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Landing Page Examples
Landing Page Examples
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Landing Page Examples
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Best Landing Page Examples 2019

Math Teacher’s Workshop Landing Page
Multiple dates make this webinar landing page lightyears ahead of the rest

Creating a landing page for webinars becomes popular because it works so well. If you plan to host a webinar, think about designing a landing page for it. Believe or not, this is one of the best ways to get registrations and find potential customers.

Photographer’s Caption Writing Guide Landing Page
Start generating leads with a simple guidebook

A free guide landing page should focus on how the free guide helps visitors deal with their problem. By showing visitors you’re an expert in that issue, you can build trust and create a long-lasting relationship with them.

Book Pre-Order Landing Page
Pre-sale landing pages take the risk away from new releases

If you’re looking for a way to validate your idea, you should create a pre-sale landing page. This is a practical way when you’re about to launch a book but wonder how prospects will react to it. By creating a pre-order landing page, you can gain early adopters who show interest in your product.

Mini-Video Course Landing Page
Online courses should be served with a side of social proof

A course landing page allows you to explain how your course benefits visitors, show reviews and testimonials to build trust, include a picture of yourself to establish credibility, and invite prospects to join. It’s a great way to launch an online course.

Joint Health eBook Landing Page
eBook lead magnets make it easy to opt in

Offering a free gift is an effective way to generate leads and find potential customers. You can create a separate landing page for this offer and design it in a way that helps qualify and direct visitors.

Meal Planning Freebie Landing Page
Attract new customers with an interactive freebie downloadable

The most effective place to show an email opt-in form is on a dedicated landing page. This page should be about what visitors will get after they enter their personal information and remove all other distractions which harm their attention.

Vacuum Giveaway Landing Page
Grow your email list with a giveaway offer

To boost your sales, you can give away a free product in a limited time. This can be done effectively by using a landing page. On this page, you can showcase the free gift, add a countdown timer, include social proof, and/or display an email opt-in form.

Fitness Challenge Workout Landing Page
Build an online community with a collaborative challenge

The main goals of a giveaway are to collect leads and increase sales. To achieve these, you need to create an epic landing page that is simple to understand, explains important information, contains high-quality images, and provides an easy way to join the contest.

Workshop Sales Page to get Design Clients
Prove your expertise with a free webinar

Stuck with getting registrations for your next workshop? Here is the best idea for your situation: creating a landing page. By doing this, you can engage with visitors and turn them into your potential customers.

Microphone Giveaway Landing Page
Grow your email list with a giveaway offer

A giveaway landing page will create a big announcement about your contest. By creating a landing page, you can unlock the hidden power of giveaways and gradually turn potential customers into real customers.

Instagram Growth Secrets Training Landing Page
Give away a secret or two to get a qualified lead

Webinar landing pages are a great way to educate your customers, provide insight and collect more registrations. Take advantage of this technique to get more potential customers to register for your next event.