LeadPages™ Get’s A Sexification Update: Our Massive Upgrade

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Hi, I’m Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages and I’m very excited to announce we’ve just released a huge update of LeadPages, and in this video, I want to take you through a tour of some of the changes. First, you’ll notice the visual look and feel had been upgraded starting on the Log-in page. When I log in, you’ll see that a number of things have happened. A huge update we mentioned last week, but it’s worth mentioning again, is the fact that you can now sort the templates by conversion rate. This allows you to see which templates are converting the best across our entire system.

Now let’s take a look at a few things that have been upgraded in the My Pages section. I’m just going to pull back the curtains and show you a few things in my personal account and not the company account here. Again, there’s a different visual look and feel and we’ve added an Edit button here where you’ll have the options to duplicate a page, redirect the page, rename the page, regenerate the page, or delete the page, not to mention the option to go in and edit the page itself. When you click on one of the page links, you’ll see that we’ve replaced the publishing page with simply a publishing pop-up where you’ll be able to get a LeadPages-hosted URL. You can publish a WordPress, you can publish a Facebook, or you can download the file and put it on your own server.

Now there’s also a lot of changes from within the editor so let’s go edit a page so I can show you that. We’ll just select a template at random. We’ll go ahead and use this one. You’ll see here to name a file, you just click here to name it. To change a URL, you can do that right here. Also, we’ve added a Save button. Previously, to save something, you had to publish the page to save it. The save option tracks any changes and lets you know if you have unsafe changes while you’re working so you can go ahead and save them. Also, there’s now a handy preview mode, and this preview mode allows you to see how your page is coming together without having to save and publish everything before you’re actually done. It renders it in the editor for you to view and then you could easily switch back and forth between the preview mode and edit mode. When you’re done previewing, you just click Continue Editing and it takes you back to the editor so you can continue making customizations, and then of course, when you’re done customizing, you click the Publish button and you’re brought to the publishing pop-up. We’ve also made a ton of under-the-hood upgrades to LeadPages that you won’t actually see in things like speed, analytics, and optimizations we’ve made to make your pages run faster, to make our platform run platform, and to basically make things function at an even higher level to create an amazing experience for you. We’re releasing features on a weekly basis, and this is another weekly feature update.

We hope that you enjoyed the new look and feel and the speed improvements as well as everything else this update includes. If you do have any questions or comments or any kind of words to give to our development team, please go ahead and leave them in the comment section below. We’ll all be reading them. This is Jeff Wenberg, thanks for watching. Take care.

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