Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from January - February 2015

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Feb 14, 2015
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From real estate agents to web design consultants, marketing experts to Montessori educators, musicians to software companies — we have a wide variety of both businesses and industries in this month's landing page roundup. Yet they have three things in common...

  • They all published some of our favorite landing pages over the past month.
  • Each page contains practical optimization techniques you can easily apply to your own business starting today.
  • Every page was created with LeadPages™.

Check out all 10 below and see how they measure up to your own landing pages. (If you have published a landing page that you'd like us to consider for next month, leave a comment at the end of this post and let us know!)

1. Paul Dojcinovic Associates: Real Estate Landing Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: If you’re a realtor, getting people to attend your next open house is important. That’s why Paul Dojcinovic used the Real Estate Landing Page template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace to offer his prospects a chance to win a door prize when they confirmed their plans to attend his open house. Additionally, he filled the page with beautiful, professional photographs of the property, and included a telephone link at the top of the page that allows mobile visitors to call him with a simple tap of the screen. All of these factors add up to a visually-impressive page that makes opting in incredibly easy for prospects.

2. Michael Robert Consulting: LeadPages™ Agency Minisite

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]

Landing Page Roundup

This page has several more sections. To see the full version, check it out here.[/caption] What Stands Out: Michael Robert created a complete one-stop shop for his consulting business using the LeadPages™ Agency Minisite template. He used a combination of compelling copy (“Spend 30 Minutes with Our LeadPages Consultant and You’ll Be Blown Away”) and eye-catching images (the background image alone grabs your attention right away) to entice visitors to opt-in for a free consult. This template has many more useful sections we didn’t include in the screenshot above, so be sure to check out the full page here.

3. LeapZone Strategies: Convert Webinar Registration Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: When you have a strong personal brand, you need landing pages that can showcase it — and that’s exactly what this webinar registration page Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte created with the Convert Webinar Registration Page does. From the large background photo, to the “Ask the Expert” box, to the testimonials that speak directly about her expertise, Isabelle’s page lets visitors feel like they already know her before they even get to the webinar. To see this page in action, click here.

4. Bluewire Media: Vibrant Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: This page from Bluewire Media is a great example of an opt-in page for a variety of reasons:

  • The crisp, clean design makes it easy for visitors’ eyes to quickly scan the copy and find their way to the bright orange opt-in button.
  • There are opt-in opportunities at the beginning, middle, and end of the page, so visitors never have to scroll up or down to get back to a button.
  • It makes effective use of social proof by telling visitors that over 15,606 fellow marketers in over 95 countries are already using resources from Bluewire Media.

These are all techniques you can try testing on your own landing pages. If you’d like a closer look at them, check the page out here.

5. James Wedmore: Vibrant Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: Using the exact same Vibrant Sales Page template as the previous example, James Wedmore was able to create a completely different type of page with a much different look and feel for his Reel Marketing Insider program. Rather than using this template as an opt-in page, James has used it as a sales page. Doing this is as simple as changing the page’s buttons to trigger a URL rather than a LeadBox™ inside the LeadPages™ builder. Since this template makes it easy for you to switch between video or an image in the first section of the page, James was also able to include a well-produced video about the program. To check it out, visit the page here.

6. Scott’s Bass Lessons: Modern Webinar Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: When we released the Modern Webinar Page near the end of January, we started seeing outstanding customizations from LeadPages™ users almost immediately. This one, from Scott’s Bass Lessons, was impossible for us to ignore (and it’s easy to see why). The bold colors and sharp photography capture your attention right away, which goes to show how dramatically a single image and a couple color changes can impact a page’s performance. Scott topped off this excellent page by using the countdown timer to increase urgency, and the testimonials section to provide social proof — both of which we’ve seen consistently increase conversion rates.

7. Lewis Howes: Modern Webinar Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: This example from Lewis Howes shows that the Modern Webinar Page still looks great even if you only make a few customizations to it. All he had to do to publish this page was paste in his copy, paste in his video embed code from YouTube, upload his School of Greatness logo, and connect the LeadBox™ to his email service provider in a couple of clicks. Whether you want to customize your page a lot or a little, this page shows you can be effective either way.

8. Media Fusion: Webinar Registration w/ Evergreen Countdown Timer

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: Media Fusion used this webinar registration page from the LeadPages™ Marketplace to promote a unique giveaway to celebrate the launch of their new website. The background image they used above the fold fits the page’s celebratory vibe perfectly. (Nothing says “celebration” like streamers, balloons, and fake mustaches). It also quickly introduces their brand's personality and ensures visitors this won’t be just another boring online presentation. Additionally, Media Fusion transformed the default testimonials section into a schedule for all of their upcoming giveaways during the month of February, to show visitors they have multiple opportunities to win if they enter.

9. Montessori Institute of San Diego: (New) Basic Squeeze Page

Landing Page Roundup

What Stands Out: The Montessori Institute of San Diego used the (New) Basic Squeeze Page template to create a page that is sure to attract prospective parents. Not only did they design for direction with the background image of the little boy facing the opt-in area, they also included a curiosity-boosting headline that will drive opt-ins: “The Top 5 Incredible Facts Montessori Elementary Children Know -- But You Don’t!” Parents who were most likely already interested in Montessori now have an additional reason to opt-in — they’ll want to know what facts a child would know that they wouldn’t! Visit the page here for a closer look.

10. LeadPages™: Free Course 2.0 Page

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]

Landing Page Roundup

This template includes several more video sections and an area for Facebook comments. See the full page here.[/caption] What Stands Out: Back in October, we built a Free Course SEO Page for the release of our free Webinar Funnel System Course, and then released the page as a free template inside LeadPages™. In January, we decided to take things up a notch for the release of our free Facebook Advertising Course — we redesigned the Free Course SEO Page to include several extra sections and elements, including an attractive banner image, Soundcloud embed areas, and more. This redesigned version of the page became the Free Course 2.0 Page, which you just saw above. Since publishing the course with this page, we’ve already collected thousands of new opt-ins, while providing even more people with the exact same Facebook advertising techniques we use here at LeadPages™. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out this page — not only to see how it works but also to download the course (or watch it right on the page).

What Have You Created Lately?

Before you go, we’d love to see any pages that you’ve recently published. Leave a comment below and let us know where we can find them. Or, if you don’t have a page to share, tell us which of the 10 pages above was your favorite. Thanks to all the marketers featured in this month’s roundup!