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This Week’s ConversionCast Roundup: Interviews with Woopra, ReferralCandy, Ontraport, Right Channel Radios and GetDrip

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Mar 22, 2014  |  Updated Mar 31, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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By Tom Q. Johnson, Analyst for LeadPages

It was another full week at ConversionCast, with five more marketing case studies and five more results that you can use in your business.

Before I get into the details, just a reminder: The LeadPages team is still offering a free marketing critique to anyone who reviews ConversionCast on iTunes.

To get this free critique, simply sign into iTunes and share your feedback on ConversionCast under the “Customer Ratings” section. Inside your review, drop a URL of your site or page that you would like our team to review.

After that, our team will critique your work inside a video like the one below.

What you see above is the latest round of reviews. Our team will shoot another video like this next week. So if you haven’t left a review yet, go to iTunes and leave one now. (Again, don’t forget to include your URL so we can critique your site.)

Now on to this week’s episodes:


Introducing the Terrifying Tactic that Just Handed Right Channel Radios a 33% Boost in Revenue Overnight

When Andrew Youderian quit his job to start a pair of online drop-shipping businesses, pricing his goods was one of his first challenges he tackled. He researched competitors and read up on methods. He also started a price-testing experiment that focused on the top 20-25 items he sold in each store. One business saw a drastic decline in sales with a marginal increase in price while the other grew its bottom-line profit by 33%. If you’re just starting out or already well-established, this episode helps you understand how data can illuminate some not as obvious trends in your customers’ behavior.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


The Simple Piece of Code That Got GetDrip.com a 30% Increase In Conversion from Visitors To Trial Users

Everyone knows they should be doing drip email marketing, but not many people know how powerful it is or how to set up a drip campaign. Then Tuesday’s guest, Rob Walling noticed that most visitors were either clicking a free trial button or poking around for a while before disappearing forever. In response, Rob designed an non-obtrusive pop-up registration for a 7-day email course. In doing so, he not only boosted conversions, but gained the ability to hold onto otherwise wandering visitors and use email to build personalized relationships. In this episode, you’ll see how to build your own drip campaign from first capturing these visitors to making them valuable customers.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


This Email Got Woopra A 20% Increase In Conversion Rate In Just One Week

  • Guest: Natalie Issa of Woopra.
  • You’ll Learn: Plugging the holes in your sales funnel to maximize ROI.

A well-structured sales funnel isn’t much good if it leaks. On Wednesday’s episode, we look at Woopra’s focused study that revealed where customers left Woopra’s sales process. This study led to an email campaign that boosted their conversions by 20% in a single week. Whether that’s sending a reminder, forwarding a quick message, or installing a simple line of code (as in Woopra’s case) you’ll learn that sometimes it just takes a small change to keep the customers rolling.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


Ontraport Got A 58.6% Opt-In Rate On A Hangout Registration Page Using This One Tactic

  • Guest: Zack Johnson of Ontraport
  • You’ll Learn: The value of dynamic copy + constant testing.

Looking to boost the effectiveness of their hangout registration pages, the e-business automation platform, Ontraport experimented with how to ask attendees to opt-in for their hangout. Specifically, they used a webinar registration page from LeadPages and pre-populated the landing page fields on this page. By pre-populating the fields, Ontraport was able to boost opt-ins to nearly 60%. Through this Ontraport also learned the value of brand congruence and has since placed a huge emphasis on copy that flows across their entire digital presence.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.


How ReferralCandy Got A 58% Clickthrough Rate On Their Blog Posts Instantly

  • Guest: Dinesh Raju of ReferralCandy
  • You’ll Learn: The importance of visually striking your readers, and quality trumps quantity.

For most modern companies, the internal business blog is a constant source of consternation. What should we post and how do we make it succeed? With limited resources, ReferralCandy invested in a graphic designer to create a custom featured image for each blog post. The result increased the click-through rate of visitors by 58% and a greater appreciation for how visitors approached their blog.

Listen to the full episode on iTunes right now.

Become a Guest on ConversionCast Yourself

And that’s another week in the life of our official LeadPages podcast. Follow along next week as we reveal more episodes of ConversionCast with the ins and outs of conversion testing.

If you’d like to hear your own testing or conversion case study featured on ConversionCast, stop by conversioncast.com/guest and register to be a guest. We’re always looking for new stories to share.

ConversionCast will return next week with more incredible case studies. In the meantime, be sure to sign onto iTunes and leave us a review so we can review your marketing materials.

In the meantime, want to see more ConversionCast roundups like this one? Let me know in the comments below.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
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