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Landing Page Examples
Landing Page Examples
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Landing Page Examples
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Best Landing Page Examples 2020

Joyous Cookbook Pre-Order & Lead Generation Landing Page
Generate leads even before your product launches

Have a hardcover book, an ebook, a product, a website or an app that’s coming soon? Consider creating a dedicated landing page to promote your offering, build excitement prior to your launch, and build a targeted list for early adopters interested in your product.

Cynz Cakes Webinar Landing Page
Collect registrations and pre-qualify your prospects

A webinar landing page tells visitors what they’ll learn, how they can join, and who is the host. It’s a good way to connect with potential customers and get more qualified leads for your products/services.

YKTR Shoe Giveaway Landing Page
Reach new audiences with an irresistible giveaway

By creating a landing page for your contest, you give visitors a good way to tweet, share, or pin it, which can help your contest go viral. This way, you can attract more contest entries and collect potential customers who are willing to purchase from you.

Email Template Freebie Landing Page
Generate leads with a downloadable resource that gets right to the (pain) point

Not everyone knows how to write a good email, especially when it comes to email marketing. It’s time to create a landing page and give away your collection of email templates. You’ll get more potential customers for your products.

Brand Design Workbook Sales Landing Page
Explore a sales page that pulls out all the stops

Working on launching a workbook but don’t know how to sell it? Think about creating a landing page where you explain the benefits of your workbook, showcase testimonials/reviews, and set a countdown timer to limit the deal. This is a great way to get your workbook noticed.

Create Unlimited Landing Pages with Leadpages

Confidently grow your business by turning clicks into customers with high-converting landing pages you can easily DIY.

Budget Blueprint Email Course Landing Page
Capture customers for your online course

No doubt that creating a landing page is an effective way to sell an online course. Visitors need detailed information about the course, especially what they’ll learn and how it helps them solve their problem. A landing page will allow you to provide prospects whatever they want to know.

iPad Giveaway Contest Landing Page
Contestants can’t help but click on this high-converting offer

Think about running a giveaway but don’t know how to promote it? The solution is simple: create a dedicated landing page for your giveaway. By doing this, you can easily engage with existing customers, attract more followers/subscribers, and gradually turn them into real customers.

Course Launch Framework Masterclass Page
A masterful masterclass landing page

Think of a course landing page as a way to explain how your course stands out from the crowd. What makes it different from other online courses? Visitors want to know this, and once you tell them the why, they’ll join. Try to make use of a landing page to showcase your offer.

Auburn Gameday Collection Download Page
Sometimes a simple landing page is all you need

A landing page isn’t only a lead generation tool but also a technique to unlock a flood of sales for your product and maximize your conversion. In the case of this collection launch, it can’t be more effective than using a landing page.

Workshop Landing Page
Offering a workshop can do wonders for your lead generation

How do you convince your visitors to join your workshop? The answer is to create a dedicated landing page for it. This page will give you room to explain how your workshop benefits visitors and build a relationship with them.

Blacksmith Tool Guide Download Page
Offer a compelling lead magnet to build your list

A killer lead generation landing page works like a charm. It will bring you a lot of qualified leads and possibly more sales that you can’t get if you use any other marketing technique. It’s time to create a landing page for your next offer.

Online Course Landing Page
Showcase your online course and collect registrants

A fantastic landing page improves your email list, conversion rates, and drive your business. No matter what you’re creating, an online course landing page or a sales landing page, you’re in the right track.

Free Guide Landing Page
Guide your prospective customers to a gated offer

You can create a landing page for your free guide to share it with the world, get more emails, and increase your conversion rate. Even if your offer is not big, if you know how to make it fantastic by using a landing page, you have more chances to succeed.

Yoga Sequence Book Sales Page with Free Chapter
Showcase your product with samples and powerful sales page

You’re an expert in something and want to share your knowledge with the world? Create a landing page to do that. This is an effective way to impress visitors, make them want to come back to you for more, and boost your conversions.

Create Unlimited Landing Pages with Leadpages

Confidently grow your business by turning clicks into customers with high-converting landing pages you can easily DIY.