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This Week’s ConversionCast Roundup: Interviews with AlexDesigns, Staff.com, Long Tail Pro, Fuzed App, and Zapier

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Mar 29, 2014  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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This week’s ConversionCast ran the gamut of intelligent web design.

We spoke to clients who used data to kickstart an underperforming blog, assuage the fears of nervous customers, turn a temporary sales bump into a lasting improvement and much more.

Browse through all of our past episodes on iTunes or read the summaries below to hear these episodes for yourself.

Before I get into the details, just a reminder that the LeadPages team is still offering a free marketing critique to anyone who reviews ConversionCast on iTunes.

Simply sign into iTunes, share your feedback on ConversionCast under the “Customer Ratings” section and drop a URL of your site or page that you would like our team to review.

Then our team will critique your work like in the video below.

What you see above is the latest round of critiques. Our team appreciates your feedback and we’re more than happy to return the favor. Now onto the episodes from this past week:


How AlexDesigns Increased Revenue Across the Board with this Subtle Change (Hint: You Probably Didn’t Even Notice)

  • Guest: Alex Harris of AlexDesigns.com
  • You’ll Learn: Using psychology to boost conversions.

When your customers are wary of submitting their credit card information online, what is the best way to assuage their fears? On Monday’s episode, Alex Harris of AlexDesigns.com tackled this question by testing several different types of security seals next to his payment processing page. The winning seal (of his own design) simultaneously boosted revenue and cut down licensing fees - an easy double win.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


The Four Way Split Test That Got Time Doctor 283% More Trial Users

  • Guest: Justin Clark of Staff.com, the creators of Time Doctor
  • You’ll Learn: The value of testing multiple variables at once.

Justin Clark of TimeDoctor.com wanted to determine what language would help his homepage buttons generate the biggest returns. Justin was working with multiple buttons with multiple options, so he ran a simultaneous test to discover which combinations his visitors engaged with the most. The results were surprising.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


The Simple Sales Promotion That Got Long Tail Pro a 50x Sales Increase In One Month

  • Guest: Spencer Haws of Long Tail Pro
  • You’ll Learn: Turning quick boosts in sales into permanent improvements.

A limited-time discount can bump sales for a limited time, but when Spencer Haws of Long Tail Pro combined affiliate promotions, an organic launch and email integration with his week-long sale, the lasting effects paid off. By putting his product in front of thousands of new people, Spencer saw his sales increase by about 300% in the first month. (More importantly, it stayed that way.)

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


How Fuzed App Increased Their Userbase By 6% in Under 48 Hours

  • Guest: Jake Hower of Fuzed
  • You’ll Learn: How an easily accessible company wins customers.

When Fuzed launched 2 months ago, they needed a way to win build relationships with visitors who stopped by their site. By partnering with WebReception to add a 24/7 live chat feature, Fuzed could directly answer visitors’ questions in real time. This small innovation led to a 6% increase in user base in less than 48 hours. In this episode, Fuzed founder Jake Hower talks about his success with live chat and future tactics to further strengthen Fuzed’s relationship to their customers.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


Visual Website Optimizer: This Call To Action Got 7x More Clickthroughs Than Our Primary CTA

At the end of this week’s ConversionCast, you’ll hear how Siddharth Deswal of Visual Website Optimizer came to the completely counterintuitive conclusion about the best place on his site to place his call to action. By investigating his users’ behaviors, Siddharth noticed a trend towards focusing on the top right corner of the screen where peer sites usually place a login or signup button. As a result, Siddharth shuffled around his call to action accordingly and saw a 7x the click-throughs on this call to action.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.

Want To Be A ConversionCast Guest?

If you’d like to hear your own testing or conversion case study featured on ConversionCast, stop by conversioncast.com/guest and register to be a guest. We’re always looking for great stories to share.

ConversionCast will return next week with more incredible case studies. In the meantime, be sure to sign onto iTunes and leave us a review so we can review your marketing materials.

If you have any questions about the results or techniques used on this week’s ConversionCast or have any other general feedback, let me me know in the comments below.

Until next week, happy testing.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Theweek Podcast2 540x304
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