Product Update: Here’s What’s New in Leadpages for December 2016


With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to present you with our December product update.

For more in-depth information on a few individual features we’ve added check out these Knowledge Base Articles:

How to Send a Lead Magnet

Changing The Default Thank You Page

How To Share Your Customized Leadpages

Publishing Leadpages To WordPress

Transcript: Your Lead Magnets can now have a new look! You can customize your Lead Magnet emails with color, text, and HTML.

We also have new options for your form submissions. Instead of sending your new leads to a separate Thank You page, you now have the option to have your leads stay on the same page they opted-in on. This gives you total control over your customer journey.

Are you collaborating on a template or creating exclusive ones to give to your clients or audience? You can now share any customized Leadpage using the the share page option. This feature is available in the publishing options window.

And lastly, for our WordPress users, the newly redesigned Leadpages plugin makes it easier to publish your custom Leadpages and Leadboxes to your site.

Since our amazing support team will be taking time off this season, we wanted to let you know that support will be unavailable on December 26th and January 2nd.

Happy holidays and see you in in the new year! Now that’s a wrap!