[Facebook Case Study] How Valerie Shoopman Combined Two Tactics To Generate $61,000 in Just Four Days

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Sep 19, 2014
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On this episode of ConversionCast, the official LeadPages podcast, Google and Facebook ads expert Valerie Shoopman explains how she used two tactics to generate over $61,000 on Facebook in just four days. This episode will show you:

  • The best way to test and market your offering to the right group of people
  • How to apply your business strategy to create Facebook Ads (and get a high ROI)
  • How to convert your audience through effective emotional connections

Listen Below to Discover How Valerie Shoopman Generated $61,000 on Facebook in Just Four Days

Click Here to Discover How Valerie Shoopman Combined Two Facebook Tactics to Generate $61,000 in Four Days