[Instant Download] This Thank You Page Template Can Increase Your Website Conversions by Over 100%

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Nov 02, 2012
Download Thank You Page Template Examples For Marketing1
  • This template will help you even if you're just looking for solid thank you page examples.

[cta-box] So we’re going to be ready to launch that new product in November? Okay, but you don’t want me telling anyone what it’s going to be on the Marketing Show today? All right, my lips are sealed. Hello everyone, my name is Clay Collins. And in this episode of the Marketing Show, I’m going to tell you what I know is the most underutilized web page on your entire website. I’m going to show you how you can increase the effectiveness of this page immediately by 1000% and I’m going to give you a downloadable template that you can use today with no opt-in required to help you make this page better. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the marketing show. All right, you want to see what the most underutilized webpage is on your website? Let’s take a look. Let’s opt-in here, I’m just going to opt in and what happens after I join. This right here, what you’re staring at on your screen is the most underutilized webpage on your entire website, it’s your stupid Thank You page. And right now you’re staring at our stupid Thank You page. So in order to fully grasp why our Thank You page, why your Thank You page and why the Thank You pages of millions of website owners across the internet are so stupid, let’s follow the path that someone takes to arrive at your Thank You page in the first place. So here’s the path that someone usually takes in route to your Thank You page. First off, among billions of web pages on the internet, you are lucky enough that someone finds you via search engine optimization, maybe paper click advertising, word of mouth, maybe social media or maybe a link from someone else’s blog or website. Lucky you, lucky you. They have so many options, gajillion things competing for their time and you’re lucky enough that they arrive on your site. Then of the people that arrive on your sight, most of the people that arrive on your site statistically speaking are leaving. Check your stats, they’re leaving and they’re never coming back. So this person who ends up on your Thank You page is one of the few people who find your site interesting and like it enough to have a desire for more. Again, you’re really lucky here because they decide that they’re not one of the people that leave immediately after coming to your site. They decide they want to get more and they enter their email address and decide to be one the 10% or so who opts in. And you’re extremely lucky if you’re getting a 10% opt-in rate on your blog. And then you send them to a stupid Thank You page that ends the conversation immediately. So you’re taking your best people, you’re taking the people that found you across the entire internet found you, went to your site and weren’t bored and actually thought it was kind of interesting and opted in and you’re taking them, you’re just being like oh, thank you. Here’s what you could be doing instead. You could be asking them to like you on Facebook and giving them a link to do that. You could be asking them to register for your very next webinar. You could be asking them to purchase a product, that’s fair. People do this all the time, there’s nothing wrong with that. You could be asking them to fill out a survey about what they’re interested in. Getting them to do that right there, they’re more likely to perform actions that are on your Thank You page than they are to perform actions that you have for them in the email that you just sent them thanking them for joining your email list because they’re right there. They’ve got to leave this page to go and check their email, to see the email that you’ve sent them, but they’re already right here and they’re already in a pattern. They’ve already taken action after action after action to get where you want to take them and you’re just saying all right, I’ll stop now. That’s like having a date and everything’s building up and there’s lots of tension and the dinner went good and the movie and everything went good, the conversation was awesome and then right when you could just like kiss them at the end of the date, you just say, “Oh yeah, thanks for the nice date” and you leave. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. Anyway, you could also ask them to share your stuff at the front. There’s lots of things that you could be doing at this point that you’re not doing. So here’s our old stupid, stupid, stupid Thank You page and here is the one that we’re implementing. There’s a video here where I’m welcoming people to our community and to our list. I’m also having a step one, to like us on Facebook and step two is to sign up for our webinar called the Three Best Newly Discovered Audience Building Tactics and List Building Tactics. So I’m actually welcoming them, I’m asking them to like us on Facebook and I’m inviting them to sign up for a webinar for on a bunch of our other sites. We actually have the webinar registration page right here and on Lead Player. When you download this free report, here’s what happens; it sends you to the sales page and it says, “Thank you for signing up. Everything we promised you will be sent to you shortly. While you wait for your material to arrive via email, we recommend you read the page below to help you get the most out of your free program.” And then the video starts, right? So, we’re doing this across a number of our websites right now. We’ve been a little late doing it in the Marketing Show, but you get the point. So in closing now, we’re going to wrap this up, I want to show you the template that we’re giving you and you can just take out this like button here and insert the like button for your page. So step one can be to like your page and in step two you can ask people to sign up for your webinar or to sign up for something else that you’re doing. But you can place a call to action right here, you can replace this picture with your picture and replace this signature with your signature. So we’re giving this to you today below, you can use this for your clients, we’re giving this away in an open source uncopyrighted right away because we love you, because we want you to have success, because we’re grateful that you watch.