on, I’m going to paste in the copy I’ve already written for my page header and subheader, to the existing text boxes above my video widget. Both these header elements contain introductory information about Leadpages. Once it’s pasted into place, I think I’m going to use our color selector again make that copy black instead of white.Now that that’s done, I want to showcase that video I mentioned previously. To do that, all I have to do is grab the embed code that our video host provides, paste it into this box, and click save.I’ll edit the next button below my video widget next. Here, I’ll adjust the call to action copy to say, “Get started with Leadpages Today”, and lastly, I think I’ll change the background of this section to white, and the background of my header to gray, to make everything in these two sections pop on my page.For this next section, I’ve written some further copy about Leadpages that I’d like to use here to elaborate further on what’s talked about in the video we embedded above. I’ll quickly paste what I’ve written into both the existing header and paragraph widgets in this template, to replace that copy with my own. I’m also going to swap the background color of this section to that same Leadpages blue color from before. Once again, I’ll use our color selector to grab that blue and apply it to this section. I want to make my text pop out better, since the black text sort of disappears against that blue color, so I’m also going to quickly bring up our color selector again to make all the text in this section white.Next, there’s a few other sections in this template that are great for their purposes, but I just don’t really have a use for them. So I’m going to delete them to create some room to build a couple more sections that I think would be great to finish my page.In this first section I want to add a banner showcasing some awesome Leadpages landing page designs by our customers. I’ll select this image, which I’ve already uploaded to my image library, and add some spacer widgets over the top to be sure the full height of the image gets seen when we publish it live.I’ve gotten down to the footer of my page now. Here, I’m going to clean up the text in my footer so it only says copyright 2016, and then I’ll edit this set of horizontal social share buttons to match the blue ones that we’ve already changed above.Now on second thought, I think this page does need one more section. So I’ll click the plus button to expand a blank row in my page. I want to add one more headline, one more block of text, and a final call to action button. But since this template doesn’t have that layout in it already, I’ve expanded the widgets section, and just dragged in the elements I want to include in this final section of my page.I’ll tweak what I want my button to say here, and adjust the size of the text. Then I’ll copy and paste my header text into place, and shrink the header since it’s a bit larger than my other headers. Then, I’ll paste in and adjust the paragraph copy that I’ve already written, so that it matches the size and spacing of my earlier paragraph, until I’m happy with it. I’m also going to add some spacers on either side of it to push the paragraph to center, and add some white space. And finally, I’ll add some more spacers to either side of my button, to change it’s size and location as well and then do one final tweak on my button copy, colors, and sizing until it fits my liking.There. The design for my page is done, and I’m loving how it’s looking so far. The last thing I want to do is be sure that the form my buttons trigger (we call them Leadboxes) matches my design and is synced with my email service provider, so anyone who subscribes through my page gets added to my email list.I’ll edit my progress bar to be at 75% instead of 50% and continue to match my colors to the design of my page. I’ll create a call to action for people to download our guide to landing pages if they submit their email address here, and I’ll make the text black, and larger, to be more prominent on the page. Then, I’ll edit the email address field to say “Enter your email address here…” just for a little more instruction to my visitors. I’ll also remove the title field for my email address.Next I get to add an integration. I’ve already connected Mailchimp with my Leadpages account previously, so I can quickly select my email list I’ve created just for this page. Now when anyone enters their email address here, they’ll be added to my list.Lastly, to complete my Leadbox, I’ll tweak the submit copy on my button to say, “SEND ME THE FREE GUIDE NOW.” I’ll change the color to the same gold we used below the video on our page, and then continue to adjust the size and design of my submit button until I’m happy with it. Then I’ll exit my Leadbox to save and finish it.Finally, I’ll hop into each of the buttons I already created on my page to connect each of them to the Leadbox I just created. Once that’s complete, I’m ready to publish my page live online.I’ll click publish, and as soon as the page is ready, I can click “View live page.” to see my brand new, complete page, live online. I can link to this page anywhere on my website, from social media, in my email signature, drive PPC ad traffic to it, and more.My page looks great, the video works great, and so do my Leadboxes. Now, I can start generating new leads in no time.So, we’re done and done, and it looks like we’ve even got a minute to spare. That’s how quick and easy it is to create a beautiful, modern, responsive, and powerful landing page with Leadpages.Try it for yourself, by visiting Leadpages.net today. [cta-box]

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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