Who's Using LeadDigits™ To Build Their List?

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Apr 30, 2015

[cta-box] Video Transcript: Not too long ago we released one of the most anticipated products we've ever created, LeadDigits. LeadDigits allows you to collect leads through text messages. That means you can grow your email list from absolutely anywhere, even when your target audience are nowhere near their computers or a web browser. You can use signage, audio, video and even face to face conversations to capture contact information. For example if you happen to own a store you could display a sign that says "Text the word free coffee to 33444 for a free cup of Joe." They'll be prompted to reply with an email address which will be automatically added to your email list. If you're a real-estate agent you can display a sign that says "Text 221 Elm to 33444 for information about this property." If you happen to be speaking on stage you could ask the audience to text the word "slides" to 33444 to give everyone in the room your slides for your presentation. The applications for LeadDigits are endless. Stores, events, gyms, restaurants, billboards, podcasts, meeting, real estate collateral, YouTube videos like this one and more. In fact we've put together a LeadDigits guide that will show you how to use LeadDigits in a bunch of different markets and you can download that below this video. Now that LeadDigits users have gotten their hands on LeadDigits, they're using them everywhere to grow their email lists. We're going to show you a few examples in this video. On average LeadPages customers who are using LeadDigits are getting a conversion rate of around 91%. We've seen adoption across multiple industries as we expected. For example Tom Robertson of Training for Warriors is using LeadDigits on Twitter to give away a free video series in exchange for people's email addresses. Here we have the Optimum Tennis using LeadDigits to give away a tennis lesson in exchange for emails. Here's another example from local Minnesota festival, Dan Patch Days, using LeadDigits to get talent show sign ups for their upcoming talent show. Here Chris Bruno is using LeadDigits on Instagram to add people to his launch list. Here we have Not the Solution using LeadDigits in their Facebook cover image. We're even using LeadDigits at LeadPages by putting a LeadDigit on all business cards. These are just a few examples of how people are using LeadDigits to cast a wider net and add people to their email list. As I said LeadDigits can be used anywhere, even at a presentation or meetings. For example Scott Stratten from the UnPodcast just used at the recent keynote he did for over 2000 auto executives. This is what Scott said: "As a keynote speaker and old school email marketer, I've always had trouble getting my live audience to opt into my list. Sending an email didn't work, sign-up sheets don't work. As soon as I saw an announcement for LeadDigits from LeadPages I knew I had found my answer. I bought it immediately and got it tested out last week. I put the short code up on my slide near the end of my talk and my email was flooded with sign up notifications, 278 to be exact. That's about a 20% audience conversion instantly. I give 50 plus keynotes a year and LeadDigits will be in every one of them." Whether you're doing live presentations as big as Scott's or if you're just presenting to a handful of people, creating a simple text message option like this gives you a simple way to follow up with everyone in the room. You can also use LeadDigits to register attendees for an upcoming webinar. For example, here's the Association of International Product Marketing and Management using LeadDigits for registering people for their upcoming webinar. These are just a few examples of our customers utilizing LeadDigits to add people to their email list. Not only are LeadDigits effective in any situation, LeadDigits are super easy to set up. I can set up and customize a LeadDigit in under 45 seconds. Simply choose your country and LeadDigit number. We have short codes and long codes available here. Select a keyword people will text in, customize your message that they'll see when they text the keyword, then select where to send the lead notification. If you'd like to add someone to an email list, select which email service provider you'd like to use and which list you'd like to add people to. Finally, if you'd like to register someone for a webinar, select which webinar they'll be registered for. Now a quick save and your LeadDigit is set up and people can start texting it. Again, if you'd like to get our LeadDigits guide that shows you a bunch of ways to use LeadDigits in multiple different markets, you can download that above. If you'd like to use LeadDigits to start building your list, simply become a LeadPages Advanced customer. If you're unsure which method to go with, we recommend the Advanced annual plan as it's 30% less than paying monthly and it comes with every feature we have to offer, allows for split testing your LeadPages and LeadBoxes, gives you access to phone support as well as our amazing implementation training. All of our plans come with a 30-day guarantee, so join us at the Advanced level today.