[Template Download] Boost Your Sales With This Gorgeous Web 3.0 Sales Letter

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Jun 05, 2014
Web 3 0 Sales Letter

[cta-box] Adaptation and innovation are sacred to us here at LeadPages. You can’t get innovation without marrying time tested proven technique with what’s working right now as markets and marketing evolve over time. With adaptation and innovation in mind, I want to introduce you to the newest sales page inside of LeadPages, the web 3.0 sales letter. This sales page is not only stunning with its absolutely gorgeous web 3.0 design but it’s extremely flexible. It’s designed from the ground up to get more sales and conversions for your business. This sales page features all the necessary elements you need to sell your product or service. Everything that’s above the fold currently is enough to sell your product or service. Everything below the fold is an added 1, 2 punch to sell your product or service even further. There’s a great space for your compelling headline to get people to watch the video then when they watch the video, they’ll notice the buy button appears right at the same time the offer is being made in the video. Then as the recap of the offer is happening in the video, another arrow appears urging them forward. This fade-in feature alone can boost conversions because it avoids curious clicks to find out how much your product or service costs and directs the attention of the visitor to the sales video. But of course you can shut this feature off if you’d like to. Also, you’ll see that right under the button there’s a guarantee so they don’t have to scroll to the end of the page to see that the product or service is guaranteed. In a sense social media is so important the social media icons follow you as you go down the page. So at any point, people can share this page with their friends. This page is immensely powerful and we haven’t even gone below the fold yet. There’s beautiful page is mobile responsive so it will adjust to look great on any size screen as well. As I said earlier, this template is extremely flexible. Any section that you don’t want to use can be turned off so if for example I wanted to turn off every section and use this as a strict video sales page, I could have a fantastic looking video sales letter in a few clicks. Now I’m going to turn all those sections back on and then continue moving down the page. In this section, you can add a personal touch to your page while also providing a little bit of information on the biggest benefit of your product or service. In the next section, there’s space for traditional benefit oriented copy about your product or service. Then there’s an awesome social proof section that you can use to let other people tell your visitors how awesome your product or service is. This kind of social proof can be even more powerful than using your own copy. In this section you can showcase your product or service. This section also helps the visitor conceptualize what we’ll be buying by using a product image here. You can use different bullets about the benefits of using your product or service. Now at the bottom, we have a guarantee section with a fantastic looking guarantee seal, which is proven to increase conversions. In fact here at LeadPages we use something similar on our sales page. You can see that right here. Finally there’s the follow-up call to action button at the bottom of the page for people to purchase your product or service. Now that we’ve gone over the page, let’s go over customizing this page inside of LeadPages. Just go to My.LeadPages.net and enter your username and password. Now that we’re logged into that member’s area we’ll find the web 3.0 sales letter and click to use this template. Select the market that you’re in and now like with all pages inside of LeadPages, you simply click on something to edit it. So I’m going to change my headline. Now I’m going to add in my video embed code and you can use videos from services like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or any service that gives you an embed code you can use it here. Now I want to update my button text then I need to add my shopping cart URL so when people click my buy button they’re routed to the correct place. Now if you’d like to set the fade-in time for the buy button, select the video button fade-in section and enter in the time that the button should fade in. Generally you want this to correspond when your offer is stated in the video. If you’d like to fade in the arrow, select the video fade-in arrow section and add the time you want the arrow to fade in. Now in this section there’s a few things I want to edit. I’ll swap out Clay’s picture for my own. I’ll change the name, the product name, the copy in the section and finally I’ll update my signature. For this example, I’ll just hide this section of copy and then I’m going to add two testimonials by clicking on the various elements and updating them. As you can see, this is as easy as simply clicking something and editing. Now I’ll update my product image and I only have three bullets to use so I’ll add those in and the nice thing you’ll notice about the bullet section is it dynamically contracts or expands depending on how many bullet points I have in the text box on the left here. Now I’ll add my shopping cart URL to the bottom button and now I’m done customizing the page. I’ll name the page and then I’ll save the page. Once I hit publish, the page is now live on the internet and LeadPages gives me a URL that I can go to immediately to view the page. So we’ll go there and check out the page. Here’s the page we just created looking great, mobile responsive. Back in the publishing window, we have a few more options. You can publish the page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or finally you can download the file and put it on your own server. As you start using this page, please share your URL to your pages in the comments below this video. We always love seeing how you guys innovate even further. If you’re not a LeadPages customer you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable template below work. For nonLeadPages customers, it’s a bit more difficult to set up. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re not a LeadPages customer. If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to get the web 3.0 sales letter and our LeadMagnet delivery system will deliver it to you. Modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate the page with your autoresponder, WordPress etc., get your landing page code that you’ve generated and finally publish the page. So these are all the steps that you’ll need to take if you’re not a LeadPages customer. We found that if you’re not a LeadPages customer, typically it will cost around $300 for a coder to customize and publish the page for you. If you are a LeadPages customer, you can customize the page and have it live online within five minutes. In fact, you don’t need to download the template, it’s already in the member’s area where LeadPages handles everything for you including making the page mobile responsive, sending out a LeadMagnet, integrating the page with Facebook, WordPress, and so on as well as integrating the page with your autoresponder like AWeber, MailChimp, Infusion Soft, Office Autopilot etc. Plus if you use this page with LeadPages, you’ll get amazing analytics and if you’re a pro or enterprise member you’ll get the ability to run split test in different variations of the page. Head to www.LeadPages.net, click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have and it’s 40% cheaper than paying monthly. So join us at the pro level. I’m Jeff Wenberg and I’ll see you in the LeadPages member’s area.