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How The Simplicity Habit Used Leadpages to Grow Their Customer List in a Big Way

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Oct 13, 2021  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list

Julianna Poplin is a professional declutterer and founder of The Simplicity Habit. Not only does she help people declutter their homes, but she also shows them how to live simpler, more focused lives. While she started her business in 2018, it wasn’t until she completed an online intensive course and started using Leadpages that she began to see some impressive results.

2X List Size & 3X Revenue in 7 months

Today her business is thriving, her funnel is full, and she’s working towards growing her business by creating new digital products that her audience loves.

Julianna’s Story

The Simplicity Habit didn’t start as a business. It came from Julianna's desire to declutter her own life.

When she and her family of four made the decision to move to the Pacific Northwest in 2018, she realized how much stuff they had—and how much of it they really didn’t need. After conducting an audit of their possessions, she methodically whittled down what was necessary from what wasn’t.

Then came the epiphany. She discovered there was more to this than decluttering your life or keeping things tidy—it was about learning how to live simply and with intention.

So she began blogging about it. And after amassing a sizable following on social media, she turned The Simplicity Habit into a bonafide business with consistent content, a marketing funnel, and digital products that allowed her to scale her customer base and revenue at the same time.


When it came time for Julianna to start monetizing her knowledge and experience, landing pages were an absolute must. However, she ran into an all-too-common hurdle: Launching a great idea with not-so-great tools.

The landing page builder she used at the time had a significant learning curve. The interface wasn’t intuitive and the editor and tools it contained were complicated, making for a not-so user-friendly experience.

When her landing pages were finally built and published, they didn’t have the professional and polished look her business deserved. And she didn’t have the budget to hire an agency or freelancers to build her landing pages for her.

To add insult to injury, the page load speeds were slow. Too slow. So the traffic coming to her landing pages would have to wait several seconds before the content on the screen loaded—which meant that most of it bounced before the page appeared.

She was wasting a lot of her already tight budget and an otherwise engaged audience on pages that simply didn’t help her convert traffic into leads.

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How Leadpages Helped

Simple and intuitive interface

From the moment she logged into the platform, everything made sense. She could easily choose the right template for her campaign, open it in the editor, and build her page with the Leadpages Drag & Drop Builder. The editor made it easy to add images, content blocks, and widgets that snapped into place.

“Leadpages is the right balance of customizability without having too many complicated options.”

No design experience needed

Because Leadpages’ templates can be searched by page type, industry, popularity, and conversion rate, Julianna found it easy to choose a template that was appropriate for her brand. Plus, 95% of the design work was already done for her, since every Leadpages template is created by a professional designer. She just needed to add her own content where necessary.

Industry-leading page load speeds

Leadpages is engineered to produce lightning-fast page load speeds—among the fastest in the industry. So when Julianna launched ad campaigns through her social channels to generate more leads, the traffic that clicked on her ads would quickly find the information they were looking for without having to wait for a page to load—or bouncing before it did.

Affordable pricing

As a solopreneur, Julianna is using Leadpages’ entry-level Standard plan, which provides her with unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, and a host of powerful conversion tools at a price that fits well within her budget.

The Results

2X list growth

When Julianna became a Leadpages customer in Late 2020, she had already amassed a respectable list size of about 25,000 leads. However, after using Leadpages to build her landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars she was able to accelerate her list growth to eventually double that number to 50,000 in less than a year.

Lead quality improvement

A bump in leads is great, and doubling your lead count is even better. But more important than the quantity of leads is the quality of them. Using Leadpages, Julianna was able to better target her leads with compelling and relevant content, which vastly improved how engaged those leads were.

“Leadpages has helped me find people who want to hear from me and who aren't bothered by me selling helpful products to them.”

3X revenue increase

One good thing leads to another. Leadpages helped Julianna create a powerful welcome funnel that used a combination of pop-ups, alert bars, and landing pages to promote offers to her leads (while getting them excited about joining the community). This funnel, in conjunction with Facebook ads, helped her triple her revenue in less than 12 months.

How Julianna uses Leadpages

Alert bars

The very first thing you see when you visit The Simplicity Habit is an attention-grabbing alert bar that invites web traffic to download a free Decluttering Your Home Jumpstart Guide. It makes it easy for traffic that’s eager for content to dive right in, and it gets them into her funnel before they even scroll down her homepage.

Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list


Julianna doesn’t want any Simplicity Habit visitors to leave empty-handed. So, using an exit-intent pop-up, she prompts them to sign up for a low-commitment lead magnet—in this case, a short decluttering checklist—to get them into her funnel where they can discover more of her content and paid products.

Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list

Landing pages

Julianna uses a number of different landing pages to entice traffic into her funnel, engage with her brand, and purchase products. Her ‘Start Here’ page prompts visitors to download her jumpstart guide, join her Facebook group, and follow The Simplicity Habit.

Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list

Once signed up, a thank-you page offers the new leads a low-priced digital product at a discount. This tripwire quickly turns new leads into paying customers, with more opportunities to upsell them on other products.

Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list

Countdown timers

Nothing spurs action like a little dash of fear of missing out (FOMO). When a new lead sees the discounted digital product on The Simplicity Habit’s thank-you page, it’s accompanied by a countdown timer that informs leads that the offer won’t last forever.

Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list

Beyond the Decluttered Home

The Simplicity Habit has seen some impressive growth through Julianna’s efforts and Leadpages’ conversion tools. But she’s not stopping there. Instead, she’s improving her products and using her momentum (and keen sense of getting organized) to expand her product line.

Her ultimate goal? Helping people declutter all other parts of their lives. And if her current success is any indication, she’s well on her way.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Learn how the Simplicity Habit doubled their email list
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