[Case Study] How a First-Time Small Business Owner Went from 0 to Profitable in 2 Months Using Leadages & Groupon

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Jeff: Hey, this is Jeff from Leadpages. Our customers are taking advantage of all of our lead generation features in incredible ways. We want to start sharing these insights with everyone so we’ve created a new series where we’ll highlight some of the amazing marketing strategies our Leadpages users are implementing. Our first story comes from Leadpages’ very own Kevin Raheja who took Leadpages and lead magnets to the brick and mortar level when he started the salon with his wife from scratch. By using a clever strategy involving Leadpages and Groupon, they went from zero to hundreds of loyal customers and became profitable in just two months. Here’s Kevin.

Kevin: My name is Kevin Raheja. I work at Leadpages and I opened a salon. Yeah. Well so I want to preface this with I know nothing about hair salons. I didn’t know anything about hair salons and my wife used to run a hair salon and we go got married and we decided to buy one. We didn’t have any customers. We started out with zero customers and so I knew that we needed to grow that. we needed customers coming in the door.

So we decided to try Groupon. We had some like organic walk-ins like people coming in here and there and it was paying the bills but we needed to grow quick. So we used Groupon to do that. Groupon you know, gives you a very quick influx of customers. The thing is though they don’t share customer information with you. So I knew in order to get you know customers to come back and to keep giving us business, we had to capture that information.

So we used Leadpages to do that. The way we used it was we would have Groupon customers come in and we would break even on that transaction. We would not make any money but we had a customer. So when the customer left, when they paid, we would give them a business card that basically said hey thank you so much for purchasing the Groupon. We would love to have you back and then we sent them to like a URL on our website that wasn’t advertised. It was like a secret URL and it is essentially a custom lead magnet. Because we would fill in their information and then it would – we would deliver like a coupon to them of our own and obviously Groupon would not take a cut of that and we would capture their information.

Yeah and then we set up a thank you page as well. So when people entered their information into the lead magnet that we set up, there was a thank you page that had you know, it’s something like if you want to share this page, we’d love to have you share the offer with your friends and family.

And so people shared that page and so for every one person that went to that lead magnet we got about two to three people entering their information because of that share functionality that we set up in the thank you page. So people were sharing the offer and bringing new customers to the website and then ultimately new customers into our business.

So we have 650 customers come in for Groupon and we were able to capture about a third to a fourth of those people through the lead magnet that I set up on the website. So again we opened up. we had zero customers and in month we were profitable and then in month three we were very profitable. And then we’ve been profitable ever since we opened and I don’t think that we could have done it had we not had a tool to capture traffic, to capture customer information and then to have that means of communication with them through that. That was essential, absolutely essential for us.

Jeff: We want you to be able to apply these same techniques to your own business. That’s why we’re giving a way the small business template starter pack for free. Included in this download are both an opt-in page and a thank you page and here’s how you would use that. Start by getting traffic quickly. Use Groupon, advertise on Facebook or Google AdWords, direct mail or traditional advertising. There are lots of ways to attraction attention. Do whatever you can to get people in the door even if you’re breaking even then use these templates to maintain the customer relationship. Hand your new customers a business card or a flyer saying there’s a special offer such as a discount if they visit the URL on the card or flyer. The URL will then take them to the opt-in page included in this template starter pack. Here, they would opt-in to get the coupon delivered via email and they would be sent to this invite a friend thank you page.

Not only will you be building a relationship with your newly acquired customer but they’ll also help drive new leads when they click on the social media share buttons on this thank you page. Best of all, you will be building a list to maintain a relationship with your patrons.

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