[Template Download] Turn Missed Opportunities into Opt-ins with This New 404 Page Design

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Oct 06, 2015
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Have you ever tried to go to a website and this happens? You're happily surfing along, until you hit a wall: a 404 error page.

404 pages pop up for a few reasons, and unfortunately they're usually unavoidable. Sometimes people type in the wrong URL, or maybe your server goes down for a bit. The bummer is, a lot of the time if someone comes to a page like this, they will never come back to your website. Luckily, you can now turn these accidents into an opportunity to grow your email list and reinforce a good relationship with your visitors by using our new 404 opt-in page. Here are 3 reasons why this 404 page design is likely to be more effective than the one you’re using now. 1. This page helps visitors problem-solve. Typically pages like this don’t say why people wound up here, so having a brief explanation as to what happened can help them figure out what to do next. Maybe they’ll notice they typed in the URL wrong. Or maybe this will encourage them to hunt down the page they’re looking for somewhere else. 2. This page offers something of value for them to download. This way you can build your list from an otherwise lost opportunity. If visitors don’t come away with what they’re looking for, at least they still get something of value. You can give them anything your audience may find interesting, like an e-book, free report, or video. Your goal here is to provide as much value as possible to people before they’re gone, since they usually don’t come back. 3. This page shines with personality and speaks in plain language. People are likely to be frustrated when they get a 404 page, but the paper-airplane gag can ease the annoyance and entice them to look at the rest of the page. Since they’re looking at the rest of the page to figure out what is going on, their guard is lowered a little bit. So now they’ll actually read your copy and find something valuable here. The best part about this template is that it's super customizable for any business. To change any text, just click and type. To change any images, just select a new one. You can then integrate your page with your email service provider so that the contact information people enter is instantly added to your list. If you're a LeadPages® member, just check your template library for the 404 Opt-in Page to start using this page right away. Otherwise, you can download this template free by clicking the big blue button above to start capturing missed opportunities on your 404 page.