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How Laura Smith Turned Her Blog Into a Full-Time Business

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Oct 27, 2022  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Laura Smith turned her blog into a business

Laura Smith is the founder of Get Organized HQ, a website and blog that provides easy-to-implement resources for organizing a more peaceful, joy-filled life. Before starting her business, Laura was a successful engineer. But after realizing life was too short, she decided to change career paths and follow her passion.

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Today, Get Organized HQ is the go-to resource for women looking to take control of their home and their life. In addition to her blog, which attracts over 100,000 visits per month, Laura also offers a variety of guides, digital planners, courses, and memberships to her growing audience.

Laura’s Story

After working as an electrical engineer for some time, Laura was ready for something new. She wanted to take control of her life and loved the idea of starting her own blog.

“I was inspired by the idea of blogging and liked the idea that maybe I could work from home and write and do some of the things that I love to do.”

So, she started looking into some of the most successful blogs and what they were doing to grow their audience.

After a lot of research, Laura finally got to work on her business. In the beginning, she covered a wide range of topics, but she quickly realized that the topic she could write about forever without getting bored was home organization.

How Laura Smith turned her blog into a business

With her blog established and her niche identified, Laura set out to try and take her website from a passion project to a full-time business.

Monetizing her blog

Laura knew that if she wanted to make money from her blog she couldn’t just write content—she had to come up with a product. During her time as an engineer, she spent a lot of hours on spreadsheets. So, for her first product, she created a home management printable kit in Excel.

While the kit was an extremely valuable tool, Laura’s audience was still relatively small. She also just had a tiny email list to promote the product to. As a result, she only sold ten copies.

Laura wasn’t discouraged though. Determined to make her new venture work, she decided to take a new approach. She spent the next ten months building her email list. Instead of asking people to buy her product, her whole website was focused on collecting email addresses.

The strategy paid off. Soon Laura had a large list of engaged subscribers and she was ready for her second product launch. She redesigned and enhanced her original product, then sent two emails to her list to promote it.

The launch was a huge success, generating $3,000 and proving to Laura that she really could make money doing what she loved.

Launching her virtual summit

By 2017, Get Organized HQ had a sizable following. Laura had expanded her product line, her business was thriving, and most importantly, she was helping people.

However, even with her success, she was still looking for ways to expand and reach new people. She had seen virtual summits in the B2B space and wondered if they would work for a B2C audience like hers.

The idea of gathering a group of content creators and influencers in the organizational space really excited Laura, and she knew it would be an extremely valuable experience for her audience. She wasn’t sure if she could pull it off, but it was too good of an idea not to try.

“I thought about it and I was like ‘I don’t know, can I really do this? Would anyone actually say yes?’ But once I had the idea I knew I’d be really mad if I never acted on it and someone else ended up doing it first.”

Laura sent out invitations to her two dream guest speakers, not expecting to get a response—but to her surprise, one of them actually said yes. At that moment, she knew the event would work.

How Laura Smith turned her blog into a business

The first Get Organized HQ Virtual event had 12 speakers and 10,000 attendees. It’s continued to grow and this year’s summit had 100 speakers and 111,000 attendees.

Making the switch to Leadpages

When you’re promoting an event that has a six-figure guest list, your landing page is going to generate a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, Laura’s page simply couldn’t keep up.

Before using Leadpages, she built all her landing pages in WordPress using Elementor. The solution worked well enough, but the page speed simply wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Her landing pages took too long to load, resulting in a poor user experience—or worse yet, users would get impatient and click away before the page even loaded.

“We realized it doesn’t matter if this is the best and most beautiful page on the planet. If they click away before it’s even loaded, we’ve lost everything.”

These problems were exacerbated any time her landing page would experience a traffic spike, to the point where during one promotion of her summit the page actually crashed.

Laura knew she needed to make a change and decided to give Leadpages a try. To her delight, not only was the page speed vastly improved, but her landing page never crashed—even after sending hundreds of thousands of people to the page.

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Laura offers dozens of lead magnets, giveaways, and products, meaning she needs a landing page builder that allows her to create new pages quickly.

She also needs a user-friendly solution. Laura is a master of home organization, but she’s not an experienced coder or web designer. So, whatever tool she uses shouldn’t require a lot of technical skills.

As we already discussed, Laura drives a lot of traffic to her pages, which means they have to handle large amounts of visitors at once.

Finally, like all entrepreneurs, Laura needs landing pages that convert. She invests a lot of time and money into driving traffic to these pages, and that investment has to pay off.

How Leadpages helps

Launch landing pages quickly

Creating and publishing landing pages with Leadpages is quick and easy. All Laura has to do is choose a professionally-designed template and then customize the look and feel of the page with the Drag & Drop Builder. Laura likes knowing that if she needs to get a new page up in a hurry, she can simply select a template and then customize the look and feel of the page with the builder.

How Laura Smith turned her blog into a business

Fast page load times

Leadpages landing pages load 2.4 seconds faster than average when compared to pages created by other landing page builders. This speed stays consistent, even when dealing with large amounts of traffic. This ensures Laura always delivers a great customer experience and she never has to worry about her pages crashing.

High conversion rates

All Leadpages templates are designed with conversions in mind. Laura can even sort templates by conversion rate when searching the gallery. Once she selects her template, the Leadmeter provides her with real-time conversion tips as she builds her page. And after her page is published, Laura can use the split testing feature to try different headlines, copy, and image variations to further optimize her page for conversions.

“One of the things I really like is the split testing feature. It very accurately tracks all the users and it literally tracks all the way until they put in their email address, so that conversion data is really accurate. And it’s easy to split test. I just set up the other version, change what I want to change, and the data is right there.”


Conversion rates as high as 77%

Since moving her landing pages to Leadpages, Laura has enjoyed some excellent conversion rates. Her highest-performing page has a conversion rate of 77%, and she regularly generates rates over 60%.

50,000 conversions in 30 days

At the time of this writing, Laura has generated over 50,000 conversions during the last 30 days. This is largely due to her most recent virtual summit, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of sales, both for the live event and the replay.

What’s next for Laura?

Laura wants to grow her product line even further and already has some new guides, planners, and courses in the works. She’s also in the process of revamping her membership program to increase the value for her audience. Finally, she wants to continue to grow her annual virtual summit and make it the number-one event for the home organization industry.

We can’t wait to see where Laura’s business will take her next and wish her the best of luck!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
How Laura Smith turned her blog into a business
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