[Template Download] Free Coupon Template Gets New Customers in the Door

Posted by The Leadpages Team  |  Dec 15, 2015
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Everybody loves a deal. And with a free coupon template you can tap into the huge population of deal seekers online.

As a business owner, how do you offer an appealing deal that doesn’t take too much out of your bottom line?

It can be tough to figure out. You have to consider things like:

  • How much profit you’re willing to sacrifice in the short term to build a long-term customer relationship
  • The amount of time it’ll take you to set up a deal, such as designing coupons or running advertising
  • The cost element—things like printing off coupons or paying for distribution
  • How you’ll retain all those customers you’ve lured in with that deal

Different methods have their pros and cons. You can offer paper coupons via media like newspaper ads or printed service menus.

But if the number of expired coupons stuck to my refrigerator door right now is any indication, that strategy may be inefficient. Little slips of paper are easy to lose for prospective customers, and probably annoying for you to track when they’re redeemed.

You can also use daily deal sites, which solve some of those problems and, depending on the site, can even expand your reach considerably. The problem there is that you have no good way to follow up with the new customers and try to retain them. And, of course, the site will take a significant cut of the discounted price customers pay.

With those complications in mind, you might decide you’d rather just go it alone—that is, offer your own digital coupon on a website you control.

How do I create a discount coupon online?

Our free coupon template at Leadpages is designed to help you do just that, as easily as possible.

Check it out here, then download a free copy to use on your own site:

Free coupon template example for lawn care business


This free coupon template is super-easy to customize—a simple change in background image and color palette is enough to shift the whole feel of the page.

To make it even simpler, we’ve also bundled in a Coupon Template Style Guide that gives you all the color codes you’d need for 5 professional-looking color schemes. When you download, you’ll find suggested color schemes for use cases such as outdoor businesses, the fitness industry, and holiday promotions.

You’ll also get 3 extra royalty-free background images to use with this template or anywhere else you’d like. Check out a few quick customizations we made with the additional backgrounds, each in just a couple of minutes:

free coupon template for fitness business

A page like this is better than other coupon alternatives for at least 5 reasons:

1. You can build this free coupon landing page into your existing website.

With this coupon page, you don’t need to send people to a third-party platform (where you might not have much control over what happens next). Just publish this page to your own domain and give it whatever URL you choose.

Because you have total control, you can also make sure that this page works seamlessly with the overall look and feel of your website. Change colors, photos, copy, and fonts—and add your logo at the top—so that your offer stays on brand.

2. You can share this promotion landing page however you like.

To get the most bang for your buck, it’s usually best to direct social posts or paid ads to very targeted pages sporting very specific offers. People who might not click through to a page about your business in general are more likely to look and click when they have the chance to claim something special.

You can even promote the URL in the offline world—make a short link and stick it on everything from flyers to sidewalk signs.

3. You can promote your discount landing page to your Facebook connections.

If you’re using this free coupon template with Leadpages, it’ll make an excellent destination for your social posts and ads.

Use the Open Graph settings within the Leadpages landing page builder to make a compelling preview image when the coupon is shared.

4. You can send visitors to the next step with a custom thank-you page.

Marketing automation expert Chris Davis recently suggested this smart trick in his Build My Business post for a salon marketing campaign. Once visitors have opted in, you can send them to any page you like—and for best results, you’ll want to make it a page that extends their relationship with your business.

If you’re a service-based business, give people a link to your online booking or contact-information page so they can follow up and make an appointment to use their coupon right away. Or, depending on your business and your goals, you could show them a pre-sales page, or invite them to subscribe to your newsletter for more discounts.

5. Most importantly, you can follow up with leads—even if they never redeem.

Life and the internet are full of distractions, so it’s always possible that some people will opt in for your coupon and then forget all about it. But when you use Leadpages, they’re not gone for good.

When visitors opt in, they provide an email address so that you can automatically deliver instructions on redeeming the coupon. Then you can ask people to print it out or show it to you on their mobile phone to redeem—or simply send them a coupon code if you’re strictly an online business.

At the same time, their email address is saved to whatever email marketing platform integration you’ve chosen. That means you can send follow-up reminders to people who haven’t redeemed their coupons, pass along information on future discounts, and more.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of other creative ways to get new customers in the door with the offer you build.

Download this template now—plus a free design guide, plus 3 alternative background images—by clicking below:


How do I create a coupon in Word?

Now as for the coupon itself, you can use this same online coupon template for your customers to print from their computer.

Or you can use Microsoft Word or any other word processing program to make a printable coupon. Use a coupon template for Microsoft Word (Office 365), and save it as a PDF. You can then upload that PDF to the Leadpages lead magnet delivery system to send it to your new subscribers automatically.

Or you can simply share a coupon code in the body of the email message you send after your new subscriber gives you their email address.

What kind of landing-page template would you like to see Leadpages release next? Tell us in the comments!