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Leadpages vs. Kartra

Looking to capture more leads, promote an upcoming event, and fill up your sales pipeline? If so, there are many conversion marketing platforms to consider, Leadpages and Kartra are two top-notch options.

If you’re questioning the difference between Leadpages and Kartra, look no further. This assessment shows how Leadpages stacks up to Kartra. As two major players in the conversion marketing platform industry, we’ll give an honest look at the two platforms.

We want you to pick the tool that will help you sell more, even if it’s not us. As we compare Leadpages and Kartra, we’ll take into account seven major criteria that are the most important to you when deciding between conversion marketing platforms.

With both options, you will be able to create landing pages, as well as entire websites. But we will go deeper into why you should use each software and when. Read on, and we’ll explore them head to head!

1 - Ease of Use:
The building experience


Leadpages is designed so anyone can easily publish a page with little to no web design experience. Our platform makes it possible to create a riveting online presence and build a sales funnel in as few clicks as possible. Here are some of our features that make our platform simple to operate for any user:

Our drag-and-drop builder:

The drag-and-drop editor is fashioned with a system rows and columns, which is ideal for non-web designers. Best of all, with our drag-and-drop builder, no coding knowledge is required.

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The Leadmeter:

If you’re new to conversion tools, our proprietary tool, the Leadmeter, is your ticket to success. It predicts how well your page will perform and tells you what to tweak before you publish it, so you don’t have to guess and check every element on your page and maximize customer actions.


HTML widget:

While beginners don’t need to worry about knowing HTML code, more experienced coders can personalize page designs using our HTML widget and CSS customizations.


Copy/paste sections:

Avoid any hassle by copying and pasting sections. This feature ensures a cohesive design, all while saving time.

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Instant saving:

Our platform saves instantly, so you never have to worry about losing work.


Similar to Leadpages, Kartra has a drag-and-drop builder (with the option of using a grid layout) that ensures easy editing for its users. No coding knowledge is needed for Kartra, either, making it a slick option for designer newbies. Users can simply drag-and-drop the elements they want on a page, drag them onto the editing canvas, and change the components at will.


Both builders offer a drag-and-drop experience, but we provide a little bit more flexibility in the placement and resizing of elements, which automatically updates the WYSIWYG editor with every change. (In Kartra, you have to apply every small change.) Kartra, however, lets you toggle on or off its grid feature, which may be preferred by some users who prefer a free-form experience. There is no code required for either service, but HTML and CSS customization is supported for users wanting more control over their page on Leadpages.

We also want to make sure you’re on the right path to maximize your success. This is why we created the Leadmeter, a feature that educates our users on the effectiveness of their design by analyzing each element in real-time and predicting the page’s performance prior to being published. This feature is essential to maximizing conversions and making sure your page is optimally designed from the get-go, which saves you a ton of time. For users who are new to conversion tools, frankly, it’s a lifesaver.

2 - Functionality: features, widgets & integrations


Integrated features, widgets, and integrations all play a hand in page functionality. We seamlessly integrate with more than 90 online marketing tools (and counting). Across every marketing channel, these powerful widgets and integrations can help fuel your business’s success.

Here are our unparalleled integrations in a snapshot:

A suite of integrations:

We integrate with all major social networks, email service providers (ESPs), webinar platforms, and customer relationship management tools (CRMs), encompassing:

  • Native integrations: 21
  • Compatible integrations: 36
  • Third-party integrations: 33
  • 2000+ integrations available via Zapier
  • (SalesForce, HubSpot and Marketo integrations only available in advanced plans.)

Option for CSS (customization):

Seeking to customize integrations? Look no further than our platform. Experienced designers can customize combinations via CSS.

Capture sales:

We offer integrated sales and checkout pages and payment via Stripe, so you can quickly and efficiently sell your products and services directly from your landing pages and website.


Widget availability:

Leadpages has 18 available widgets. These widgets span from video, social, countdown widgets and more.


Email tagging:

Manage your email list with email tagging through AWeber. This way, you can organize and segment your email contacts to personalize your marketing efforts.

Self-scheduling via Calendly:

Natively integrated with Calendly, we make it easy to add your Calendly schedule to any page or pop-up. With this integration, you empower site visitors to schedule a free consultation or time to chat at any time!


Online reservations via OpenTable:

Restaurants, bars, and food trucks listen up! You can take online reservations through OpenTable with our platform. Natively integrated with OpenTable, Leadpages allows your customers to search available reservation times and book a table right from your landing page.



While Kartra doesn’t have the number of integrations available as Leadpages, it still has a large amount for users to choose from. With 20 integrations (available on all plan levels), it integrates with most ESPs, membership services, communication platforms, as well as Google calendar and Zapier. (Karta API, IPN, and Custom App system can also support custom integrations.) And the way they break down categories makes it easier for Kartra users to search for them.

Similar to Leadpages, Kartra has some beneficial integrations that work in favor of your business. For instance, its online store widget lets you add a store to your website and set up payment directly through Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, or Also, the integrations are categorized into sections, like:

  • Content
  • Opt-in form
  • Call-to-action (CTA)
  • Checkout form
  • Components (images, carousels, icons, lists, videos, Google Maps, and more)


It’s a tie!

While Leadpages offers a wider selection of built-in integrations, with Kartra, users have four options of native payment gateways: Stripe,, PayPal, and Braintree. (With our platform, you only have Stripe.) So, if you’re already tied to a payment gateway other than Stripe, Kartra may be for you.

As far as widgets go, both Leadpages and Kartra offer a large selection of elements you can add to your page, as well as supporting custom integrations and HTML customization within your page.

On the other hand, Karta is missing many of the CRM and webinar platforms that Leadpages integrates with. So, for people who already have a CRM provider or webinar platform, you may want to go with Leadpages.

3 - Look & feel: templates & customizability


Good design can take your business from good to great. For this reason, our Leadpages platform gives you flexible options to create the look and feel that’s right for your customers.

Here are some templates and customizability features worth noting:

  1. Ease of use is our M.O.: Your page design can be as basic or inventive as your heart desires.
  2. A polished and pro-looking page: Your visitors won’t even be able to tell the difference between Leadpages-designed pages and agency-designed pages with a $20,000+ price tag. We designed our templates to look professional right out of the box.
  3. Conversion-optimized templates: We polish our templates and designs to be high-converting. Each element is conversion optimized to make sure your business can benefit from the highest conversion rate possible.

Our templates are beautiful and built to convert. With an abundance of template choices, you can feel confident in your page design, even if you have little to no experience.


Our users can enjoy:

Template availability and sorting:

Our template gallery is categorized by conversion rate and clearly listed to convey their value to users from the start. With over 130 free versatile and unique landing page templates and additional website templates, you can search from a heap of choices by industry.

Each template is scientifically optimized for high conversion with clean and clutter-free design; a single call-to-action above the fold (so visitors are sure to see your calls to action); and a pop-up opt-in form. It allows users to understand the features of each template better.

Mobile responsive (right out of the box):

All content is mobile responsive and displays well on devices of different sizes: on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Our multi-device preview is automatic, so no additional steps are required to ensure you’re hitting every device with the same, showstopping design.

For more customizability and personalization, there’s also device-specific display settings, which allows users to design specific sections as well as shows (or hides) them on specific devices.

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With around 125 landing page templates, Unbounce has a vast library of options categorized into landing page templates, sticky bar templates, pop-up templates, or AMP specific designs. The one downfall: this platform doesn’t have a website builder or web templates.

  • Squeeze pages
  • Video sales
  • Thank you page
  • Product launch
  • Webinar registration
  • Checkout
  • Upsell
  • Affiliate
  • Membership
  • Blog posts

(...Or start from scratch!)

Its downfall? You can’t search templates by keyword, conversion rate, or industry, which could be quite frustrating.

Another added value is that users can choose pre-built marketing campaigns and funnels, so they don’t need to start from scratch. So, you can easily build the ideal sales funnel for your business.


With both abundance and flexibility, it’s hard to pick a winner in this category.

But with Leadpages offering two-times the amount of templates, they may be the winner.

Where they differ:

Leadpages dashboard is a bit more intuitive to navigate. You have more professional-looking templates, with better navigation, to help you find precisely what you’re looking for.

Both options have landing page-specific templates, as well as templates for entire websites, but only Kartra offers pre-designed campaigns and funnels. Kartra is set up in sections in which you can add block templates such as content, opt-in forms, checkout forms, calls to action, and more. Yet, there is no search function and many templates offered don’t complement the page template chosen.

Kartra lets you use their drag-and-drop editor on the mobile preview, whereas in Leadpages sections cannot be edited while in preview mode. Leadpages is fully mobile-responsive and offers device-specific display, but Kartra’s mobile editor allows for maximum flexibility.

All templates are desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive on both platforms.

4 - Conversion tools: collect leads and close sales


Since 2013, we’ve been dedicated to the success of businesses to help enterprises of all sizes to convert customers.

And we introduced our conversion toolkit to convert your hard-earned website traffic through:

  • Our Leadmeter, which anticipates and predicts how well your page will perform, then offers suggestions before you publish it (as we mentioned above)
  • Alert bars, which are publishable on any website or landing page to prompt user actions (get those sign-ups)
  • Intuitive pop-up forms, which diverts the attention of visitors on any page to essential calls to action

We also help move customers along through the sales funnel by conversion tracking, intuitive A/B testing (through Pro and Advanced plans), and secure payment integration through Stripe. (This integration is convenient for users because it allows them to connect a (free) Stripe account to Leadpages and easily pull in the products and services they’d like to sell—all foregoing the need to hard-code difficult HTML elements!)

  • Option to count clicks and opt-ins as conversions.
  • Built in intuitive and unlimited A/B testing on Pro and Advanced plans.


Kartra also taps into the power of conversions. Here are a few ways they do so:

  • Landing and exit pop-ups can be chosen to display on every visit or only on the first visit with Kartra.
  • Similar to Leadpages, if you want to test the success of multiple elements, do it in a breeze with Kartra’s built-in unlimited A/B testing.
  • The platform automatically assigns lead scores to each lead, along with a customer value dollar amount using data gathered from your site. So, you know exactly what customers you should be prioritizing. In addition, you can easily cater and customize messages based on these lead scores.


Building a conversion marketing platform built with conversions in mind is paramount for both platforms. In fact, both Leadpages and Kartra allow A/B testing directly on the platform’s dashboard, which is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Where Leadpages has an edge is its ability to let users create pop-ups and alert bars from their builder to use across any page. You can also deliver lead magnets through either service.

5 - Publishing options: flexibility & ease of publishing finished content


Leadpages offers a number of flexible publishing options. Every account comes with free hosting on a custom Leadpages subdomain ( You can also publish on a third-party domain that you already own, or purchase a Leadpages annual subscription and receive a free domain for one year (powered by Hover). In addition, every Leadpages account includes a plugin you can use to install your landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars on your WordPress site. You can even publish your page as a dynamic HTML page, which automatically updates when edits are published in Leadpages.


Leadpages also makes it easy to share a landing page or website template with your team or clients (at no additional cost).



Kartra includes a free domain for one year. Kartra users also have the ability to publish directly through Kartra with a free domain or through your own server with your existing domain.


The winner is Leadpages. Leadpages supports more publishing options, such as a WordPress plugin, whereas Kartra requires you to publish via HTML or embedded code.

Yet with both, you are given a free domain for one year with both of these services and have the option to publish with an existing domain.

6 - Get traffic: promote content after it's published


Attracting traffic requires a tool that takes things a step further after publishing. In fact, publishing your page, it’s really just the first step.

Look for a platform with built-on promotional features that helps you promote content after you publish your page. This function is key to maintaining a steady traffic and sales stream.

With Leadpages, there are several things you can do to get traffic. Every user has access to a streamlined analytics dashboard, real-time analytics, and can enjoy zero limits on the quantity of traffic and leads. You also can also see actual earnings and revenue right on your dashboard. In addition, we have lightning-fast page load speeds of 2.4 seconds faster than average to make sure traffic is not bouncing away from your site, and Google ranks your page highly on its search engine results pages.

Another enticing feature is our Search engine optimization guidance. In fact, any plan has access to SEO settings and previews, where you set the title, keywords, and description of any page.



Kartra has a slick real-time analytics dashboard. The platform promotes itself on the ability to “easily improve what you can measure,” which is a promising motto for all businesses. The site also claims it “integrates the data from its complete set of tools to bring you the most comprehensive marketing analytics you've ever seen — all at a glance.” The platform breaks down the following analytics, which is a cool feature:

  • Help desk
  • Affiliates
  • Page
  • Split testing
  • Broadcasts
  • Split testing
  • Sequences

As stated above, Kartra also has lead profiles. You can view visitors’ entire profile and history with them, including customer value, score, and join date.


Kartra’s lead profiles analyze which target segment list is your best customer, provides you with a lead directory with an assigned customer score, as well as performance metrics on your helpdesk or membership features. Their analytics is slightly more involved as they track each step of customer data, whereas Leadpages gives you analytics based on the page conversions, views, unique views, or conversion rate. They both have built-in SEO settings, analytics dashboards, and unlimited traffic on advanced plans. However, only Leadpages guarantees unlimited leads.

Leadpages and Kartra have very similar analytics tools as well as integration with third-party analytics services.

7 - Bang for your buck: value for money


Are you wondering about the value of Leadpages? Let’s break it down. There are different pricing tiers to suit every budget. We have standard, pro, and advanced accounts; available for purchase by month or year. And no matter what plan you’re on—you get unlimited traffic, leads, and landing page publishing.

Are you looking for extra guidance? Our unmatched customer support is available through email, chat, and priority phone, and based on your plan level. For an extra layer of education, we have exclusive marketing education training so you can maximize the value of your plan.


Kartra adheres to a similar pricing model, where users pay per month or year. Yet, the platform is more expensive and has lead limits. The lowest tier starts at around $80, and the most robust tier hovers around $380 per month.

As you can see, leads and bandwidth cap, as follows:

  • Starter: (50 GB bandwidth, 2500 leads)
  • Silver: (unlimited bandwidth, 12500 leads)
  • Gold: (unlimited bandwidth, 25000 leads)
  • Platinum: (unlimited bandwidth, 50,000 leads)

The plans include access to royalty-free images, email support, membership and affiliate programs, and training resources from top-level marketers. Additionally, Kartra’s agency program allows you to own and lease accounts to clients.


It depends on what you’re going for.

The majority of Leadpages plans are more affordable than Kartra. We focus on conversion, core marketing performance, ease of use, and exceptional service. We also have more integration variety action or timing pop-ups that can be used on any page, regardless of if it was created on our platform or not.

Kartra has additional features to validate the steep price, such as help desk implementation, and affiliate and membership features within their builder. This results in a more comprehensive analytics dashboard due to the greater amount of information gathered. If that’s what you need, Kartra may be for you.

The final verdict

So, is the final winner Leadpages or Kartra? The answer is, of course, depends on what you’re looking for:

Leadpages has everything you need if:
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You’re an entrepreneur taking on marketing alone, or a small business owner working with a small team.
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You are not interested in paying more as your business gains more leads or needs to build more pages.
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You want an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile-responsive grid layout to guide your web design.
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You want to use customizable pop-ups and alert bars on any web page that you own to collect leads.
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You want a high-quality support team who is available to help you tackle any issues.
You may prefer Kartra if:
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Your business needs a paid membership program for your offering.
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You are implementing an affiliate program for your customers within your builder.
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You want to extensively edit the mobile version of your site and prefer a drag and drop editor for all previews.
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You are a digital marketer or are marketing a business with a larger team and want to use upsells, downsells, and bump offers to build a marketing funnel.
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You are a developer who is experienced in implementing custom integrations.
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