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22 Lead Magnet Ideas to Kickstart Your Lead Generation

By Bob Sparkins | Published Sept. 05, 2023

Are you looking to generate leads to help you grow your email list and find new customers? While there are a number of ways to do this, lead magnets have proven to be the most effective strategy. In fact, in a survey of Leadpages users, 52.9% said they generated most of their leads from lead magnets. Keep reading to discover 22 lead magnet ideas you can use for your next lead generation campaign.


How do you get lead magnet ideas?

Before you create your lead magnet there are five questions you’ll need to ask yourself to determine what type of lead magnet is best for both your business and your audience.

lead magnet examples: templates, ebooks, swipe files, guides and checklists

What do you want to sell?

First things first, what product or service do you hope people will buy after consuming your lead magnet? This is important because you’ll want to make sure the topic of your lead magnet is related to what you’re trying to sell. Ideally, your lead magnet will be a great starting point but will leave people wanting more (which they can get by purchasing your product).

Who are you trying to sell to?

Next, you’ll need to identify your ideal customer. Are they younger or older? What do they want to learn? What are their goals? Create a detailed profile of this person to determine what topics will most interest them and what formats will work best for that topic.

What problem do they need to solve?

The best lead magnets provide a solution to a nagging problem. So, what problem does your ideal customer need to solve ASAP? For example, if they want to start an online business they’ll need a website or landing page. Or if they’ve created a new product they’ll need to know how to sell and promote it.

What’s the first step in partially solving that problem?

Let’s say your audience needs a new website or landing page. You likely won’t be able to solve their entire problem with a lead magnet, but you can get them started. For example, you could give them a list of your top five website builders with pros and cons to help them decide which one is right for them.

Where are your prospects within your sales funnel?

Is your lead magnet geared toward people who have never heard of your brand before, or are you creating a lead magnet for those who are close to making a decision about one of your products or services? This makes a difference in the type of lead magnet you should use. If you’re targeting prospects higher up in the funnel, your lead magnet should be less sales-based and more informational, with the goal of simply introducing people to your topic. However, if you want to focus on those lower in the funnel your lead magnet should be more product-based in order to show them how your solution fits their needs.

highest-converting lead magnets and when to use them in your marketing funnel
landing page with countdown timer and conversion rate graph

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Top-of-funnel lead magnet ideas

Need lead magnets for new prospects who aren’t familiar with your brand? Try one of the following ideas.

Cheat sheet lead magnets

The goal of a cheat sheet is to explain a concept or solve a problem in one page. These downloadable PDFs include a list of tips or steps that will help your audience achieve a quick win.

top-of-funnel lead magnet cheat sheet landing page example

Why cheat sheet lead magnets work

Cheat sheets provide a solution to a problem that your audience is having. They’re easy to consume so they don’t involve a big commitment from your audience. Cheat sheets convert at an average rate of 34%

When to use cheat sheet lead magnets

This type of lead magnet is best when you’re trying to solve a very specific problem or teach a simple concept. Cheat sheets are usually only a single page, so if you can explain all your information in a few paragraphs a cheat sheet is a good option.

Tips for cheat sheet lead magnets

Make your cheat sheets actionable and provide steps for your audience to take. That way when they’re done with your lead magnet they know exactly how to solve the problem they’re having.

Whitepaper lead magnets

Whitepapers are multi-page reports or guides that allow you to dive deeper into your topic. Think of them like a PDF version of a blog post, but more actionable.

top-of-funnel lead magnet whitepaper landing page example

Why whitepaper lead magnets work

Whitepapers might have more perceived value than a cheat sheet, as they’re generally much longer and packed with more information.

When to use whitepaper lead magnets

If you have a complicated subject that requires more explaining than a cheat sheet can provide, then a whitepaper is a good choice. It also largely depends on your audience. B2C customers might just want a quick win, while B2B customers likely want more in-depth information and may see a whitepaper as more valuable.

Tips for whitepaper lead magnets

Just like cheat sheets, try to make your whitepaper as actionable as possible. Also, because whitepapers are longer, try to break up the text with images and graphics.

Ebook lead magnets

Ebooks can be a very effective lead magnet, although they do require a lot of work to produce. While they can be very long (some might even reach 100,000 words), smaller ebooks can be as short as 5,000 words.

top-of-funnel lead magnet ebook landing page example

Why ebook lead magnets work

While ebooks might not be as concise and focused as a cheat sheet or whitepaper, they have a lot of perceived value. Plenty of authors and entrepreneurs sell their books for money, so if you have one that you’re willing to give away for just an email address it can be very appealing. Ebooks convert at an average rate of 24%.

When to use ebook lead magnets

If you already have an ebook that you’re comfortable giving away for free then you should definitely consider using it as a lead magnet. Ebooks also make sense when you have a very broad subject or multiple problems that you want to help your audience with.

Tips for ebook lead magnets

Make sure to have a professional cover created for your ebook to give it some legitimacy. And if you have any positive reviews for your book include them on your landing page. Reading an ebook is a big commitment, so really sell it to make it clear that the information inside is worth it.

Quiz lead magnets

Quizzes can be used in a number of different ways. They can be a fun exercise to help people find out things about themselves, or where they stand on certain issues. Or you can use a quiz to help determine which of your products or services would best suit their needs.

top-of-funnel lead magnet quiz landing page example

Why quiz lead magnets work

Quizzes are exciting and make people feel like you care about them. They also have the additional benefit of being able to segment your leads. Many businesses use quizzes to qualify leads for specific products or services. Quizzes convert at an average rate of 18%.

When to use quiz lead magnets

This is a great lead magnet anytime you need to gather information about your audience. You can also use them to teach your audience something about themselves. For example, if they’re not sure what product or solution is best for them, have them take a quiz to find out.

Tips for quiz lead magnets

Keep your quizzes relatively short and your questions not too invasive. Make it relatively quick and easy to finish to ensure you get all the information you need.

Webinar lead magnets

Webinars are video presentations that allow you to demonstrate your product or educate your audience on a concept that’s relevant to your business. They come in two forms: live and prerecorded.

top-of-funnel lead magnet webinar landing page example

Why webinar lead magnets work

People want to get to know you and your products better, and webinars allow them to do that. This is especially true for live webinars that allow your audience to ask questions and interact with you. Webinars convert at an average rate of 17%.

When to use webinar lead magnets

If you’re trying to explain a more complex topic, or you want to connect with your audience, then webinars are an excellent choice.

Tips for webinar lead magnets

Live webinars have a lot of benefits but because they require you to attend they can’t be automated. That’s why a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs opt for pre-recorded webinars. While these presentations aren’t interactive, the entire process can be automated. Plus, those who sign up don’t have to wait for the presentation and can access it instantly as soon as they sign up. Choose the format that makes the most sense for your business.

Interactive tool lead magnets

A free tool or application is an excellent way to attract new leads for your business. You can either hire a developer to build one for you or build one yourself with tools like Ucalc and Calconic.

top-of-funnel lead magnet calculator interactive landing page example

Why interactive tool lead magnets work

Other types of lead magnets will only be used once. People will read/watch them, consume the information, and be done with them. But interactive tools can be used again and again, which means leads will have to keep returning to your website.

When to use interactive tool lead magnets

Does your audience need to perform the same mundane task on a consistent basis? If you can build a tool that speeds up or completes this task for them then this might be your best bet for a lead magnet.

Tips for interactive tool lead magnets

This is the one type of lead magnet that doesn’t have to require users to submit their email address. Obviously, getting an email address in exchange for your tool is great. However, if your tool is so valuable that people will continually come back to use it they’re already being exposed to your brand on a regular basis. So, collecting an email might not be necessary.

List lead magnets

Another simple lead magnet is to create a list related to your business, industry, product, or service. Your list could be anything from “things to do before starting your own business” to “my favorite recipe books” or anything else you think your audience will find useful.

top-of-funnel lead magnet list landing page example

Why list lead magnets work

This is another lead magnet that’s quick and easy to consume for your audience. A list can provide some great inspiration for someone stuck on a problem, or help point them in the right direction.

When to use list lead magnets

Does your audience often ask you for recommendations or suggestions? Then a list is likely a good lead magnet. Plus, when you get those questions in the future you can simply refer them to your lead magnet.

Tips for list lead magnets

One of the goals of a list is to narrow your audience’s selections to the very best, so try to keep the list relatively short (around ten items). Otherwise, they’ll be overwhelmed by choice and not much better off than they were before they got your list.

Podcast and video transcript lead magnets

Do you already have a podcast? Do you publish video content regularly? Then offering transcripts for these items could be a quick and easy lead magnet for your business. Don’t worry, you don’t have to type transcripts out yourself—there are plenty of tools that will generate transcripts for you.

top-of-funnel lead magnet transcript landing page example

Why transcript lead magnets work

Transcripts might be easier for some to consume, while others simply prefer having a written copy of the information. Since you’ve essentially already created the content, this lead magnet idea is a no-brainer.

When to use transcript lead magnets

If you already have podcasts or videos produced then why not offer transcripts? With the right technology, this lead magnet can be created with minimal effort.

Tips for transcript lead magnets

Set the stage for your transcript by introducing the episode, topic, and any guests featured in the content. You can also include links to any resources or stats mentioned in the transcript.

Audio lead magnets

This is kind of the reverse of our last suggestion. Just like there are people who would prefer your audio content in written form, there are others who would prefer your written content in audio form.

top-of-funnel lead magnet audio landing page example

Why audio lead magnets work

There are many people who consume audio content while commuting and on breaks. So bring your high-performing posts to them in audio form. Like an audiobook, but for blogs.

When to use audio lead magnets

If you have a few high-performing blog posts, and the time to convert them to audio, then it’s definitely worth giving this lead magnet a try.

Tips for audio lead magnets

Add some new information or exclusive content to the audio version of the blog. That way people who have already read it will be incentivized to check out the audio.

Presentation lead magnets

Do you have some of your previous presentations that you’re willing to share? Then you’re in luck, you could have a great lead magnet on your hands!

top-of-funnel lead magnet presentation landing page example

Why presentation lead magnets work

When done right, presentation slides do a great job of summarizing content. They work even better when you have plenty of visuals to accompany the text.

When to use presentation lead magnets

This is one of those situations where if you have the content already then you might as well use it. Take a look in your archives to see if there are any presentations you feel would be valuable for your audience. As long as you own the rights to it feel free to use it as a lead magnet.

Tips for presentation lead magnets

If you gave the presentation at a high-profile event, make sure to mention that, as it will add a lot of value to your lead magnet.

Personal routine lead magnets

For some people, a regular routine is important to their success. It’s quite likely your audience would be interested in learning a routine that will help them achieve their goals. It’s also likely that you have a routine you use in your daily life that’s helped you (even if you didn’t consciously come up with the routine). People would probably love to know how you maximize your time to achieve your goals.

top-of-funnel lead magnet routine landing page example

Why personal routine lead magnets work

Your audience wants to get to where you are, so they want to do things the way you do them. If you have a routine that works for you they’ll want to know about it and try it for themselves.

When to use personal routine lead magnets

If you’re teaching a skill or trying to help your audience achieve a goal that requires a lot of discipline then a routine will make for a valuable lead magnet.

Tips for personal routine lead magnets

Consider offering a less intense routine for those who are just starting out. It will likely be hard for people with no routine to jump straight to your routine.


Mid-funnel lead magnet ideas

These next lead magnet ideas are for those who know your brand but aren’t quite ready to buy from you yet.

Template lead magnets

Do you have templates you use in your business to speed up various processes? Then you might want to offer them as lead magnets. When most people think of templates they think of design templates. However, templates can take on many forms, including spreadsheets, content outlines, and slide decks.

mid-funnel lead magnet templates landing page example

Why template lead magnets work

Templates are great because they help people accomplish things quickly. If you have a shortcut that saves people time they’ll likely want it. Templates convert at an average rate of 15%.

When to use template lead magnets

There’s a good chance you’re already using templates in your own business. If you’re comfortable sharing them with the public, do it, since you know they work and the content is already created.

Tips for template lead magnets

If you do giveaway templates that you use yourself make sure to mention that. They’ll seem way more legitimate if it’s something you actually use on a regular basis.

Resource list lead magnets

This is a list of tools, apps, websites, and books you’ve used and would like to recommend to your audience.

mid-funnel lead magnet resources and tools landing page example

Why resource list lead magnets work

If you’ve achieved things your audience wants to achieve then they’ll want to know what tools and resources you used to get there.

When to use resource list lead magnets

Do you get a lot of questions about what you use for certain tasks, or what you recommend to build certain assets? Then it’s a good time to create a resource list.

Tips for resource list lead magnets

Make sure to finish your list with your own website or product. If you’re going to recommend other people’s tools you might as well include your own as well.

Mini-course lead magnets

A full course is likely a little much for a lead magnet—plus, you don’t want to give away all your secrets for free. However, a smaller mini-course that focuses on a specific problem or subject is an excellent lead generation tool.

mid-funnel lead magnet mini course landing page example

Why mini-course lead magnets work

Courses are often high-ticket items, so if people can get one for free (even if it’s a “mini” one) it will likely be a very tempting offer. Mini-courses convert at an average rate of 22%.

When to use mini-course lead magnets

If you’re helping people solve a problem that requires multiple steps or more in-depth explanations then a mini-course is a good option compared to something smaller, like a cheat sheet.

Tips for mini-course lead magnets

Do you have a larger paid course? Then consider creating a mini-course on the same topic. That way, your mini-course serves as an example of the value you can provide and leads right into your paid products.

Infographic lead magnets

Infographics are exactly like they sound: graphics that include information. They’re an excellent way to simplify a complicated topic or to visualize important data.

mid-funnel lead magnet infographic landing page example

Why infographic lead magnets work

Most people are visual learners. Resources like infographics can make complicated information and data easier for people to understand.

When to use infographic lead magnets

The right data can really get your point across, but sometimes a data point needs to be visualized to have an impact. If you have an important data point that you think would benefit from a visual representation, turn it into an infographic.

Tips for infographic lead magnets

Don’t worry if you’re not a designer. Tools like Venngage have plenty of free templates that will help you create your own templates.

Audit lead magnets

Virtually every business has problems or inefficiencies, and oftentimes those running the business don’t have the knowledge and experience to identify them. This is why assessments and audits make for great lead magnets.

mid-funnel lead magnet free audit landing page example

Why audit lead magnets work

By providing an assessment or audit of certain areas of a business you’ll likely uncover issues no one ever knew were there. As a result, someone who previously didn’t think they needed your services not only sees the value in your expertise, but they’ll also be more than willing to pay you to fix whatever it is you found.

When to use audit lead magnets

Assessments and audits are ideal if you run a service-based business. If you find many of your clients often aren’t aware of the underlying issues in their business then this is the perfect lead magnet.

Tips for audit lead magnets

When providing the results of your assessment, be sure to also include information on your proposed solution.

Product sample lead magnets

Your lead magnet should be related to your product or service. However, you can take it one step further and use a small piece of your product as your lead magnet. If users like the sample you give them they’ll be more inclined to pay for the rest of your product.

mid-funnel lead magnet product sample teaser landing page example

Why product sample lead magnets work

Everyone wants the opportunity to try something before they buy it. In this case, they get a taste of what you have to offer, receive some valuable information, and feel more confident about taking the next step and purchasing the full product.

When to use product sample lead magnets

Anytime you have a larger product you should consider a product preview. For example, you could offer the first chapter of your book or the first lesson of your course.

Tips for product sample lead magnets

At the end of your product sample, make sure to tease the full version of your product by including the benefits and let users know where they can purchase it.


Bottom-of-funnel lead magnet ideas

Finally, we have some lead magnets to offer people who are almost ready to make a purchase and just need a little nudge to get them over the edge.

Free estimates lead magnets

By the time someone gets to the bottom of your funnel the last hurdle they need to overcome is the price of your product or service. This is where the free quote comes in.

bottom-of-funnel lead magnet landing page example for a free estimate

It could be in the form of a written quote, or even better, you could get on a call with them and explain every line item and the costs associated with them. This also gives you a chance to answer their questions and remove any doubts they might have about your services or your pricing.

Why free estimate lead magnets work

People want to know how much your product or service is going to cost them. If you get people to the point where they’re ready for a price they’ll happily give up their email address to get it.

When to use free estimate lead magnets

If you have custom pricing or features, then a quote or estimate will be necessary. Requiring an email address to get it ensures that even if a prospect doesn’t go for your initial quote you can still stay in touch and work towards converting them into a customer.

Tips for free estimate lead magnets

When supplying a quote, encourage people to follow up with questions and concerns to keep the conversation going.

Free consultation lead magnets

While a free estimate deals mostly with pricing, a free consultation walks potential customers through everything you can provide for a business.

bottom-of-funnel free consultation lead magnet landing page example

Why free consultation lead magnets work

Consultations are sort of like product previews, but for services. They give people a chance to see what you’re capable of and what it will be like to work with you. Free consultations convert at an average rate of 9%.

When to use free consultation lead magnets

This is a great lead magnet if you operate a service-based business and pairs nicely with a free assessment (the assessment identifies the problem while the consultation shows how you’re going to fix it). For higher-ticket services, this is usually an essential step to win someone’s business, as a potential customer will want to meet you and understand exactly what you can provide before making a commitment.

Tips for free consultation lead magnets

When advertising a free consultation, let people know exactly what they’re going to get. Describe your process and the timeline of the call, and then include some benefits and takeaways that they’ll walk away with.

Product demo lead magnet

This is similar to a product preview, but instead of giving away a small piece of your product, you’re walking people through the entire thing.

bottom-of-funnel lead-magnet demo landing page example

Why product demo lead magnets work

Like we’ve mentioned multiple times, people want to see how your product works before they make a commitment. More importantly, they need to know that it will actually do what they need it to do.

When to use product demo lead magnets

Just like higher-priced services, if you sell a high-ticket product people will want to see it in action before they hand over their payment details. This also applies to more complicated products (like software applications) that are difficult to explain through text and static images.

Tip for product demo lead magnets

Product demos can be pre-recorded, but for larger products that require a bigger commitment, a live one-on-one demo might be more appropriate. Live demos also give you the opportunity to answer questions.

Coupon lead magnets

Coupons aren’t just for generating sales, they also make for a great lead magnet.

bottom-of-funnel lead magnet coupons landing page example

Why coupon lead magnets work

Sometimes prospects are interested in your product or service but they’re just waiting for the price to drop. This is why occasionally offering a coupon is a good way to pick up new leads and customers. Coupons convert at an average rate of 20%.

When to use coupon lead magnets

This is really up to you. You don’t want to use coupons all the time, otherwise it lowers the value of your products. You can have seasonal sales, holiday sales, or retarget customers who have previously shown interest but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Tips for coupon lead magnets

A popular strategy for coupons is to use a pop-up that appears as soon as someone arrives on your website. Offer visitors a discount if they submit their email address. The discount might entice some people to actually make a purchase, but even if they don’t you still have a lead that you can continue to promote to.

Case study lead magnets

A case study is essentially the story of someone using your product or service (it could also be your story as well). You explain where they were before and then the results they achieved after they became a customer or started using your teachings.

bottom-of-funnel case study lead magnet landing page example

Why case study lead magnets work

Until someone actually uses your product or service there’s always that voice in their head that asks “will it actually work?” Case studies provide a real-life example of what people can achieve if they become your customer. When you tell the story of a regular person using your product and experiencing success—and you have the stats to back it up—that’s a powerful sales tool that should convert a good number of leads into customers. Case studies convert at an average rate of 12%.

When to use case study lead magnets

Like coupons, you’ll likely want to target people who have shown interest but have yet to make a purchase. It’s likely that they still have questions that need answering and a case study might be exactly what they’re looking for.

Tips for case study lead magnets

Make sure to detail where your subject was before using your product or service in your case study. Explain the problems they were having and then show how you helped them solve those issues, which resulted in their success today.


Types of Lead Magnets Cheat Sheet

cheat sheet for types of lead magnets

Free Cheat Sheet: 22 Highest-Converting Lead Magnets (And When to Use Them)

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What types of lead magnets convert the best?

As you decide what type of lead magnet to use for your business, you’re probably wondering which ones result in the most conversions.

According to data from Leadpages users, the average lead magnet has a conversion rate of 18%. In the case of a lead magnet, a conversion is considered to take place any time someone downloads a lead magnet or submits their contact information (essentially, anytime someone becomes a lead).

Of course, some types of lead magnets convert better than others. Here are the conversion rates of some of the most popular kinds of lead magnets.

infographic with high-converting lead magnets and a breakdown of lead magnet types and their conversion rates

So, with these numbers in mind, should you always just choose the type of lead magnet that converts the best? Well, no.

Different lead magnets are suited for different goals and content. For example, a cheat sheet is great for top-of-funnel prospects who are new to your brand. However, as they journey further down your funnel they’re going to want more information than a cheat sheet can provide.

And while a free consultation doesn’t convert as well as the other items on this list, it’s often vital for service-based businesses in order to convert leads into customers.

So, definitely consider the conversion rates above, but make sure whatever format you choose suits the goal you’re trying to achieve.

How to choose the right type of lead magnet for your business

What format should you use for your lead magnet? There’s no single right answer to this question, but it’s one that deserves a bit of thought.

If your content and subject matter are complex, you might want to consider an ebook, white paper, or even a webinar. If the solution is fairly straightforward a cheat sheet or list will likely get the job done. Or if you’re looking for a way to show compelling data, you could consider an illustrated infographic.

You should also think about your audience. What stage of the buying process are they in? What do they need to know? What’s the most efficient way to deliver that information?

For some more tips on how to choose the right lead magnet, check out this video from our resident teacher Bob Sparkins.

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What makes a good lead magnet?

A quality lead magnet is good for both users and your business. Prospects get a valuable piece of content that teaches them something new or helps them solve a problem, and you get a lead that you can build a relationship with and hopefully turn them into a paying customer.

Here are three keys to creating a lead magnet your audience will love.

1. The content is genuinely useful to your audience

The first step to creating a good lead magnet is to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What are their biggest challenges? If you can create a lead magnet that solves one of these issues for them it’s sure to drive a lot of conversions.

Check your inbox, social media, and forums to see what questions your audience is asking. Find a common question that you can provide a quick solution for and build your lead magnet around that.

For example, Laurie Wang is a social media consultant and coach. One of the biggest issues her audience has is planning their social media content. So, she offers them a free social media planner to help them solve this problem.

free planner lead magnet landing page example created by Laurie Wang

If you can solve one important issue for your audience you’ll not only earn their email address, but likely their business as well.

2. It’s relevant to your business

If you’re a business coach it doesn’t make sense to offer a free exercise plan. First, because your audience likely isn’t looking for that kind of product, and second, because someone who downloads an exercise plan likely isn’t looking for a business coach.

Your lead magnets should act as a stepping stone toward your paid products. They should give your audience a taste of what you have to offer so when you finally pitch them on your higher ticket items they’re more likely to convert.

So, make sure your lead magnets don’t just generate leads, but also work to convert them into paying customers.

3. It creates demand for your paid products and services

Your lead magnet needs to deliver value—but it should also leave your audience wanting more. Because if you give up all your secrets at this stage what reason do people have to move on to your paid stuff?

The best strategy for your lead magnets is to offer your audience the first step toward solving a larger problem. That way you’re still providing value, but if they want to keep the momentum going they’ll need to become a paying customer.

You can even include calls to action within your lead magnet to promote your other products as services. That way they don’t need to figure out where to get the rest of the information they’re looking for.


How Leadpages makes promoting your lead magnets easy

One of the unmissable steps in making lead magnets is promotion and sharing. If you’re tired of messing with code or sending your lead magnet to a developer (who has the time for that), Leadpages makes it easy to send lead magnets out by yourself in just a few minutes.

Here’s how Leadpages makes collecting leads and sending out lead magnets a piece of cake:

1. Landing page creation

Need a landing page for your new lead magnet? Simply choose a professionally designed template (many of which were created specifically for lead magnets) and then customize it with the no-code Drag & Drop Builder. You can easily launch your page in a day or less.

leadpages no-code drag and drop landing page builder with countdown timer for promoting webinar lead magnets
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2. Deliver your lead magnet

Drag and drop your lead generation form onto your landing page and connect it to your lead magnet. You can either use Leadpages’ lead magnet delivery system to send the link to users or integrate with your favorite email marketing platform.

Backup Lead Magnet Delivery@2x

3. Backup delivery for your existing subscribers

In the case of most major email service providers (ESPs), email confirmation messages are only sent once (when a new subscriber is added). So, unless you’re using tags or advanced automations, any existing subscriber who opts into your list will not receive your lead magnet. This is where Leadpages' lead magnet delivery saves the day. Leadpages ensures every opt-in (whether they’re already on your list or not) receives the free content that was promised.

If you change the link of your lead magnet, simply update the setting within your account and Leadpages will update the link inside the emails. For example, if you send an ebook and later update it, simply update the link inside Leadpages and when your subscribers open the email, they’ll have the most recent asset.

leadpages lead magnet delivery interface with auto-update link

Ready to create your lead magnet?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can go about creating a high-converting lead magnet. Think about what problems your audience is having and the best way to solve them, then start building a lead magnet they won’t be able to resist.

And when you're ready to share your lead magnet with the world, Leadpages is the easiest way to build your landing page and deliver your content to your audience. Try it free for 14 days to discover a better way to promote your lead magnets.

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Bob Sparkins

By Bob Sparkins

A marketer with 17 years of experience, Bob has taught over 1,000 webinars and spoken at over 50 events.