How Meny Hoffman Turned $1 Into Brand Loyalty


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Our Guest:

Meny Hoffman is the CEO of PTex Group, a marketing and businesses services agency located in Brooklyn, NY. They have helped businesses grow by providing branding, marketing, and growth tactics for 60 years. The agency team provides clients with branding, marketing, web development, online and offline marketing materials after executing strategies with a 360 degree perspective.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to turn a transaction into an experience
  • How to revolutionize customer touch points
  • How a small, simple tactic can make a significant difference

To See These Tactics In Action:

 Click Here To Learn How PTex Transformed Brand Loyalty From A Simple, $1 Tactic 

To See The Transcript: 

Learn How Meny Helped Create Brand Loyalty Through A $1 Tactic