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[New Course] "Sales Funnels Rebuilt” Is Here (And it's Our Most Comprehensive Course Yet)

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Nov 11, 2015  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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A clear path to a profitable marketing campaign. At its core, that’s all a “sales funnel” or “marketing funnel” is. It really should be that simple. But for many of us, the concept of a funnel has become needlessly complicated over time. There are a lot of systems out there that will tell you about the right way to build a sales funnel, but we’ve found that most of them are either: a) too vague to implement, or b) too confusing to keep straight. That’s why we created our newest course. It’s the most comprehensive business growth course LeadPages has offered yet, and it’s called:

Sales Funnels Rebuilt: The New Way to Create Campaigns That Transform Your Business

If you’ve never been quite sure what a “sales funnel” is, this course is for you. If you’ve given up on funnel-building resources in the past, this course is for you. If you simply suspect that your online marketing could be a little easier and more effective, this course is for you. Over the course of 13 step-by-step modules and plenty of bonus material, this course will:

  • Make the marketing strategies and tactics you may have heard about ultra-clear to shorten your learning curve.
  • Show you, step-by-step, how to build your own lead and sales Micro Funnels, and how to tie them together to create any marketing campaign you can imagine.
  • Make it easier for you to get repeatable results.

In other words, we’re giving you the foundation and the bricks. You’ll come away with a start-to-finish understanding of how to create marketing campaigns that—after some thoughtful setup—run themselves and generate profit for you for as long as you keep the elements in place. Click below to go to the course page and learn more: [cta-box] . . .or take a closer look at each course module below:

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Sales Funnels Rebuilt Course

Module 1: Introduction

In the first module, I’ll give you a road map for everything that follows and show you an array of extra resources that will help you along the way. I’ll also begin to introduce the two most important funnel elements in this course: the Lead Micro Funnel and the Sales Micro Funnel.

Module 2: Micro Funnels: Building Blocks for Your Marketing Campaigns

The Micro Funnel is the key to understanding the entire system, and this module gives you the details. Once you’ve mastered the concept of Micro Funnels and the 4 keys to their success, you’ll be able to create campaigns that are simple, scalable, and successful. We’ll show you how to build these simple sequences step by step so you can grow your list and convert leads into customers.

Module 3: Landing Pages and Their Essential Role in Your Campaigns

By now, you’ll know that Micro Funnels begin with landing pages. But what kind of landing pages are most effective? How do you choose? That’s what you’ll find out here, as we examine 8 kinds of landing pages in detail.

Module 4: Thanks, And… Pages

Once you’ve mastered one landing page, it’s time to build momentum with what we call a “Thanks, and . . .” page. This module shows you how, with a few minutes’ work, you can reduce buyer's remorse, set visitors’ expectations, and direct them further into your sales funnel. You’ll also see the 5 main kinds of effective “Thanks, and…” pages.

Module 5: Email: The Golden Thread of Your Marketing Campaigns

Up to this point we’ve talked a lot about landing pages, but you need something else to tie an effective sales funnel together: email. This module is a crash course in email marketing concepts. I’ll also show you what kinds of emails you should be sending at different points in your campaign to convert more leads into customers.

Module 6: Resources: Deliver Content that Prepares Them for the Sale

You know it’s important to create content. But what kind of content is most effective in getting the kind of leads who turn into customers? We’ll cover that in this 6th module. You’ll also come away understanding not just what kind of content to create, but how you can deliver it with the least effort.

Module 7: Sale Micro Funnel: Convert Leads into Customers

Once you’ve captured someone’s interest and info with a Lead Micro Funnel, you need to create a smooth path to your checkout page. In this module, I’ll share the best ways to do that so you can give your customers the kind of purchasing experience that will keep them coming back. That includes the technical details of building merchant account platforms (such as PayPal) into your funnel.

Module 8: Return on Investment: Track Your Marketing Results

So, does this system work? Here’s how to tell. This module shows you how to use analytics, split testing, tracking codes, and Google Tag Manager so you can measure results and continually improve your decision-making and your funnels. I’ll also highlight the most important metrics to track so you can easily tune out the noise.

Module 9: Traffic: Fuel Your Sales Funnels and Marketing Campaigns

For many people, this is the toughest part of creating a campaign. This module will make it much easier. I’ll explain how to choose the best traffic sources for your business, both paid and earned. (And don’t worry: I’ll spell out exactly what the differences are, too.)

Module 10: Build Your Lead Magnet to Sale Funnel

Now we’re going to put it all together and create our first complete campaign funnel. In this module, I’ll give a step-by-step guide to putting each element in place for the most basic, important kind of marketing campaign.

Module 11: Build Your Webinar to Sale Funnel

Webinars are one of the top sales tools (maybe even the top tool) we’ve harnessed at LeadPages. I’ll explain why they’re so powerful and the ideal way to work them into your campaign funnel using platforms like GoToWebinar.

Module 12: Build Your Sales Consultation Funnel

In many businesses, the most important part of your marketing campaign is getting prospective clients on the phone or in the room with you for a consultation. This module will help you get to that stage faster and more reliably. I’ll share the best way to build a semi-automated sales consultation funnel, and even how to set up online appointment booking.

Module 13: Review and Action Steps

You’re going to feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you reach this final module. To help solidify your new knowledge, I’ll review all the concepts we’ve covered and give you specific action steps to implement on your own. I’ll also suggest starting points for optimizing your new funnels over time. Along with these 13 modules (each including videos, audios, transcripts, and handouts), this course includes a ton of bonus resources to help you create any campaign you can imagine and make it convert:

  • Bonus Webinar #1: Getting Started with Micro Funnels: In this bonus training (originally delivered live), dive deeper into creating email marketing campaigns to support your goals.
  • Bonus Webinar #2: Moving Forward with Micro Funnels: In this bonus training, dive deeper into creating great resources and lead magnets to use in your funnels.
  • Bonus Webinar #3: Implementing Your Micro Funnels: Watch this webinar for key reminders and strategies for thinking through your campaign creation..
  • Funnel-Building: The Re-Education, a 48-page e-book containing the foundational theories and techniques of the Sales Funnels Rebuilt system
  • Detailed diagrams of 6 more complex campaigns
  • Campaign creation worksheets to keep you on track
  • Checklist to put you on the fastest possible fact to results
  • Mindmap to help you put all the pieces of this course together in a way that makes sense to you
  • All the slides used in this course, with ample space for taking notes
  • 4 additional free courses on webinars, Facebook advertising, affiliate marketing, and email list building

Get started with this new course by clicking below: [cta-box]

What are you most excited to learn in this course? What topics would you like to see covered in a future LeadPages course? Tell us in the comments!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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