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How Ramaley Group Used Leadpages to Refresh Their Web Presence and Build a Smarter Funnel

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Jun 23, 2021  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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Ken Ramaley is the founder and managing director of Ramaley Group—a consultancy that helps Fortune 1000 companies improve processes, reduce waste, and reclaim revenue. Most of his clients come from word-of-mouth referrals and speaking engagements. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, speaking engagements dried up and so did most of the organization’s prospects. See how Ken used Leadpages to level up his web presence and improve his funnel when the world went online-only.

Ken’s story

Ken is a born problem solver and has turned his ability to make sense of complicated business problems into a lucrative consultancy. Using a model that combines the best practices from top business process improvement methods, Ken and his team have helped dozens of large organizations work more efficiently towards their goals.

Ramaley Group’s primary business drivers were reputation for results and speaking engagements. So when virtually the entire planet moved their businesses online in the COVID-19 pandemic, Ken needed a way to adapt quickly.

Challenges to overcome

Pre-pandemic, Ramaley Group used a Wordpress website for mostly informational purposes. It outlined who they were, what services they offered, and profiled the experts that work within the organization. From a design and content point of view, it was out of date and difficult to maintain—so changes were usually handled by pricey freelance developers, and only when it was absolutely necessary.

But the reality of the business world moving almost entirely online meant Ken needed to modernize. A new website that properly reflected Ramaley Group’s identity and purpose was in order. The website needed to be easy to build and maintain in order to reduce the cost of hiring designers and/or developers to keep it up to date. And because the in-person speaking and networking events weren’t happening for the foreseeable future, the website also needed to work harder to generate leads and find customers.

How Leadpages helped

A fresh online presence

Ramaley Group website homepage

Source: Ramaley Group

Ken's website is based on the popular Change Agent template, which features a professional but modern look and feel. Using Leadpages Drag and Drop Builder, Ken and his team are able to quickly create page sections, drop in his copy, and create CTA buttons in a clean, conversion-focused design.

Easy to update—no design or dev help required

In the past, updates were typically avoided because of the cost and effort required to make them. But with Leadpages’ easy-to-use interface, Ken or anyone on his team can quickly log in, make changes or updates, and publish within minutes.

A simpler, smarter consultation funnel

Ken was able to create a consultation funnel both with and without a “front door” lead magnet. That means, he was able to collect email addresses in exchange for a consultation, or skip the email step altogether and go straight to the booking calendar if a relationship was already established.

How Ken uses Leadpages

Leadpages Website Builder

A professional website was created that anyone within the organization can maintain or update, without spending $100-$200 for small or simple changes. Using the Drag and Drop Builder, team members are easily added to the roster, navigation is quickly adjusted, and traffic can find the information they need in a snap.

Calendly integration

Ramaley Group website Calendly integration pop-up

Source: Ramaley Group

Consultations are at the core of Ken’s sales process. Integration with Calendly directly on his site eliminates the hassles of back-and-forth scheduling that can happen during the consultation and proposal process.

Additional integrations: Mailchimp & Zapier

Ken’s able to assign a tag within his Mailchimp account to designate where a lead is in their conversion journey, allowing him to better communicate the right message to the right people at the right time. He’s also able to use Zapier to update his prospects’ Hubspot record.

Leads Library and stats

Ramaley Group Leadpages Leads Library in browser surrounded by LinkedIn ads

Whether from a LinkedIn ad campaign, social posts, or personal outreach, Ken is able to see the conversion stats of his website and landing pages. He’s also able to see his leads information and what they signed up for right in his Leadpages dashboard.

Going forward

An easy-to-update and maintain website and simplified consultation funnel is just the beginning for Ramaley Group. Ken is going to continue leveraging the power of Leadpages to drive more business.

Tailored lead generating landing pages will be created for different client types, each using content that addresses specific and unique pain points and needs.

Custom landing pages will be used at the end of speaking engagements and workshops to help drive more business where he can make the biggest impact.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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