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[New Feature] Leadmeter: Helping you to higher conversions by putting real-time recommendations at your fingertips

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published Dec 18, 2018  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Introducing Leadmeter

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Leadmeter—built-in technology that predicts how well your page will perform before you publish it and tells you what to tweak.

By instantly analyzing all the content on your page as you customize a template, the Leadmeter predicts how well your page will perform (before you publish it). It then provides step-by-step recommendations for how you can better optimize every element: from text and images to page layout and opt-in forms.

As a small business owner, we know that your resources are precious (and finite)—you simply have to make the most of every hour you spend, dollar you invest, and webpage visitor you win. That’s why you deserve better than a guess and check approach to your most important pages and why you can’t rely on a third-party page analyzer to tell you what you already know.

You need data on-hand, as you build, to help you make better decisions along the way.

That’s why we’re (pretty darn) excited to show you the Leadmeter and what it can do.

Real-time optimization tips at your fingertips

Leadpages is the only platform that instantly analyzes your page’s content and gives you step-by-step guidance on how to optimize your page as you build it.

Fueled by Leadpages in-depth analysis of nearly twenty thousand landing pages across thousands of businesses, Leadmeter instantly analyzes your page and provides targeted recommendations unique to your page.

Cards describing different conversion categories

Your Leadmeter senses every change you make and suggests how you can improve your page’s layout, call-to-action, copywriting, and opt-in forms. By eliminating the guesswork and helping you get the most of every campaign you launch, we’re working to boost your conversion rate before your page ever leaves the kitchen.

Creativity or conversions? You can have both.

You already know that our landing page template gallery is full of pre-designed templates that have been carefully optimized for conversions. And you know that it’s easy to customize all the content on the page by dragging, dropping, and swapping our content for your own.

Fill-in-the-blank Leadmeter

But what we started to realize was that the more changes our users make to our landing page templates, the lower their conversion rates.

So, we came up with a solution: a way to help you express yourself and represent your brand, without straying from your ultimate goal.

Graph depicting conversion rate vs. template modifications

Leadmeter effectively gives you the guidelines you need to keep you on track to a high-converting page—whether you’re making 1 change, or 1,000. An analysis of more than 225,000 pages, we noticed that the users who made fewer changes to our pre-designed templates ultimately had higher conversion rates.


finding the perfect template

1) Select a template, pre-sorted by conversion rate

Let’s imagine that you’re building a free consultation landing page to help generate qualified leads for your coaching business.

With a template gallery that’s searchable and sorted by highest conversion rate, it’s easy to find a free consultation landing page that outperforms others in the industry.

template modifications

2) Customize the page to suit your business and campaign

Drag and drop your content onto the page and customize every element to your liking.

leadmeter at work

3) Let the Leadmeter guide you to high conversions with high predictability

As you make updates to your page, your Leadmeter score updates in real-time.

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Where high confidence meets high-conversion

Sure, as a savvy small business owner you could run dozens of A/B tests on your landing pages, publish hundreds of offers, and hone in on which campaigns caused the biggest boost in your email list building and profits. But—honestly, who has time for that?

We want to help you get it right the first time so you can make the most of every page visitor you win & dollar you spend.

Your resources are precious (and finite)—you simply have to make the most of every hour you spend, dollar you invest, and webpage visitor you win. That’s why we’re constantly working to evolve our lead generation tools and to help you better market your business and maximize your impact.

It’s not that we don’t want you to run split tests and try new things (because we do!), but what we want even more is to give you the confidence that your digital marketing is done right. In this case, that means resting assured that every page you’ve published is rigorously optimized with proven best practices.

That’s how you can trust that you’re getting the most from your marketing budget—and that’s true whether you’re spending $5 a day, or $500.

Giving you the data insights you need to guess less and grow more

Actionable data means better results for our customers who need to find new customers and close sales online.

The Leadmeter automatically analyzes every object on the page—including text, images, embed scripts, videos—as well as a number of industry standards to help you optimize your page’s performance.

For example, we ensure your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are AA Compliant with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines forcolor contrast accessibility. This check takes into consideration color contrast between text color and button color as well as the size of the type and produces a contrast ratio that is considered within your Leadmeter score.

aa compliance

Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll convert every visitor that stops by your page, but by covering the basics and following the best practices, you’ll power-up your page like never before.

By using our dynamically sorted gallery to help you choose the highest performing template for your campaign and relying on the Leadmeter to keep you on track as you build, you can have greater confidence that you’ll reach your goals.

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Discover what Leadmeter means for your marketing

At Leadpages, we’re constantly working to evolve our lead generation tools and to help you better market your business and maximize your impact.

The Leadmeter is just the latest example in a long line of conversion optimization tools that are designed to help you get online and grow your business sustainably for years to come.

Ready to see what the Leadmeter can do? See for yourself!

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Introducing Leadmeter
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