[Marketplace Download] Real Estate Landing Page That Doubles as An Opt-in Page, Sales Page, or Webinar Page

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We recently unveiled our beta launch of the Leadpages marketplace where people can purchase custom landing page templates to use in a Leadpages account. This video is the first video in the series that will be highlighting templates available in the Leadpages template gallery. If you’re a template author and you’d like to have your template featured, please leave a link below to your template and we’ll consider featuring it as part of this series. Without further ado, we want to highlight a marketplace template that according to our co-founder Clay is one of the most beautiful templates in the marketplace. This template was created by Leadpages team members Sarah Chaussee, Kayla Sawtelle and me Jeff Wenberg during our off hours. This is the real estate listing page and this template is unlike any other template currently available in Leadpages or in the marketplace.

This page is very unique in the fact that it’s the first template available that caters to the real estate market. That being said, this page can also be used in numerous other ways. You could customize this page to function as a download page, an opt-in page, a webinar registration page, a sales page, a coming soon page and so on. The possibilities are endless. Let’s look at how this page uses the different elements to pull someone down the page and leads them to opt-in. When you first come to the page, you’ll notice the image that’s front and center. When selling things such as real estate that is so visually oriented, a fantastic picture speaks the proverbial thousand words and functions just like a headline.

Coupled with the description under the image, this is meant to grab the visitor’s attention quickly and get them hooked on what you’re offering. Right below, you’ll see a countdown timer that creates urgency and excitement by counting down to the next event. In this case, it will be for an open house for the property with the opt-in button right below it. This is meant to immediately trigger an alarm that others are going to be taking advantage of this offer and to beat the crowd I should schedule a showing or opt-in if this page was set up for a digital product. If they decide they need more information there’s the beautiful benefit section right below that’s meant to show off your property or whatever you’re offering on this page. Not to mention, three different opportunities for someone to schedule a showing or opt-in.

These essentially stack more benefits in each new section. If they’d like to take a virtual tour of the property or watch a video demonstration of your product, they can do that right here followed again by another chance for someone to schedule a showing or opt-in. Finally, at the very bottom, there’s a little about me section so the visitor can make a quick connection with the real estate agent listing this property instead of feeling like the page is being operated by some nameless corporation.

With all of these opportunities to opt-in throughout the page, it makes it very clear what the visitor should do. The page comes set up for a real estate listing by default so right out of the box it can be utilized for any relationship estate listing.

Let’s look at how to customize this for another real estate listing then we’ll quickly look at how to also make this a sales page and a webinar registration page. Like with all templates inside of Leadpages, you just click on any element to edit it. So let’s update the logo by clicking on the image and select a new logo from the image bank. Next, let’s update this phone number by clicking on it and then typing in the number. We’ll turn this into a click to call link so if visitors are viewing this page on their smartphones, they can simply click the number to call you about the listing. To do this we’ll highlight the number and then click the link button.

Now in this box, we’ll add the following. Tel:1 and then the phone number with no dashes. Then click done. Now when someone clicks on this number in a mobile browser, they’ll be prompted to call you. Next, let’s switch out the image for an image of a different property. I’ll select an image of a property that I uploaded earlier from the image bank. Now I’ll switch out the default address for the new properties address. I’ll also update the price to $250,000 then update the copy below it to highlight some of the new properties best qualities. Now I’ll update the countdown timer to reflect the date of my next open house. When you click the timer and select the time, the timer automatically adjusts.

Now people note here, the time zone used here is a time zone you’re in when creating the page. If you only want to use this page to book private showings, you can hide this countdown timer altogether by clicking on the gear icon and selecting hide. But for this example, let’s keep it. Now let’s customize the request to showing LeadBox there. Let’s swap out this progress bar for an image of our logo. I’ll switch out the default form image on the left for another image of my property. Since I’m using this LeadBox to function as more of a contact form than a form for building an email list, I’m going to use the Leadpages lead notifications feature. This feature will send all of the data a visitor enters into this form straight to your email inbox so you can follow up with them right away. This is a great feature to use if your top priority is following up with prospects right away with a phone call or a custom email reply instead of building an email list. However, if you like to add the email addresses you collected with this feature to an email list you manage with a service like MailChimp or AWeber you can absolutely do that manually.

Whatever integration option you choose, you’re able to click multiple form fields such as name, email, phone and so on. Next, let’s customize some of the colors on the page by clicking on the styles tab and moving the colored paper to where you’d like to be. Once you’re done customize colors, we’ll move back to the content tab. As you can see, you can easily switch the images here or hide some of them if you don’t want to use them. You can also enter in all your property details in this checklist section, which adjusts dynamically to fit the number of details you want to provide.
If you have a virtual tour of your property, a video about your real estate business or any other video you’d like to add to this page, you can easily add it to the video section here. You can embed videos from any video service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or any other service that gives you an embed code.

If you don’t have a video, it’s easy to hide the section altogether by clicking this I icon. You can also add some information about yourself in the about me section at the bottom of the page to give the listing a more personal touch. You can also swap out the default image of me for one of yourself.

Last but not least, you can link to your social media pages or popular property sites at the bottom of the page if you’d like. You can hide or change these images too. It’s all customizable. Now let’s name the page and then save the page. Now if we want to view the page on a smartphone or a tablet to make sure everything looks great, you can do that right inside of Leadpages. If I click on phone, I can scroll through the page on the phone and see that it looks fantastic.

Then if I click tablet I can scroll through it on the table to see it again looking great. Finally, when I click publish, Leadpages gives me a URL I can use to immediately view the page. Again here’s the page looking great. Back in the publishing window, we have a few more options. You can publish the page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or find that you can download the file and put it on your own server.

Now let’s look at how to use this page for something totally different than the real estate market like selling a digital product. Let’s update the logo by clicking on the image and selecting a new logo from the image bank. Next, I’m going to hide this phone number section by clicking on the gear and selecting hidden. Next, let’s update the image here with an image more suitable for a digital product. Just select the image that you’d like to use from the image bank.

Now let’s use this address line as a headline section. We’ll just click on it and type it in the headline then we’ll update the copy below it. Let’s say our card is going to close after a week so let’s update the countdown timer for a week from now. When you click the timer and select the time, the timer automatically adjusts. Again please note that the time zone used here is a time zone you’re in when creating the page.

Next, let’s customize some of the colors on the page by clicking on the styles tab and moving the color picker to where you’d like it to be. Once you’re done customizing the colors, we’ll move back to the content tab. Finally, let’s update the button to redirect your URL so all of the buttons on the page then go to our shopping cart. Click the gear icon and select edit then select show URL. In this section, we’ll enter our shopping cart URL and we’ll update the button text as well.

Let’s actually hide these images so we get right to the benefits of our product. Then we’ll update our major benefits then we’ll update the image to a relevant image of the product and let’s say we want to hide the middle benefit section and only use two of these different sections. Let’s add a demo video of our product to the video section here and again you can embed videos from any service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or any service that gives you an embed code. Finally, I’m going to just hide this about me section so the page just answers my call to action.

Now that we’re done customizing the page, we’ll name the page and then we’ll save the page. When we click publish, we can the page looks absolutely fantastic. Now let’s quickly turn this page into a webinar registration page so you can get the full extent of how customizable this template is. For this example, we’ll focus on just the top section with the countdown timer and we’ll hide everything else.

If you wanted to use those sections, you could easily add them back in to help with your marketing message. So first I’m going to add my new logo then I’ll use a new image that’s more related to our webinar. If you’d like to customize the colors used on the page, click on the styles tab and select the colors you’d like to use. Once you’ve got the page looking how you like it, click back to the content tab. Now let’s add our webinar title and the brief description.

We’ll click on the countdown timer to enter in the start time of the webinar so the counter dynamically adjusts. Now let’s set up our integration settings by clicking on the button then selecting, which integration we’d like to use followed by, which lists we want to add people to. Next, let’s integrate this page with GoToWebinar by turning this switch on then from the dropdown select the webinar you created that you’d like people to be registered for. We’ll enter in a thank you page URL here. Finally, I’ll use our digital asset delivery system so Leadpages will automatically email a webinar workbook to anyone that registers for the upcoming webinar.

Now that we’re done customizing, we’ll name the page then we’ll save the page. Then we click publish you can see that again the page looks great. You can purchase the full version of this real estate listing page from the Leadpages marketplace or you can download the HTML files of the page below. If you’re a Leadpages customer, this template costs $10, if you’re not a Leadpages customer this template also costs $10 and it comes with a free 30-day trial of Leadpages so that you can easily customize and deploy the page on your site.

I need to point out here that an active Leadpages subscription is necessary for continued access and use of this premium template. That’s why we’re giving you 30 days to test out Leadpages for free, which also lets you try out the additional 80+ landing page templates inside of Leadpages as well as our other tools like LeadBoxes.

So to purchase this page from the Leadpages template gallery, simply click the button below this video and you’ll be taken to the template page. Click on the purchase button and if you have a LeadPages account use your log-in information to log in and purchase this template. If you do not have a Leadpages account, you’ll be asked for your information to purchase. When you purchase the template it comes with a free 30-day trial of Leadpages. After the free 30 days, you’ll be charged $37 per month for your Leadpages standard monthly subscription. If you’re a Leadpages customer or a new user to the marketplace once you purchase the template, you’ll be immediately routed to the template editor to start customizing your template.

If you choose not to purchase this template in the Leadpages marketplace, it’s quite a bit more difficult to customize and publish this page. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you haven’t purchased this template from the Leadpages marketplace. You’ll need to download the template file below, hire a coder to customize the page, add in the copy, update the images, slice up the page, make an HTML file, a CSS file and also JavaScript file. Finally, you’ll need to work with a developer to upload it and publish this page to your website. So those are all the steps that you’ll need to take if you don’t purchase this page from the Leadpages marketplace. We found that this can usually cost around $300 or more and take up to three weeks for a coder to complete. If you don’t own this template and you’d like to use it as a real estate listing page, a webinar registration page, an opt-in page, a sales page, or any other types of pages, we recommend that you click on the button below and purchase it in the marketplace. We look forward to seeing how you use this page in all kinds of new ways.

I’m Jeff Wenberg and I hope you enjoy this template.