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Landing Page Examples
Landing Page Examples
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Landing Page Examples
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Best Landing Page Examples 2018

The Young Writer’s Workshop Sales Page
Workshop Sales Page

This long-form landing page is meant to generate high-quality leads who are willing to purchase. A lot of demonstration videos, detailed information, and several testimonials – together they help the landing page succeed.

Get Hired Masterplan Sales Page
Masterclass Sales Page

A fantastic landing page that provides engaging copywriting and persuasive argument. It also includes high-quality, real-word visuals, and organizes the copy in a way that looks professional, making it hard for visitors to say no.

Maze Digital Free Consultation Page
Free Consultation Page

An effective way to get more sales is to create a sales landing page for your product or service. On this page, provide clear information about how you can help prospects, what makes you different, your price, and your offer.

IB Bootcamp Sales Page
Boot Camp Sales Page

This landing page features a 4-week live online bootcamp with a lot of benefits, including compelling bonus, a money-back guarantee, a referral offer, transparent pricing & strong price. Consistent illustrations are just the cherry on top.

Asian-Inspired Whole30 Cookbook Lead Generation Landing Page
Lead Generation Landing Page

A clear headline, powerful call to action buttons, well-organized copy, and various reviews from previous customers, these elements are what makes this landing page so successful. If you plan to create a landing page for your next cookbook, remember to include them.

Free Download Thank You Page
Thank You Page

This thank you page lets visitors know where they can find the downloadable file that they opted into to get. It includes a call to action button to recommend visitors to check out the product as well.

Branding Bundle Lead Generation Landing Page
Lead Generation Landing Page

On a landing page, every word counts. Short and sweet copy, direct call to action button, and the background image is relevant to the offer – this is a typical example of a successful lead capture landing page.

Bali Retreat Waitlist Signup Event Page
Event Landing Page

There are three key things that make this landing page stunning: a benefit-oriented headline, the benefits clearly stated in the form of bullet points and high-quality images that give an inside look at how the retreat at Bali will be.

Home Yoga Practice Tips Download Page
Lead Generation Landing Page

A landing page tells visitors what they’ll get after taking action and has an irresistible call to action button with the right color and copy. This landing page is simple but powerful enough to convert visitors.

New Moon Love Letters Email Signup Page
Email Signup Page

This landing page includes two call to action buttons, which are placed at the top and at the bottom of the page, as well as reviews to build trust with visitors.