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Stripe + Leadpages: Sell More Subscriptions & Automate Payments With Ease

By The Leadpages Team  |  Published May 14, 2020  |  Updated Oct 06, 2023
Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Stripe payments

If setting up and collecting recurring payments has ever been a hassle for your online business, we hear ya. That’s why we’re excited to announce the ability to provide recurring and subscription payment options to your customers right within Leadpages Checkouts.

This isn’t Leadpages and Stripe’s first rodeo. Leadpages Checkouts powered by Stripe has been making it easier than ever for folks to sell their one-time services right on their websites, landing pages, and beyond since 2017.

But this release takes billing possibilities to a whole new level. This new feature empowers people to collect recurring payments and sell their subscription services in just a few clicks. If you thought Leadpages and Stripe made collecting lead and payment easy before, this new feature makes the duo a veritable payment powerhouse for anyone selling a service online.


What is Stripe?
Stripe is a user-friendly payments platform that puts all your revenue data front-and-center. As a software built to help online businesses thrive, Stripe removes the financial complexity that often comes with running a company. Whether you’ve opened an online shop that’s just getting started or you’re scaling a thriving enterprise, Stripe is one of the simplest ways to accept online payments, manage revenue, prevent fraud, and scale to the stars.

We’re built to turn more of your clicks into customers and this release means it’s now easier than ever to transform more one-time customers into recurring clients. Why is this such a big deal? Let’s explore what’s possible with the new subscription feature inside Leadpages Checkouts.

What’s possible with Leadpages subscription payments?

If you’re an expert consultant, coach, trainer, or anyone offering services on a recurring basis, you know that the manual ‘backend’ of selling a service online can be exhausting. It starts off easy: managing a few clients paying month-to-month, but once your business starts scaling, you could find yourself knee-deep in tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks just to get paid.

With this new feature, you can now add subscription billing and recurring payments right to your Leadpages Site, landing pages, or pop-ups in just a few clicks. Taking the tedium of collecting monthly payments off of your plate means you can:

  • Provide a convenient experience for clients (and you!)
    Empowering customers to sign up for a subscription to your services means they don’t have to remember to send payments every billing cycle. Removing the hassle of paying every week, month, or year takes one more task off their to-do list while ensuring they keep receiving uninterrupted consulting, training, or content from you.

    As convenient as subscribing is for your customers, though, this feature adds convenience to your life, too. Minimize the amount of time and energy you put into manual billing, follow-up, payment management, and more for every recurring customer.

    Plus, because Leadpages and Stripe are so user-friendly, the subscription payments feature takes just minutes to set up and start accepting payments.
Stripe Checkout
  • Predict your recurring revenue and plan ahead
    More subscriptions purchased means more predictability for your business. Stop guessing if a customer is coming back next month or if they’re going to pay you, and start predicting your cash flow with ease.

    Recurring revenue not only creates a steady income stream for your business, but it also builds a loyal customer base. The more value your service provides month after month, the more likely people are to stick around and renew their subscription when the time comes.
  • Scale your business faster than before
    By dropping one more time-consuming manual task from your daily routine, you’ll be able to spend your time innovating, creating content, marketing your company, or anything else you haven’t been able to get to. Getting paid for your services shouldn’t eat up all your time and stunt your growth, so Leadpages subscription payments is here to help you lessen your load and nab the opportunities ahead.

As soon as a customer purchases a subscription, subsequent orders come in automatically. Adding subscription payments to your site, landing pages, or pop-ups makes for truly hands-off automatic payments while bringing you peace of mind.

Heads up! Leadpages Checkouts—and this sweet new feature—is available for folks on a Leadpages Pro Plan and up. If you’re on the Pro Plan, you can start using this feature today. If not, it’s time to upgrade! Have questions? Our support team is always here to help.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re new to Stripe

As I said, Stripe is made to strip the financial complexity from running your business online. As easy as Stripe makes collecting and managing payments for online shops, it’s just as easy to get started.

Setting up an account is free, so you can hop in and get a feel for how the platform works in just a few minutes. Instead of setup or monthly fees, Stripe uses per-transaction pricing, which means that for every transaction, a percentage or set amount is charged.

For example, if a customer buys a new jacket from your store for $75, Stripe would charge you 2.9% + $.30 for a successful transaction (or roughly just $2.50 for that specific purchase). Stripe’s pricing varies depending on the payment method, international payments, etc., and it also offers custom pricing for unique business models. All of this means that you’ll only be paid if your business is making money

Plus, you won’t need a developer to get Strip set up. This means you can start accepting payments—one-time or recurring—pretty much the same you sign up. Leadpages Checkouts is powered by Stripe and makes conversions seamless and payments fast. It’s truly the best of two user-friendly tools coming together to help you make more money online.

Stripe website

Offer a service? Leadpages Subscriptions was made with you in mind

From coaching memberships billed monthly to consulting services on year-long retainers, setting up Leadpages subscription payments is the fastest way to enable billing for your recurring service, no matter what it is.

Comparison table

Checkout page

Retainer Services
Even if the service you offer goes offline, setting up recurring online payments for your retainers is the slickest way to get paid. Personal trainers, house cleaning companies, lawn care specialists, creative services, and more are now able to unite their tangible, in-person services with the ease of online payment.

Checkout page

Monthly Tuition or Lesson Fees
Giving music lessons or running a dance studio? Automate your billing for any lessons you offer to keep your students—and your revenue schedule—on track.

Website checkout page

Online Course Subscriptions
The internet is where people turn to when they want to learn, well, pretty much anything. No matter if you’re offering a new monthly class for your own online courses, you’re serving up themed content to big fans, or you’re giving access to resources you’ve developed, it’s now possible to get paid automatically by people subscribed to your service.

Get paid on time, every time, automatically with subscriptions in Leadpages Checkouts

We’re always looking for ways to help your business grow. With the power to offer subscription and recurring payments at checkout, your service is poised to thrive. Drum up more monthly customers, retainer clients, and long-term fans by inviting them to receive your service again and again.

Plus, with hands-off automatic payments, you and your clients will have one less bill to remember to manage every month. It’s time to erase the tedium that comes with recurring customers and manual billing. It’s time to unleash what your business can do when it gets more time and energy from you.

Ready to add subscriptions in Leadpages Checkouts?

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Leadpages Team
By The Leadpages Team
Stripe payments
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