Turn Your WordPress Site into a Lead-Generation Machine in 4 Steps

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  May 23, 2015

[cta-box] Here at LeadPages, we love WordPress, and so do a lot of our customers. What you may not know is that you can turn any WordPress website into a lead generating machine by using LeadPages with it. I'm going to show you the four easiest ways to turn any website into a lead generation machine in only a few minutes—and give you all the resources you need to do just that. The first way to turn your website into a lead generation machine is by creating an opt-in page where you give away something valuable in exchange for someone's email address. According to a recent study by HubSpot, companies see a 55% increase in leads when they increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15. So, just adding a few more landing pages can have a massive impact on leads generated by your WordPress site. Luckily for you, LeadPages has over 100 landing page templates to choose from. You can sort all the different pages by their average conversion rate across our entire platform in order to choose a page that will be effective right out of the box. So, let's choose a simple opt-in page. This is consistently ranked as one of our top performing pages across all users. You can download this template, as well as all of the other resources we'll talk about in this video, by clicking the button below. Now, we can customize this in minutes for whatever we're giving away. If you want to change the background, just click and select a new image. If you want to change any text, just click and type. If you'd like to change any colors, click the Styles tab and drag the color picker to whatever color you'd like. Finally, to integrate this page with an email service provider, simply click the button and select what email service provider you'd like to integrate the page with and which list you'd like to add people to. Here, you can click any form field that you've set up in your email service provider. Now, once we're done customizing, name the page and then save the page. Now, let's add this page we created in under a minute to our WordPress site. We'll click publish, then go to the WordPress tab and download the LeadPages WordPress connector plug in. Once it's downloaded, we'll go to our WordPress site, then we'll go to plug ins, add new, upload the zip file that we just downloaded. This will then connect your WordPress site with your Lead pPages account so you can easily publish your pages. Now that that's uploaded, we'll find the LeadPages logo and select Add New. You'll have several ways you can publish the page we just created. You can use it as a home page for your website, as a stand alone page on your site, as a welcome gate that someone has to opt in on before they see the main content on your site, or as a 404 page. For this example, we'll be using a normal page. So, we'll select that. Then, choose the page that we just created from the drop down. Then, type in the name of the page where it'll be hosted on your site. Finally, click publish. Now we can go to this URL and see the pages live on our WordPress site. When we look at the URL, you can see that the page is hosted on your own domain. Now that you've published a LeadPage to your WordPress site, repeat this process for everything you'd like to give away in exchange for someone's email address. Now, let's talk about how to turn your existing WordPress blog into a lead generating machine. You can do this by adding LeadBoxes to it. So, what's a LeadBox? A LeadBox is a pop up form that pops up when someone clicks on a link or an image. A LeadBox can be used anywhere that you can paste an HTML link. First let's add a LeadBox to the side bar of our blog to make sure there's a call to action for everyone to see. If you've already got a sidebar opt-in on your blog, consider switching it to a LeadBox, which essentially makes it a two step opt in where the visitor has to click the image, then the LeadBox pops up. We found, and so have most of our users, when going from a one-step opt-in where the form is right on the page, to a two-step opt-in like this, results in a relative 30% increase in conversions. So, one simple change can greatly affect how much traffic your site converts into email subscribers. To make this super easy to implement, we're including a massive call-to-action button pack as part of the download below so you have many different options to use with your LeadBoxes. To create this LeadBox, we're just going to click Create New LeadBox, click the text and type in what you want it to say. If you'd like to change out any images, click on them and select a new one. If you'd like to change colors to match your brand, slide the color picker where you want it. And finally, to integrate the LeadBox with your email service provider, just select integration settings, choose which email service provider you'd like to use and which list you'd like to add people to. Now, name the LeadBox and save the LeadBox. When you click publish, you can choose how you'd like to trigger your LeadBox. If you select text, when someone clicks your text link the LeadBox will pop up. When you select image, you can upload an image that, when clicked, the LeadBox will pop up. Finally, if you'd like to create a button to use with your LeadBox, you can do that right inside the publishing window without having to be a graphic designer. Choose the option that works best for you and then save the LeadBox, and then copy this code and head back to your WordPress site. Now, in the widgets section, we'll paste our LeadBox code into a side bar widget. When we save it and go to the site, we'll now see the LeadBox we just created when we click on the side bar image. Now, people can easily opt in on your blog side bar. We're not done yet. One way to quickly and easily increase the number of people who subscribe to your email list is by creating what we call content upgrade for each blog post you publish. Typically, what happens is people create one lead magnet, which is something your give away in exchange for an email address. They give this thing away for every thing they do. However, when it's not specific to a post, how likely is it that someone will opt in? For example, if I had a page about landing page conversion and my lead magnet was about podcasting, it wouldn't make much sense paring them together. And, people that don't care about podcasting aren't going to opt in. Here's how a content upgrade works. A content upgrade is a custom lead magnet that upgrades the content of your post. It's something specific to each post. So, for example, if we had a post about organic recipes, we could create a grocery list that people could download to make all these recipes. As another example, if we had a post on copywriting, we could create a copywriters checklist to use on your next copy project. This creates more opportunities to connect with your audience, where if they don't like one thing that you're giving away, maybe they'll like another and join your list. When we implemented this strategy on our blog we saw a site wide conversion rate go from an industry average of one half of one percent, which again is the average for the industry, to over thirty percent site wide. The best part is, generally, this doesn't have to be anything more than a PDF, but it upgrades the original content with something the visitors will find valuable. Now, you might be wondering 'How do we give this away?' We're going the use LeadBoxes to do this. Simply create your LeadBox the same way we did on the last one, and it's super quick and easy. Now, the best part is, you can give away your content upgrade right from your LeadBox so you don't have to set up a new forum and an email in your email service provider to deliver your lead magnet. Simply turn on lead magnet delivery and select the content upgrade you'd like to give away when people enter their email address. Now, we'll name the LeadBox and save the LeadBox. In the publishing window, let's create a button to use on this post. You can either upload an image from our call to action button pack in the download below or you can generate a button right in the LeadBox's publishing window. Just click button and type in what you want the button to say and adjust things to make it look how you want. Save it and copy the code. Now, in the blog post, we just paste the code where you want the button to appear. Now, when we go to the post, you'll see the content upgrade button and when we click it, a LeadBox appears. Now, we'll enter our email address to subscribe and the lead magnet will be automatically be sent to our inbox. LeadPages handled all of this in just a few clicks. Again, we recommend doing this for every post you publish, as it dramatically increases email sign ups. Last, but not least, a page that's almost always overlooked is a 404 page on your WordPress site. The 404 page is that page that people see when a link is broken, a page doesn't exist, or the URL is mistyped. Typically, what happens when a visitor finds their way to a 404 page, is they just leave the site completely because there's usually no navigation back to where they came from and no indication of what they should do or even what happened in the first place. If you set up a 404 opt in page that briefly explains what went wrong and then suggest to opt in to get the information that you have for them, you can increase conversion and get them moving back to other parts of your website and, in turn, prevent them from leaving your site all together. The reason this page works so well, is when they get there, they'll actually read the other stuff on the page to see what's going on and see what they should do. Their guard's lowered for just a second, so you'll have a high probability that they'll actually read your copy and, assuming it's really good, they'll opt in to get your offer. It's sort of disarming instead of arming, which puts them in a different state of mind than they might be in if they were to come to the opt in page under different circumstances. This presents a great opportunity for you. Now, as luck would have it, you can do this very easily in LeadPages. We'll select the 404 page and customize it by clicking and editing the various elements. Now, once we're done customizing, we'll name the page and then save the page. We'll go back to our WordPress site and find the LeadPages logo and select add new. Now, we'll just select the 404 page tab. Then, we'll select the 404 page we just created from the drop down and then click publish. When we type in a fake URL to our site, we'll now see the 404 page we just created. So, we plugged a massive hole in our website in under five minutes. And, you can download this template file below, as well. So, just a recap. Up to this point, four ways to turn your WordPress into a conversion machine are; number one, add multiple landing pages, number two, add LeadBoxes to your side bar, number three, add a content upgrade to every post with LeadBoxes, number four, add a 404 page people can opt in on. With these four strategies, you'll see an increase in email subscribers. Now, LeadPages makes this process super fast and easy to do. There's no need for any sort of coding skills or programming knowledge, as you just saw. LeadPages was designed from the ground up to make processes like this easy for you. If you'd like to download all the resources we talked about in this video, just click below to download all the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, and all the image files that you'll need to implement all the pages and buttons. They're yours free and there's no catch or obligation to buy. But, I can tell you, you'll save a ton of time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in implementation and deployment costs by using LeadPages. As a LeadPages customer, you'll be able to choose from a huge library of beautifully designed and proven effective templates that you can then publish and customize within minutes without ever having to touch a line of code. You can publish LeadBoxes in the same, easy, way. Just head to www.leadpages.com and click on the button below the video to get LeadPages. If you're unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro edition with an annual subscription as it comes with the majority of the features we have, allows for split testing your LeadPages and LeadBoxes, and it's forty percent less than paying monthly. All of our plans come with a thirty day guarantee, so join us at the Pro level today.