[Update] Now Presenting 200% Commissions in the LeadPages™ Marketplace

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Jan 22, 2015
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Transcript: If you’ve sold templates in the LeadPages marketplace, you know we’ve been giving template authors 100% commissions on all templates they sell in our marketplace. Every dollar your template sells goes straight into your pocket. This is a first in the industry and is exclusive only to the LeadPages marketplace. But that’s not enough for us. We really value that you choose to sell your templates in our marketplace so we’re talking our 100% commissions a step further and doubling the stakes literally. Here’s what I mean. From now on whenever you sell a template to a customer who’s new to LeadPages, we’ll give you 200% commissions on your template. Not only will you receive the full amount of our template sale but we at lead pages will kick in a new customer bonus to double the revenue you get from the sale. We want more and more new people to experience the beautiful templates created by marketing geniuses like Pat Flynn, Evan Pagan, Jen Gordon and more so we’re doubling your template’s revenue each time someone becomes a first time LeadPages customer via the sale of your template. We give template purchasers who don’t yet have a LeadPages account a free 30 days of LeadPages. So if someone decides to join LeadPages because they’ve purchased your template we’ll double the amount of your total sale. This is a massive opportunity to double the amount of money from your template sales. So how can you get more 200% sales? Simple. Start telling people about your template on your blog, social media, email list and everywhere else where there are people who most likely aren’t LeadPages customers. If they aren’t a LeadPages customer again and they buy your template, you get 200% commissions. If you want to bring in new customers you’ll need to market your templates via your own networks. To help you do this, we’ve created a marketplace marketing kit that contains free prewritten tweets, Facebook posts and email copy to send your followers as well as predesigned banners to use on your website and in paid media efforts. You can visit that page by visiting the address on the screen. If you make a template sale to a customer new to LeadPages, you’ll be notified with a special email. At the bottom of the normal email we send out for every sale, you’ll see a new section notifying you that your template sold to a new LeadPages customer and the total sale will reflect the 200% commissions bonus. So the template authors already a part of the LeadPages marketplace, enjoy the new 200% commissions on these special sales. And to those who aren’t yet part of the marketplace, there’s no better time to come on board. If you want to take advantage of this truly one of a kind offer, head over to LeadPages.net/becomeanauthor to see how you can start selling your templates on the marketplace today.