How Phil MacNevin Got an 8x Increase In Sales Conversions


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Our Guest:

Phil MacNevin is a designer by trade, but the last eight years he has been in involved in the internet and information marketing space. He got his start working in this field with Evan Pagan, who encouraged pushing boundaries through tactics and strategies. They decided they wanted to create different sales pages than the kind that were prevalent eight years ago. They looked to Apple for inspiration in terms of design and aesthetics to create their sales webpages. They found success with increased conversions on their opt-in and landing webpages because of their focus on design. Now Phil runs a company called Lift Media (, where he and his team design landing, sales, and opt-in pages as well as assist clients with product launches. His company’s objective is to increase clients’ branding aesthetic and conversion rates so they can reach more people and make a difference.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to use color to help prospects understand what action you want them to take
  • How to make your sales page more readable for users
  • How design plays a role in conversion rate

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Learn How Phil MacNevin Used A Unique Design Tactic To Increase Sales Conversions