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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages for November - December

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Dec 19, 2014  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Landing Page Roundup

It's an exciting time at LeadPages™. As top designers and marketers add more and more landing page templates to the Marketplace, we continue to see variety increase at a record pace among the pages our users are creating. And that’s precisely what you’ll notice in this roundup of our 10 favorite landing pages from the past month. Check them out below to see pages from leading marketers like Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, John Lee Dumas, and more.

1. Jeff Yalden: Lifestyle Video Landing Page

Jeff Yalden Landing Page

Jeff Yalden’s impressive customization of the Lifestyle Video Landing Page template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace presents a lesson in how to customize a page to visually match your brand. The grayscale color scheme he chose is fitting for the page’s very serious subject matter, and it also allows the bright red call-to-action buttons to pop and draw attention. If you compare Jeff’s customization to the original template, you’ll see how drastically he was able to change the feel of the page to match his offer.

2. Lifestyle Business Convention: Conference Event Meetup (All-in-One Page)

Lifestyle Convention Landing Page

This landing page for the Lifestyle Business Convention in London shows just how powerful the Conference Event Meetup (All-in-One Page) template from the Marketplace is. Not only can the Convention allow visitors to opt-in for a free ticket, they can also provide directions, videos, information about the speakers, schedule details, and more. If you plan on hosting an event or meetup of any kind, you’ll want to check this template out. To see the full version of the Lifestyle Business Convention’s page, click here.

3. Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker: Webinar Opt-In with Video Background Page

Pat Flynn - Chris Ducker Coming Soon Landing Page

If the project Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker are teaming up on in 2015 is half as exciting as this landing page, sign us up! This is one of the most impressive uses of the Webinar Opt-In with Video Background we’ve seen (and it shows that you can use this template for much more than just webinar registrations). The video used for the background helps build excitement by showing Pat and Chris in person at a workshop together, hinting at what may be coming soon. They also included a new logo that builds more anticipation without giving away what Pat and Chris will be doing together. If you’re a member of either guy’s audience, this page is sure to get you excited and intrigued enough to opt-in. To get a better look at this page, click here.

4. Michael Hyatt: Social Proof Giveaway Page

Michael Hyatt Landing Page

It’s no secret that the Social Proof Giveaway Page is one of the best landing page templates for giving away a free download, but this is one of the best customizations of the page we’ve ever seen. As leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt gears up for the relaunch of his Best Year Ever course, he’s using this page to give away a free PDF related to the course's content. Michael and his team have customized everything on the page to fit right in with the look and feel of the PDF cover and course branding. But what’s really impressive is the social proof section… Rather than including testimonials, they included pictures of the notable people whose advice is featured in the book. They then paired both photos with compelling copy that makes you want to download the free PDF immediately. To see this page in action, click here.

5. Get Storied: Social Proof Giveaway Page

Get Storied Landing Page

In this example, Michael Margolis of GetStoried.com also used the Social Proof Giveaway Page template featured in the previous example. This time around, however, it looks completely different. Here, Michael has changed the book image to a headshot, included his logo and social proof images in the header, and kept the page’s default background. This just goes to show that you don’t have to look at two completely different templates to notice variety. With a few simple customizations, a vast amount of variety can be unlocked in a single template.

6. Fresh Start Health & Fitness Centre: Real Estate Landing Page

Fitness Landing Page

It’s always a nice surprise to see LeadPages™ users show off a template’s versatility. In this case, the folks from Fresh Start Health & Fitness Centre took the Real Estate Landing Page from the Marketplace and customized it to offer a training package at their fitness centers. As you can see, even though the template was designed to showcase real estate properties, it works just as well showing off everything that’s included in Fresh Start’s training package. To get a closer look at this page, click here to check it out.

7. Home Music Studio 1: Launch Funnel 2 Page

Launch Funnel Landing Page

Want to see a free video series launch funnel done right? Look no further than this page from Dave Maxey of Home Music Studio 1. Dave used the Launch Funnel 2 landing page template inside LeadPages™ to create all three of the video pages for his launch funnel series. Releasing high-value videos on a page like this is a great way to warm up prospects for an upcoming product launch. In each video, Dave teaches viewers how to produce great-sounding lead vocal tracks. The series culminates with an offer to register for his Backstage Coaching Club, where they can learn even more valuable home recording techniques. Many marketers have been successful with this style of product launch, and this template makes it incredibly easy to put together.

8. John Lee Dumas: Webinar Page w/ Chat, Share, and Opt-In

Webinar Landing Page

This month, John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire.com used the Webinar w/ Chat, Share, and Opt-In template from the LeadPages™ Marketplace to host his latest Podcast Workshop webinar. As you can see, this template allowed John to not only broadcast his webinar right on the page, it also allowed users to chat and engage with him and one another in the chat box on the right. The page also features a button beneath the video window that can be used as either an opt-in or “buy” button. In this case, John used it to direct visitors to a checkout page for his Podcasters’ Paradise membership program. If you want to increase engagement on your next webinar, this is a template worth trying. Since the webinar is now over, this page has since been edited. If you want to see what John is doing with the page now, click here to check it out.

9. Call Loop: Webinar 3.0 Page

Webinar Registration Page

The Webinar 3.0 Page was an excellent choice for Call Loop’s latest webinar with mobile marketing expert Greg Hickman. Why? Two reasons…

  1. If you use the “sort by conversion rate” tool inside LeadPages™, you’ll see that this template is currently the highest-converting webinar registration page across our entire platform.
  2. As you can see, the page’s crisp, clean design makes it a breeze to customize.

Beautiful, easy to use, and it converts well. What’s not to like? Click here to see this page in action.

10. LeadPages™: Modern Webinar Page

Decr Lpwebinarlandingpage

Last but not least, we wanted to feature one of our own landing pages to show that we’re not encouraging just you to get in on the Marketplace madness — we’re partaking in it ourselves. We liked 8bitstudio’s Modern Webinar template so much, we decided to try it out for the webinar we hosted this week. To put it lightly, the results were outstanding. Not only did this page get us an excellent conversion rate, it also looked stunning from a design standpoint...and all we did was make a few simple image and color changes. Since the webinar has ended, our registration page is no longer live. However, I highly recommend you click here and check out the template itself in the Marketplace.

[Bonus Page] The Webinar Funnel System: Free Course SEO Squeeze Page

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="758"]

The Webinar Funnel System Landing Page

Note: This is just part of the full page. To view the full version, click here.[/caption]

The Free Course SEO Squeeze Page is one of our favorite templates that was recently made available inside LeadPages™. As you can see, we like this template so much that we're actually using it for our free 10-part video course, The Webinar Funnel System.

This page is interesting for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to deliver an overwhelming amount of value to your audience without requiring them to opt-in.
  2. Even though visitors don't have to opt-in to view the course, this page still has one of the best conversion rates we've seen. Why? Because it allows you to pack in so much content that most people opt-in to get all of the MP3 and video files for listening/viewing on the go.

If you haven't checked out our free course yet, I highly recommend you do so now. It will show you how to set up the same webinar funnel system we've used at LeadPages™ to grow our business from zero to 30,000+ customers over the past two years. To explore the course, click here. To get the Free Course SEO Squeeze Page template that we used to build this course, check out the video here.

Feeling Inspired? Let Us Know...

With 2015 just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to plan out your marketing calendar for the next year. So tell me, did any of these pages spark an idea you plan on implementing in the new year? If so, leave a comment below and tell us which page stood out to you the most. You can also simply share this post to let us know you found it valuable. Thanks to all the marketers featured in this week’s roundup. We can’t wait to see what you create next.

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Landing Page Roundup
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