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How Geni Ramos Quit Her Job and Built Her Own Digital Marketing Agency

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published May 25, 2022  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency

Geni Ramos is the founder and CEO of La Consultoría Digital, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs grow their online presence.

After working for a marketing agency in the United Kingdom, Geni decided to strike out on her own when the company she was working for changed direction. She moved back to her home country of Spain and focused on educating small businesses about digital marketing

Conversion rates as high as 81% | 300,000 leads collected with Leadpages

Today, Geni’s business is thriving. In addition to her consulting services she also runs an online academy that walks entrepreneurs through all the steps they need to take to build their brand and automate their business.

Geni’s Story

Originally from Spain, Geni began her marketing journey in the UK working as a graphic designer and social media specialist. It was during this time that she learned just how important having a digital marketing strategy is for modern-day businesses.

Geni saw firsthand the impact that successful online campaigns had on small businesses. She also realized how much time and effort could be saved by using the right digital tools. For example, the agency she worked for used Leadpages, and Geni loved how quick and easy the platform made it to create high-converting pages, even if you had no experience with coding or web design.

This experience early in her career really fueled her passion for digital marketing and helping new entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, in 2015 her agency decided to change direction. The company laid off a number of employees and she was forced to make a difficult decision: accept a new role that she didn’t want or branch out on her own and become a freelancer.

Geni decided to take the leap and go into business for herself.

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Building her business

Luckily for Geni, her former employer allowed her to take some of their clients with her when she started her freelance business. While this got her off to a good start, her business grew slowly early on. She also missed her family and wanted to move back home.

After saving the money she needed, Geni relocated to Spain. However, this meant she would have to leave her UK clients behind and rebuild her business from scratch. She made the decision to focus strictly on Spanish-speaking clients and, unbeknownst to her, this would be the single most important decision of her entrepreneurial journey.

While this shift in her business was scary at first, she soon realized there was a need in the Spanish community for digital marketing training. Businesses in Spain and Latin America were just starting to realize the importance of websites and building an online presence, and there were very few Spanish resources available to educate them.

Geni quickly built a reputation in Spain as a digital marketing expert and her client list grew rapidly. She also expanded her business to Latin America and began helping businesses in Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

“I love having the freedom to work anywhere in the world, not being stuck at the same salary for years, and being able to set my own schedule.”

Not only did she share her strategies, but she also introduced businesses to a wide range of online tools (like Leadpages) that saved time and streamlined their online marketing efforts.

Starting her own agency

In 2020, Geni launched La Consultoría Digital and hired a team of marketers to allow her to reach even more entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her timing couldn’t have been better as shortly thereafter the COVID 19 pandemic hit and businesses were in need of digital services more than ever.

With an even bigger demand for her knowledge, Geni began offering online marketing courses around digital strategies, marketing tools, and automation. Her academy has been a huge hit and she regularly holds live sessions with hundreds of students.

How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency

Geni is now an in-demand speaker at a wide range of events. She also started Workaciones, a four-day event for entrepreneurs where they can connect with other business owners and learn how to grow their brand. The event is now in its third year.


As Geni’s business grew she started investing more in online ad campaigns. These campaigns drove a lot of traffic to her landing pages, but they were only profitable if the pages actually converted. She needed landing page templates that didn’t just look nice but delivered results as well.

Geni was also very concerned about the reliability of her hosting. She had used solutions before that regularly crashed, especially when traffic increased. So, she wanted a website and landing page builder that she could depend on, even when her traffic spiked.

Finally, technical support was very important to her. Time is money and when she had an issue she needed to know that there was someone available to answer her questions in a timely manner.

How Leadpages helped

High-converting pages

All of Leadpages’ templates are designed with conversions in mind. Plus, the Drag & Drop Builder features the Leadmeter, which gives you real-time feedback as you build your pages to help you maximize your leads and sales. This makes it easy for Geni to consistently build high-converting pages for her campaigns.

99.9% uptime

Powered by Google’s App Engine, Leadpages offers extremely reliable hosting. As a result, Geni’s never dealt with any of her pages crashing and she can rest assured she won’t have any technical issues, no matter how much traffic her campaigns generate.

“I send loads of traffic to Leadpages every day and I’ve never had any issues with load times or the hosting being down.”

Industry-leading support

Leadpages strives to deliver the best customer support possible. Email, chat, and phone support give users a number of ways to reach out if they need help and customer inquiries are often dealt with in a matter of hours. This means Geni never has to wait too long to get answers to her questions.

“I use other systems where I submit a ticket and I don’t get a response until four days later. With Leadpages, if you submit a ticket you get a response within 24 hours.”


Conversion rates as high as 81%

Geni never has trouble finding new clients, and a big part of that is the conversion rates generated by her opt-in and sales pages. She regularly achieves conversion rates of over 60%, with per best performing page converting at 81%.

How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency

300,000 leads since joining Leadpages

When you have conversion rates as high as Geni you’re bound to get a lot of leads. Since joining Leadpages five years ago she’s collected a staggering 300,000 leads for her business through her website and landing pages.

How Geni uses Leadpages

Landing Pages

Geni is constantly coming up with new campaigns for her business. Leadpages’ professionally-designed templates and the Drag & Drop Builder mean she can quickly launch landing pages any time she has an idea.

How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency


In addition to landing pages, Geni also used Leadpages to build the site for her annual event, Workaciones. The Site Builder simplified the design process and allowed her to launch her site quickly and easily with all the functionality she needed.

How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency

What’s next for Geni?

Geni would like to continue expanding her educational offerings. While she loves working with businesses one-on-one she recognizes that online courses allow her to reach a greater number of people, so she’s working towards growing that side of her business. She would also like to eventually expand into other markets, not just Spanish-speaking countries.

We’re thrilled with the success Geni has enjoyed so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her business.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Geni Ramos built her own digital marketing agency
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